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GA Non-Canon: REMINDER! This page is considered as among one of the many pure game contents found exclusive in Mass for the Dead only. It includes the new standalone characters that had a first-time appearance in the game. Meanwhile, the old characters had a different role and fate than from the main storyline in the official books. For that reason, it has no connections to the canon story materials of Overlord Light Novel series. The content that you had read here are based on the Overlord mobile game.

"You want to challenge me? Fools..."
— Shiramochi-ō's statement.

Shiramochi-ō (白餅王) is an event boss that appeared in Mass for the Dead during the New Year celebration. After being ressurected and reborn as Shiro, the entity from the Sea of Possibilities has become the newest member of the Great Tomb of Nazarick.


In his first manifestation, Shiramochi-ō appeared as a tall imposing muscular being with pale white skin and flowing golden hair. He wears a gold crown that has an elaborate symbol of a sunrise that emerges from the horizon. Not only the physical beauty reminiscent of developed muscles, but also the eerie glow of red crystals embedded in the chest as well. More so, the wonderful contrast of red and white combined with the skin color are the harmonious charm of "strong" and "beauty" to overwhelm the viewer. He has a gold belt with the triquetra, a nio-dasuki, and black pants. He walks barefoot while his feet tied with shimenawas wrapped around the ankles and hips. Behind him, there is a gold dharma wheel along with a halo of bamboo and pine on his back.

In his second manifestation, Shiramochi-ō took the form as a young pale, blonde hair boy in a white robe with white eyes. After he eventually regained his memories, Shiramochi-ō's attire changed to a toga and his eyes turn scarlet with a golden flaming halo shining behind him.


Originally due to his imperfect entry into the New World, Shiramochi-ō possessed a haughty attitude. This was the case as he acted self-assured and confident of his abilities and power. He appeared to have no actual personality or intellect as his responses are scripted in a very basic, simplistic fashion.

In his second reincarnation as Shiro, he displayed being curious and quite child-like. After spending time with the NPCs of Nazarick, he gain an emotional attachment to them. Shiro was awed by their relationship to the Supreme Beings, who they considered their gods, as they depicted them in such a positive light, making Shiro feel envious of them. Due to the circumstance of his creation, he bears a grudge towards his own uncaring creators who selfishly willed him into existence due to neglecting their duties.


According to Shiramochi-ō's dialogue, he claims to appear at the beginning of the year to purify everything old. Later on, Shiramochi-ō's origins are explained by the entity as a product of creation by the Seven Lucky Gods who called him forth from the Sea of Possibilities. The gods unwilling to fulfill the wishes of their mortal worshippers created Shiramochi-ō as their solution to administer the aspirations and wishes of their followers on every New Year, making Shiramochi-ō's existence seem as both a blessing and a curse. Somehow by mistake, Shiramochi-ō was summoned into the New World which resulted in an imperfect manifestation of himself. The Bishamonten Shrine was also corrupted due to the influence of the existing data when creating a shrine dedicated to one of the local gods.


Mass for the Dead Arc[]

Main article: Mass for the Dead Arc

,Momonga, noticing the change in scenery of the dungeon, and the strange behavior of his NPCs in having a New Year theme, tracks the source of the anomalies to Fake Nazarick, where it has transformed into the Takemikazuchi Shrine. After battling multiple strange Chaos Beasts and humoring the NPCs in their odd behavior he, and his team finally arrive in the replica of the Throne Room where they find a bunch of Chaos Beasts by the throne. Momonga orders his summons to eliminate the intruders. When the last enemy falls, a mysterious being appears and proceeds to annihilate the skeleton party. Momonga observing the battle through his summons until their defeat analyzes the entity as a strong Chaos Beast and deduces that it is unable to leave the Throne Room.

Planning an all out attack, Momonga and his allies cross the Gate. The entity introduces himself as Shiramochi-ō, before Momonga starts the fight by using [Reality Slash], but the being remains unfazed. Momonga notices the entity's lack of personality and surmises that he lacks an actual will. The group begins to battle the entity, injuring it to a point where Shiramochi-ō is forced to use area-of-effect attacks. In the end, Shiramochi-ō was defeated by them and Nazarick is returned back to normal.[1][2]

The death of Shiramochi-ō was not the end as he later shifted his body to a new reality, one that was similar to the previous world where he was defeated and one where the New Year event had yet to take place. Following his creed to purify everything old, Shiramochi-ō body broke down to form a new body as a young boy. The boy though had no memory of who he was or even where he was. As the New Year mood began to take on effect and bring the existing NPCs under its influence, the boy wandered into the Round Table Room where he met both Albedo and Demiurge who were lazing around a kotasu and eating mandarin oranges. Due to the "New Year mood," they Floor Guardians were unable to register him as a threat and invited him to join them. Eventually, Momonga arrive for the daily staff meeting and found the situation to be puzzling. Later on, Momonga took notice of the boy and out of fear that he was the causes politely excused himself so as to privately address the situation. The boy followed after him, deducing that Momonga knew what was going on and perhaps provide him with answers on his identity. Though Momonga did not trust him, keeping the boy who called himself Shiro, next to him would be more convenient to monitor him.

Together, the two went to the Throne Room, where Shiro admitted that this to be where it first appeared. After being joined by Shalltear Bloodfallen, the three encountered a Chaos Beasts and a Kadomatsu Type Beast. After defeating them, a drop item was discovered in the form of a biwa. Momonga was unable to get what the item was with his magic yet Shiro seemed to recognize it but was unable to fathom on why that is. Later, the protagonist and his team composed of Solution Epsilon and Slimeko came to the 1st Floor. Momonga and Shiro went to greet them. The trio unlike the others in Nazarick were unaffected by whatever was affecting the NPCs. After being introduced to Shiro, Momonga decided to bring in Sebas Tian to assist them.

Sebas Tian came when the party were dealing with an infestation of Mochi Type Beasts that appeared on the surface on Nazarick. From one of them, Sebas Tian produced a strange scroll. Like the biwa, Momonga's magic was useless in appraising it but when Shiro touched it however, he received a vision of Shiramochi-ō and Momonga fighting each other out in the previous world. Using that vision, Shiro led the party to a Hatsumōde that led into Fake Nazarick. There, upon entering it, the group found themselves in a strange area similar to a Chaos Zone.

Traveling through the group, they encountered Aura Bella Fiora and Mare Bello Fiore who were playing hanetsuki. Shiro interested in the game wanted to play with the elves. It was allowed by Momonga as Shiro's happiness was required to discover the mystery of what was happening. The boy proved to be a skilled hanetsuki player, having successfully defeated the twins. For his victory, Shiro was given a fishing rod and cane. Upon receiving the items, Shiro received another vision that directed him to lead the others deeper into the area.

The party came across the Pleiades who blocked their way at Pandora's Actor insistence in order to play a game of kurata. Seeing it as the only way to get passage, Momonga's team played a karuta version based on the Supreme Beings. The game was enjoyed by Shiro who despite having briefly been told about Momonga's comrades seemed to impress him to a great degree. The game ends with Momonga's team's victory and they are awarded a treasure bag and mallet. Momonga takes the opportunity to give everyone a YGGDRASIL gold coin as a New Year's gift. After Shiro touches the prizes, he urges the others to follow him.

Shiro's newfound assertiveness sparked some concern among his allies. The protagonist while in a dialogue with Momonga figured that the items they had collected until now are related to the Seven Lucky Gods who were according to literature associated with bringing fortune. Momonga as well noted the whole situation felt exactly like some kind of game event and the characters they encountered played some role in rewarding them the items they received. The team then reached the 9th Floor of Fake Nazarick where the entire floor was converted into a strange temple. Sebas Tian and Solution initially wanted to scout ahead, but Shiro dissuaded them as he already knew who was guarding the shrine. Cocytus acted as the gatekeeper and refused Momonga and his escorts passage to what he called the Takemikazuchi Shrine. He was corrected by Shiro to his surprise, who told him that the shrine was no longer called by that name, but was actually the Bishamonten Shrine. And that last time, it was a mistake under such name and Cocytus was chosen as its guardian due to the latter reflecting the patron deity of the place of worship to be consistent with part of the event story. Once the team defeated Cocytus and were given the sansageki, Shiro then received another vision and informed his companions that this was the last one before leading them away from the shrine.

On the way to their next destination, Shiro took the opportunity to provide some commentary on the area and the shrine. He explained in details of the purpose of the shrine as a place where wishes came true. And that when it previously appeared before the shrine was unable to properly manifest as the Bishamonten Shrine of the Seven Lucky Gods. Instead, it took up data from one of the local god of the area known as Warrior Takemikazuchi, creating an entirely new location. However, what he described to them was just flavor text of the event that they are participating. Though the NPCs are unfamiliar with what he is referring to, he drops a subtly hint that Momonga is the only person who can conceive of what he is referring to. Later on, he explains that he has on possession of all the items of the Seven Lucky Gods, save for the biwa which Momonga kept for safe keeping. Shiro asks when the time comes at the last stage of the event that he return it to him. Momonga consents that he will be given that as he is allowed to examine the last stage of this New Year's event. The boy finds it to be acceptable as in the end it will not really matter regardless.

Behind the shrine is the replica of the Throne Room in Fake Nazarick. Momonga knowing that it happens to be an event finds that the Event Boss is missing, but pieces together that the enemy is not present in the room, because he has already been traveling with him this whole time until now. Taking out the biwa, Momonga gives the instrument to Shiro. Accepting the item, Shiro then takes out the other six items and absorbs them into his body. The boy transforms and reveals his identity and origins to the assembled party as Shiramochi-ō, the Ruler of New Year.

Upon revealing his identity, Momonga asks several questions on what Shiramochi-ō is, who out of respect provides the undead on what he knows about his creators and how he came to be. And that he was the reason for the New Year's epidemic and the only way to undo it would be to kill him. Momonga accepting that to be true then proceed to battle it out with Shiramochi-ō. The battle turns to Momonga's favor and it is clear that the Ruler of New Year is losing. Momonga despite the advantage, senses that something is wrong as Shiramochi-ō is intentionally refraining from throwing lethal attacks at him. Stopping the fight, Momonga asks Shiramochi-ō what is his goal and why he would try to intentionally lose to him. Momonga then remembers what Shiramochi-ō said about "last time", and deduces that the Ruler of New Year had encountered Nazarick and Momonga before and this is his second time fighting Momonga again. At that time it seems Shiramochi-ō was defeated, but yet seemingly rewound time or shifted to another similar reality hence creating a loop. However, in this fight, its seems that Shiramochi-ō is avoiding physical attacks and trying to get Momonga to use a death spell on him.

Shiramochi-ō is impressed that Momonga managed to figure it all out. He admits that in the previous timeline, Momonga and Shiramochi-ō fought as enemies, but back then it was different as Shiramochi-ō was a different person then and lacked a definite personality. In this second time, Shiramochi-ō was born anew, but had his memories and power scattered. It took some time to piece everything together, but eventually he remembered everything including his grudge against his creators. Shiramochi-ō honestly tells Momonga he has very little loyalty to the Seven Lucky Gods. Despite continuing to deceive them previously, Shiramochi-ō tells Momonga that as he was experiencing New Year's with Momonga and the others, he eventually at some point gained an appreciation towards Momonga and Nazarick. In fact the boy did not wish to fulfill the wishes of his creators but rather wished to help lift the spell that was inflicted over Nazarick. To do that though would require him to die in a way that would permanently kill him so that another loop like this event would not occur.

While Shiramochi-ō's desire to help Nazarick is seen as a benefit, Momonga finds it bitter to allow Shiramochi-ō to sacrifice himself for their sake. However, the Overlord agrees to grant Shiramochi-ō a true death. But before doing so, Momonga reminds Shiramochi-ō that he should be entitled to enjoy his last few moments in life, reminding the boy that he still has to keep his promise to Aura and Mare for a rematch, after all it is New Year's. The Ruler of New Year briefly considers the offer before acknowledging that it would be nice to play one last game.

The dark elf twins are later brought to the 10th Floor, before all the NPCS that were in Fake Nazarick. Once the game is done, Shiramochi-ō says his final goodbyes, telling the NPCs that he is in their debt for fulfilling a wish he never thought he would gain. Now ready, Shiramochi-ō then has Momonga cast [The Goal of All Life is Death]. Before vanishing, Shiramochi-ō then wishes Momonga a Happy New Year. With Shiramochi-ō finally gone at long last, Fake Nazarick is restored back to normal, though the NPCS affected by the New Year's event have no recollection of what occurred. It seems that the memories of Shiramochi-ō have also vanished, but Aura and Mare recall scant fragments of their time with Shiramochi-ō. A single gold coin where Shiramochi-ō stood is all that remains. Momonga retrieving the coin gives it to Pandora's Actor to safeguard in the Treasury.[3]

Despite being killed by Momonga's spell of [True Death], that was not the end for Shiro, who found that instead of oblivion he found himself back in the Sea of Possibilities with all his memories of his time with his new friends retained. A year later, his creators were attracted by a summoning ritual, which by coincidence was a "celebration ceremony" for Nazarick's Kakushigei Tournament, causing them to dispatch a copy of Shiro in the form of the the mature Shiramochi-ō. Upon finding out their plan and unwilling to allow them to harm his friends and be replaced by a copy, Shiro inserted himself in the summoning and was transported in the area surrounding the Chaos Zone that enclosed the Bishamonten Shrine. Once there he managed to save Slimeko from a stray attack from his other self. Briefly catching up with Momonga, he joined Aura, Mare and Shalltear in defeating the copy. The defeat of the clone cause the Chaos Zone to collapse and return them to the Throne Room of Fake Nazarick. Afterwards Shiro was officially welcomed as a guest of Nazarick and recognized as an friend to the other NPCs who in the past could not recollect his presence , but now could see that he was a tangible existence and not just a figment from a dream. It was uncertain of Shiro was a permanent existence that could exist beyond New Year, but it was predicted by Momonga that Shiro would probably request him to kill him again as before to return to the Sea of Possibilities. Until that time Shiro decided to spend his last moments in the company of his new friends and make memories by participating in Nazarick's New Year's celebration.[4]

During the incident where the Great Tomb of Nazarick was transformed into Nazarick Academy, Shiro was mentioned by Momonga in his talk with Narberal and CZ as they tried to figure out the root of the incident. If they were going by using the previous "New Year's" incidents as a model of how to deal with the current crisis, Momonga hypothesized that there must be someone who was the root of the incident, a boss that needed to be defeated to restore everything to normal. Later it was determined that the cause and solution to the crisis was Shalltear Bloodfallen.[5]

Later it is revealed that after the previous New Year's ended, the mental influence of the holiday wore off and the dungeon returned to normal. Shiro having retained a material presence still remained. Momonga refrained from killing Shiro to send him back to the Sea of Possibilities, as he was regarded too much of a valuable source of information on the strange realm and partly due to sentimental reasons. Instead Momonga relegated Shiro to live in Nazarick on the 6th Floor in an isolated area that was established by Albedo. During his exile on the 6th Floor, Shiro was noted to have grown weak after New Year's had passed so much so he did not make any active appearances while monitored by Aura and Mare.

When New Year's eve approached, Shiro felt strong enough to move and go out to see Momonga to inform him of the coming event. He warned Momonga that there was a possibility that a new Ruler of New Year may arise and cause havoc on Nazarick. His warning came at an impeccable timing as the dungeon found itself once again under its mental effect. However Momonga and a few others found themselves unaffected by the changes wrought by the event laws. Later it was discovered that having physical contact with Shiro enabled those under the mental effect to break free from it.

The threat of the new Ruler of New Year was still present and Momonga and Demiurge devised a strategy to end the New Year's event in Nazarick by beating it at its own game by collecting the Seven Lucky God items as before. Unlike last time where there were guides that instructed on how to acquire the items through certain tasks, the subjugation team learned that they could gain them by furthering their bonds with Shiro as he was an aspect of New Year. It was reasoned that by retrieving the items that they could allow Shiro to strengthen himself whilst the other Shiramochi-ō would weaken and be defeated. Through the ordeal, Shiro was given a proper New Year's celebration as the guest of honor of the day.

After Shiramochi-ō was defeated, Shiro was given a live performance of LittleMasStar. Unknown to him though Momonga began discussing of plans to create countermeasures against Shiro with Demiurge and Mare in fear that Shiro could become a potential threat. It was suspected that Shiro was the real cause of why the New Year's phenomena was reoccurring, but they were hesitant to eliminate Shiro as he was still a source of information on the Cracks and Sea of Possibilities.

Momonga though believed Shiro could still be a vital member and so ordered his subordinates to monitor Shiro. To maintain a friendship and connection to Shiro, Momonga granted the boy recognition as a member of Nazarick, giving him the title of "New Year Guardian".[6]

A year later New Year's was approaching. Prior to the event, Nazarick had a head start to decorate the dungeon for the holiday. Shiro having regained enough strength was active and began participating in the many New Year's events throughout Nazarick hosted by his new comrades in order to acquire all the Seven Lucky God Key Items. The last activity in Nazarick was at Casino Resort Nazarick, where he and Demiurge played a game which led to him winning a Giant Sesame Dumpling, and also the mallet. The key item was the six of seven items needed for Shiro to fully gain his powers and also to trigger the descending of his copy.

However as the last item had yet to appear, and no mental effect was influencing Nazarick, the denizens of the tomb realized that they had grace time to spend before the final battle with the raid boss. Shiro was then encouraged to select a new New Year's activity to initiate in order gain a tremendous experience that would empower him. After going through the books of Ashurbanipal, Shiro selected seeing "first sunrise" of the New Year.

The idea was accepted by the Floor Guardians, though such an activity would require Shiro to go outside the dungeon for the first time. Additionally they Floor Guardians wanted to observe how Shiro would affect the outside world, in that would he go berserk or even cause a mental effect like he had done previously with Nazarick in the past.

But more importantly Momonga decided to join Shiro on the excursion. The trip outside of Nazrick would develop into a "New Year's visit" of all of the Sorcerer Kingdom's occupied territories where Momonga would inspect the area for any anomalies and hand out New Year's gifts. The party included not just the Sorcerer King, but Albedo. Aura, Mare and Lupusregina.

Since it was Shiro's first time leaving Nazarick, he enjoyed the interaction of the people from the Great Forest of Tob, the lizardmen of the Great Lake and the dwarves of the Dwarf Kingdom. The final leg of the trip was at Feo Berkana where Shiro met the Frost Dragon who after receiving them the offered them its treasure and to take the party to the summit to host their "first sunrise" viewing. Upon reaching the peak, Momong offered Shiro an eggplant, an auspicious item for New Year's. While taking in the beautiful vista, Shiro felt he was being empowered by the sight and swore to use it to support Momonga.

The group returned to Nazarick, where the rest of the dungeon were already waiting for them to complete the last part of New Year, defeating the White Mochi King. To test his abilities, Shalltear had a mock duel with the New Year Guardian. Once she satisfied her curiosity, Shiro was given the last key item, the biwa, in order to assume his full Ruler of New Year form. Shortly then he led the denizens of Nazarick to the Hatsumōde that led to the Bishamonten Shrine. There after cutting down the summoned monsters, Shiro engaged his evil version in battle and defeated it. Once the boss was defeated, he reveled in the victory with his peers on how normal this tradition had become since he joined.

At the last hours of New Year's Shiro, spent them with Aura, Mare and Lupusregina who hosted a hanetsuki game. Though unknown to him, it served as a distraction whilst the Floor Guardians and Momonga had a meeting pertaining to Shiro's existence.[7]

Abilities and Powers[]

Shiramochi-ō is a powerful summoner, able to call forth New Year-theme monsters. His connection to his summons is strong enough that renders even Demiurge's [Command Mantra] ineffective.

It appears he can mentally affect minds, inducing a New Year's mood remotely over a large region. It can almost be considered an empathetic passive ability, putting victims in a holiday spirit, also granting them temporary class abilities to assist them in the revelry. This ability can affect various races, and powerful enough to have the Floor Guardian under his influence.

In addition, the bamboo carried on his back is not only a decoration, but it can also be operated freely and floats high in the sky as well. It rains all at once like heavy rain, and is good at range attacks that destroy enemies at once, boasting unrivaled strength.

The fighting style is more suitable for long-distance battles, but he is still like a strong man in close quarters. As his name suggests, his body is that of white mochi, and yet it is reminiscent of that of a well-trained monk. A half-baked attack cannot be made on him. If an enemy attacks in front of such a tough body, countless bamboos will skewer the enemy's back in the gap.

In his first incarnation, he is strong enough that even a powerful tier spell like [Reality Slash] does not faze him even the slightest. In fact, he appears to be immune due to his body being made of mochi. As a matter of fact, any such attack that separates him into his component parts, he can reform as needed. Momonga estimated Shiramochi-ō's strength to be equivalent to that of a Raid Boss.

Later Shiramochi-ō became more flesh and blood losing his mochi composition. All his powers became separated into seven objects that he needed to recover and reabsorb back into him. Shiramochi-ō when fully acquiring his scattered fragments, now wields a bamboo sword.

Shiro’s power wanes and peaks depending on the closeness of New Year’s Day. Hence on any other day, Shiro is powerless and forced to sequester himself away. Only when the holiday approaches does Shiro gain his strength. But that strength is reflected in how much holiday spirit is in the air and directed to him. His vestments which are symbols of his power are likewise removed from him after the end of New Year and vanish until the event returns next year. In order to restore himself to full power it requires specific rituals or feelings of fulfillment.


  • Attack Power Destruction: Inflicts magical damage on a single enemy and reduces attack power.
  • Tana kara Botamochi: Increase hit and evasion rate.
  • 一Salvo Pole: Inflicts magical damage on all enemies and randomly grants abnormal conditions with a certain probability.
  • Nichirin Amaterasu: Causes magical damage to all enemies with the "light" element.


  • Quickness UP: Quickness improves.
  • Magic Attack UP: Increases magic attack power.


Main Equipment[]



Initially Shiramochi-ō and Momonga had only a tenuous alliance that was formed as a mutual benefit for both. Momonga wanted to undo the New Year's epidemic that was contaminating his home while Shiramochi-ō yearned to search for his memories. As the two traveled and experience many New Year's activities, Shiramochi-ō and Momonga bonded. Though Shiramochi-ō slowly regained his recollections that Momonga in a previous timeline killed and defeated him, he held no animosity toward the undead as he understood that it was due to special circumstances. To Shiramochi-ō was the ideal creator that he longed to have in comparison to his cold creators. Even when he inevitably had to play his role as the Last Boss for the event scenario, Shiramochi-ō could not go through into harming his friend and was more than willing to sacrifice himself so that the spell over Nazarick would break.

After Shiro became a permanent resident in Nazarick, Momonga began to harbor worries of Shiro's power as he learned more about the boy. In fear he could surpass him, Momonga began to prepare countermeasures against Shiro. However he hopes that such measure would be unnecessary, counting on Aura and Mare's relationship to keep Shiro in check.

Aura Bella Fiora[]

Shiramochi-ō under his alias as Shiro played with Aura and enjoyed a game of hanetsuki with her, besting her in a match. The two became friends over the game. Before Shiramochi-ō willingly allowed Momonga to kill him, he kept his promise with her to have a rematch.

Mare Bello Fiore[]

Shiramochi-ō under his alias as Shiro played with Mare and enjoyed a game of hanetsuki with him, besting him in a match. The two became friends over the game. Before Shiramochi-ō willingly allowed Momonga to kill him, he kept his promise with him to have a rematch.


  • Shiramochi-ō translates as White Mochi King which suits him as it appears he is made of rice mochi.
  • Shiramochi-ō is the sixth new character from the game Mass for the Dead. He was added as an event character on December 31, 2019.[8]
  • In his reprint appearance, Shiramochi-ō is in the laitasana pose, or "royal ease" position. The laitasna is a position in Indian art where a figure sits on a throne with one leg tucked inwards on a seat while the other leg is pendent on the ground.[9]
  • According to Mass for the Dead's classification, despite emerging from a Crack, he belongs to the demon race, making him the second original game demon to appear in the game.


  • (To Party): "Stupid trying to challenge me."
  • (To Momonga): "I'm the Shiramochi-ō, Ruler of the New Year."
  • (Rebirth): "Huh. Kagami Biraki. What is this?——"
  • (To Momonga): "——I wish you a good year."



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