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"You want to challenge me? Fools..."
— Shiramochi-ō's statement.

Shiramochi-ō (白餅王) was an event boss that appeared in Mass for the Dead during the New Year celebration.


A tall imposing muscular being with pale white skin and flowing golden hair. He wears a gold helm of horns that has an elaborate symbol of a rising sun in the front and covers most of his eyes. Red veins appear from his eyes. His chest is encrusted with a red crystal. Behind him, there is a gold dharma wheel along with a halo of sharp bamboo shoots. He has a gold belt with the triquetra, a nio-dasuki, and black pants. He walks barefoot his feet tied with shrine talismans.


Possessing a haughty attitude, Shiramochi-ō is self-assured and confident of his abilities and power. He appears to have no actual personality or intellect as his responses are scripted in a very basic, simplistic fashion.


According to Shiramochi-ō's dialogue he claims appear at the beginning of the year to purify everything old.


Mass for the Dead Arc

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Momonga, noticing the change in scenery of the dungeon, and the strange behavior of his NPCs in having a New Year theme, tracks the source of the anomalies to the 10th Floor, where a new area has opened, the Takemikazuchi Shrine. After battling multiple strange Chaos Beasts and humoring the NPCs in their odd behavior he, and his team finally arrive in the Throne Room where they find a bunch of Chaos Beasts by the throne. Momonga orders his summons to eliminate the intruders. When the last enemy falls, a mysterious being appears and proceeds to annihilate the skeleton party. Momonga observing the battle through his summons until their defeat analyzes the entity as a strong Chaos Beast and deduces that it is unable to leave the Throne Room.

Planning an all out attack, Momonga and his allies cross the Gate. The entity introduces himself as Shiramochi-ō, before Momonga starts the fight by using [Reality Slash], but the being remains unfazed. Momonga notices the entity's lack of personality and surmises that he lacks an actual will. The group begins to battle the entity, injuring it to a point where Shiramochi-ō is forced to use area attacks. In the end Shiramochi-ō is defeated and Nazarick is returned to normal.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Shiramochi-ō is a powerful summoner, able to call forth New Year-theme monsters. His connection to his summons is strong enough that renders even Demiurge's [Command Mantra] ineffective.

It appears he can mentally affect minds, inducing a New Year's mood remotely over a large region. It can almost be considered an empathetic passive ability, putting victims in a holiday spirit, also granting them temporary class abilities to assist them in the revelry. This ability can affect various races, though it appears the undead are immune to this ability.

He is strong enough that even [Reality Slash] does not faze him. In fact, he appears to be immune due to his body being made of mochi. In fact any such attack that separates him into his component parts, he can reform as needed. Momonga estimated Shiramochi-ō's strength to be equivalent to a Raid Boss.



  • Shiramochi-ō translates as White Mochi King which suits him as it appears he is made of rice mochi.
  • Shiramochi-ō is the sixth new character from the game Mass for the Dead. He was added as an event character on December 31, 2019.[2]


  • (To Party): "Stupid trying to challenge me."
  • (To Momonga): "I'm the Shiramochi-ō, Ruler of the New Year."


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