Shizu's Scarf is the tentative name for a Legendary Class item owned by CZ2I28 Delta.

Description Edit

It is one of Shizu's items used for camouflaging herself in urban environments.

Appearance Edit

A scarf that is made up of different intricate patterns of colors.

Abilities Edit

Shizu's scarf was a legendary-class item imbued with several specialized stealth and ambush-type spells. It could even turn her invisible for a short while. By just touching her scarf, Shizu is able to deactivate her invisibility spell. Once activated, it can not be used again for a certain duration of time until the next day.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • While this scarf is shown to appear in the first episode of Overlord Season 1, information about its ability was left unknown until the Pleiades Day detailed the item.

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