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Shihoutu Tokitu or Head Chef (料理長) is an Area Guardian of the Great Tomb of Nazarick that normally works in the Canteen of Nazarick.


The Head Chef is a variant of the orc species known as a wild orc. He has a huge butcher knife on his waist and a large wok chained to his back. The upper torso of his body is bare with a large tattoo of the words "Fresh Meat" (新鮮な肉) emblazoned on his white chest. He also wears a gold chain around his neck, a pure white chef hat on his head and a pure white apron around his waist. Said apron has four stickers at the lower right corner.


Shihoutu Tokitu can be described as having fanatical motivation for his profession and seems to have the need to make vigorous declarations to enunciate the point. He is extremely reverent to the Supreme Beings that he would not consider producing a languished feast for them to be wasteful or reserving his area just for their use only. Besides being intensely proud of his hospitality, he also values his diligence in his duty in such that being questioned on it can cause him to be momentarily stunned.


In the Web Novel, it's stated he was a creation of the Supreme Beings.[1]


The Lizard Man Heroes Arc

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While serving Aura a meal on her break, Pestonya promised to pass her compliments to the Head Chef.[2]

The Men in the Kingdom Arc

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During Sebas Tian's argument on allowing Tuareninya Veyron to join Nazarick, he addressed that their organization had a shortage in hands that could cook. Ainz believed it was a good argument, though Demiurge believed her skills would be lacking to which it was proposed that the Head Chef would instruct her on how to be a cook in Nazarick.[3][4]

The Two Leaders Arc

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The Homunculus Maids, while jealous of watching CZ2128_Delta's affection for Eclair Ecleir Eicler, commented that the Head Chef should cook the penguin as the Head Chef was, coincidentally, going to host a tasting of various dishes made of food from the New World.[5]

The Drama of Three Ladies Arc

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The Head Chef prepared a platter of dessert cakes for a tea party organized by Albedo for her fellow female Floor Guardians: Aura Bella Fiora and Shalltear Bloodfallen.[6]

The Half Elf God-kin Arc

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Shihhoutu was working in the kitchen of the Canteen during the lunch period of the general maids. His establishment was graced by the visit of Ainz Ooal Gown and his party which the orc then greeted personally and prostate before the undead. The cook wanted to prepare a meal suitable for the Overlord. Though Ainz asked not to be given preferential treatment since there were other people in the Canteen, the orc became so insistent that Ainz had to question Shihoutu's diligence on his duties. The thought of displeasing halted the orc's proud boasts, but Ainz then apologized for the thoughtless comment and the cook accepted Ainz's request to be treated as a normal guest. The cook complied and went to prepare the meal orders for Ainz's party.[7]

During Ainz's vacation in the Great Forest of Evasha, he briefly teleported back to Nazarick to ask the Head Chef to prepare a meal that had a weak smell to avoid being sniffed out by the creatures in the forest.[8]

The Dinner Is All Nazarick Members Arc

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The Head Chef hosted a lavish meal for Clavu, Eclair, Nigredo and Pestonya. After Eclair toasted to himself, the orc came up with an idea of cooking penguins. Having never tried before, the Head Chef thought about using the Albino Penguins on the 5th Floor of Nazarick as ingredients.[9]

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Mass for the Dead Arc

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The Head Chef provided his assistance in several festivities hosted in Nazarick from a cherry blossom party, the Queen War and also the Nazarick Christmas party.[10][11][12]

The Head Chef was mentioned by Foire when she came looking for the character in hopes that the cook could use a pumpkin she brought from the 6th Floor into something delicious. Unfortunately the cook was nowhere to be found in the canteen and the maid ended up getting possessed by the pumpkin.[13] The cook later proved vital to resolving a crisis when visitors from another world came. To appease one of the other worlders the cook learned a new recipe from them.[14] Later the head Chef would try to perfect the dish and asked the visitors for their input using various sample that the cook prepared.[15]

The cook would later provided another feast for a second Christmas party using the meat provided by the Pleiades brought from the Azerlisia Mountains.[16] And later the cook would provide another feast to the other worlders that once again came into the Nazarick.[17]

For the Tsukimi at Nazarick, the Head Chef prepared dango and pampas grass for the moon-viewing.[18]

The cook would also be vital in a plan to develop a new cheaper variety of chocolates for mass production to keep up with the demand in E-Rantel. The prototypes were sampled at the formal Halloween Festival in Nazarick.[19]

To further her studies on "New Year", Albedo ordered the cook to prepare mochi which were given to the general maids as a treat.[20]

The cooking staff of Nazarick was charged by Sebas Tian to prepare a banquet for visitors coming for the National Foundation Day Ceremony.[21]

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  • In all of Nazarick, Head Chef is one of three people who have the Cook job class.
  • In the Web Novel, the Head Chef was involved in attempting to teach the Homunculus Maids how to cook.[22]


  • (To Ainz): "Ainz-sama! We welcome you!"
  • (To Ainz on cow meat): “I personally prefer the taste of grain-fed to grass-fed meat for that breed.”



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