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GA.png Non-Canon: REMINDER! This page is considered as among one of the many pure game contents found exclusive in Mass for the Dead only. It includes the new standalone characters that had a first-time appearance in the game. Meanwhile, the old characters had a different role and fate than from the main storyline in the official books. For that reason, it has no connections to the canon story materials of Overlord Light Novel series. The content that you had read here are based on the Overlord mobile game.

Shield Hero And Nazarick (盾の勇者とナザリック) is a collaboration game event in Mass for the Dead with characters from Overlord and The Rising of the Shield Hero. It was released on November 1, 2020 to November 30, 2020. The event was re-released on September 1, 2021 to September 30, 2021.[1]


During a summoning experiment by a reaction of the Throne of Kings with the Chaos Stones. This time, a group of "heroes of the shield" with legendary weapons were summoned. After being summoned, they had an unexpected "surprise" for Momonga, and they further announced that a crisis was imminent in this world.[2]


Naofumi Iwatani, a former university student who was summoned to another world as one of the Four Heroes known as the Shield Hero to protect the world from the destructive Waves of Calamity. At Cal Mira Island Naofumi and his group were preparing to raise their levels when they encountered an unexpected Wave of Calamity, but they managed to succeed in defeating the boss of the Wave safely. On a ship in the midst of the remains of the Wave, heroes from another world challenge Naofumi and the others.

The other hero Glass, after battling the Shield Hero finds herself defeated before him, but refuses to give up despite the latter's pleas for this to end. But the Fan Hero refuses as she is doing this for the sake of her world and will never stop until he kills her. She warns him that if Naofumi continues to refuse to end her then his world will be destroyed. Watching her determination, Naofumi ponders on his view of the world which he was forcibly summoned to and made to suffer for. It makes wonder if the world he was supposedly protecting worth the effort. As Glass rises to resume her fight, a Crack emerges behind her and begins to suck her into it. Her companions, Therese and L'Arc rush to her aid, but they too are pulled into it as their weapons glow strangely and then they vanish.

The pull of the strange phenomena makes Naofumi realize that he and his group are at risk of being sucked in. The Shield Hero tries to use [Air Strike Shield] to counter the air pull but it merely causes the Crack's momentum to increase. Raphtalia and Filo come to his side to prevent him from being pulled in, despite his attempts to stay away. The wind pull is increasing forcing the hero to use [Shield Prison] and ground themselves to the remains of the ship, but the Crack continues to pull, ripping the chains from their foundations. Left with nothing, Naofumi tries to tell Filo to turn into her Filolial form so she could fly them out of its grasp before they vanish into the maw. Once they entered the Crack, the phenomena vanished, leaving Melty to bear witness to what happened to her comrades.

In the Great Tomb of Nazarick, another summoning experiment was conducted using Chaos Stones and the remains of the Throne of Kings to bring forth another group of visitors from another world. Naofumi and his team are spitted out from the Crack onto the floor of the Throne Room. Naofumi is the first to rise and survey their surroundings, which he sees a group of armed Skeleton Warriors and a Death Knight as well as Demiurge and Momonga. Thinking this to be a dangerous situation, he calls onto Raphtalia and Filo when he turns to look at them he is shocked to find that Raphtalia has reverted to a little girl while Filo is now a peryton. Not understanding why this has happened, Naofumi checked his level display and to his horror discovered that he and his companions' levels have been reduced to 1 and is in angst at all there efforts being for naught. Momonga sees Naofumi face of depression, takes the opportunity to interject and ask if everything is alright. The Shield Hero and his companions are initially confused by the concern, until the undead introduces himself as Momonga and the master of Nazarick who states that he had no intention of harming them but would like to know more about their situation.[3]

After a brief general exchange of information, Naofumi has already clarified that he and his friends are no longer in Melromarc and are indeed in another world. Due to that Filo who is supposed to be a Filolial was changed into a peryton as Filolials do not exist in the current one. Filo now back in her human form takes time to tease Raphtalia who has become shorter than her. Naofumi finds himself back where he started out, being forcibly summoned without his permission and curses at his luck. To Naofumi's and Demiurge's surprise, Momonga states that he is sorry for summoning them from their world. He did not know that the summoning would have such dire effects on the hero's levels, something which was a serious issue in his days in YGGDRASIL which he could relate to as do the NPCs of Nazarick who are also struggling to regain their powers since they came to the New World. The apology momentarily stuns the Shield Hero and his candor is appreciated unlike the many duplicitous nobles he dealt with in the past. Naofumi decides to accept the Overlord's apology but still demands reparations for his losses. The demand irks Demiurge, but Momonga believes that some compensation is in order and offers the Shield Hero and his friends the protection of Nazarick and aid to regain their levels. While Naofumi at first wishes to not be under someone's power, and asks if he and his group could leave Nazarick, the Overlord does not recommend it as there are many dangers outside the dungeon and since they know of Nazarick's existence their memories would be erased. Not wanting to risk having their memories erased, and the relative weak state he and his friends are in, Naofumi then accepts the proposition from the master of Nazarick.

Momonga promises to allow people to accompany them in their goal to raise their levels to what they were originally. Naofumi asks that he and his group be allowed to embark immediately as time is of the essence. When Momonga asks why the rush, Naofumi informs him of the Waves of Calamity that will soon lead this world to ruin. According to his display from the Red Hourglass of the Dragon's Era the countdown to the next Wave is 124:49:07 which is equivalent of five days.

Elsewhere at a barren plain, a Crack spits out Glass, L'Arc and Therese. The Fan Hero sees that they are in the middle of nowhere which Therese agrees believing that are in another world. L'Arc confirms its stating that all their levels and equipment have been reset to 1 just like when they first arrived to the world of the Shield Hero. Glass surmises that as they are they will not be able to face Naofumi and the others for some time. L'Arc thinks that the same should be for the Shield Hero and his companions, though Glass reminds him that when the Four Heroes cross into a world they are not always weak. L'Arc wonders what the Crack was and it if was similar to the cracks they used to cross into Naofumi's world. Though Glass believes whatever pulled them into this world was vastly different from the cracks caused by the Waves of Calamity. Her seriousness causes L'Arc to try to get Glass to lighten up but she refuses as they still need to complete a mission. Therese manages to diffuse the situation reminding them that they were still in the middle of nowhere without food or water. The Scythe Hero wonders about the Crack especially that time when their weapons glowed in its presence as if they were resisting the pull of the portal though in the end the weapons were overcome by the Crack. Therese thinks that it could be possible but it is still too early to tell.

L'Arc checks the red hourglass and determines that it to be 125:28:12 confirming that the Waves of Calamity will come five days later which when it happens will lead them to the Shield Hero. The group is soon attacked by a trio of Forest Worms from below forcing them to be on the attack. Glass still weak from her scuffle with Naofumi is given a bottle of Soul Healing Medicine by L'Arc who finds that the magic liquid can still be used in this world. The substance allows Glass to partially recover her strength and defend herself.[4]

A day after being summoned, Naofumi and his comrades are outside of Nazarick on a mission to regain their levels in preparation for the Waves. Their journey takes them to the Great Forest of Tob, accompanied by Aura Bella Fiora, CZ2128 Delta, and Entoma Vasilissa Zeta. The Shield Hero is unable to gauge there powers as there is no equivalent to status magic in this world, so he is not sure of how to interact with his caretakers. He also worries about the approaching deadline of the Waves and if he and his friends could regain their abilities in time. Aura snaps him out of his mental musings out of concern. Naofumi brushes her concern merely stating that he was trying to figure out the differences of mechanics between this world and his world as his items appear to be still functional and a few skills. Though Filo's form as peryton is a notable difference as well as the world's use of Tier Magic which slightly differently in his world's magic. Aura believes that if he was uncomfortable he could always borrow equipment from Nazarick, though Naofumi declines as he doesn't trust his host with his shield.

Meanwhile CZ2128 is chaperoning Raphtalia and Filo, holding their hands like an attentive guardian. When questioned by the two girls she claims that she is maintaining her vigil as the are indispensable resources especially with the Waves of Calamity approaching, though in reality wishes to keep the cute girls to herself. Raphtalia complains at the indignity of being treated like a young child as Naofumi watches their interaction seeing it as harmless. Aura informs the group that an enemy is approaching and to be prepared impressing the Shield Hero on her sensory ability. Naofumi goes over the plan, to defeat as many enemies as they can to acquire experience points so that they can accumulate and restore their levels before they engage the enemy.

Their targets being wolves, as quickly killed by Naofumi and his team. Filo in her peryton form vicious maws a wolf until she is stopped by Naofumi. Their levels are noted to be rising as expected which causes Flio to jump with joy in her human form and finds out that she can now fly. The Shield Hero deduces her newfound flight power to stem from hew new form as a peryton. After Aura learns that Filo was originally a unique monster in his summoned world, the dark elf briefly takes an interest. Feeling tire Naofumi tries to subtly hint to Filo that a carriage ride is in order, but she is oblivious to his request much to his chagrin so he focuses on strengthen his shield from the slain monsters earning the [Shield of Low-Ranking Monsters] and [Shield of the Forest Wolf]. There still isn't much time before the Waves arrive so Naofumi asks if there a location that has lots of enemies that can grind. Aura has the perfect place in mind and tells Naofumi's group to follow her.[5]

While heading to their next destination, Filo feels hungry and wants something to eat. Entoma suggests that they stop for lunch, but Naofumi insists that they be patient. CZ2128 agrees given that the place they are approaching has a limited time cycle. Raphtalia inquires about the time cycle the maid is referring to, which she explains that the Crack activates at designated time periods. Aura reports that Hamsuke has noticed them. Naofumi unsure of what she is talking about, gets his answer when the giant hamster appears having heard Entoma's [Message]. Upon seeing the demon beast, Filo hungrily looks at her like she is meat, something that is likewise done by Entoma. The hungry looks by the pair scare Hamsuke prompting Aura to remind everyone that the hamster is not food. She explains that Hamsuke is their eye on a Crack in the forest that occasionally spews out Chaos Beasts and hence there next destination. The place is perfect for Naofumi and his friends as they can regain their levels in a sort amount of time by battling the monsters that come out. Eager to start and restore his abilities, Naofumi tells his companions to prepare. While Raphtalia is ready, Filo still wants something to eat. To appease a hungry Filo, CZ2128 gives the girl a banana smoothie drink which Filo finds delicious. And seeing Raphtalia look at the confection with hungry eyes and stomach growl, the maid gives her one as well. The group then allows the two girls to eat their snack as they continue to press on to the Crack.

At the Crack, Naofumi defends Raphtalia and Filo from attacks by the Chaos Beasts while being supported by the agents from Nazarick. After defeating the Chaos Beasts, Naofumi learns that his shield acquisition ability does not react to the Chaos Stone from the monsters. Though he was unable to gain a new shield, Naofumi and the others have regained their experience points and lost levels.

Aura then takes the opportunity to ask about his title an role as Shield Hero, curious to know if it's similar to a tank. Naofumi states that his role is the worst as he has not enough attack power making it hard for him to defeat monsters or earn experience points thus making his leveling up an issue an must keep to a defensive role. Hence why he must rely on Raphtalia and Filo for support in attacks. In contrast to his opinion that his shield role is useless, Aura believes that it's a great position and envies as she admits that she lacks defense. In addition she admires those with shields as her creator Bukubukuchagama wielded two and was a tank. Having given Naofumi some worth in his abilities Aura suggests they head out and seek more prey. Naofumi agrees as he and his group are the ones responsible for defeating the Waves. At the same time he marvels a the support he is given by Nazarick, in contrast to how non-human and human relationships are in his previous world as the former usually have a great dislike for the latter. But still wonders if Nazarick might have some hidden agenda.

As it would appear Momonga is watching the progress of Naofumi and his friends via a Mirror of Remote Viewing from the Round Table Room with Albedo and Demiurge. The Overlord takes an interest in the Shield Hero's weapon, the Legendary Shield, as it displays the ability to absorb the essence of the defeated and create new shields. However a drawback as noted by Albedo is that it is incapability to offensive attacks in exchange for defense. But even the Overseer Guardian admits that the weapon may surpass her abilities. That in mind, Momonga estimates to be equal in power or even surpass that of a World Item. Demiurge wishes to study the item in question, though Albedo believes that acquiring the item would be difficult as it never seems to leave the hero's hand and requires his consent. She instead turns the focus on the main issue at hand, the Waves of Calamity. Demiurge seeing her point as there is a possibility that the shield may vanish once the Waves are dealt with, and should also avoid back-stabbing their supposed ally. The two Floor Guardians praise Momonga's infinite wisdom in establishing a monitoring policy with these newcomers, with even Demiurge citing the genius of giving an "apology" to let the human lower his guard. Having no idea what kind of design they think they expect of him when interacting with Naofumi, Momonga instead asks Foire who is standing nearby if she has any idea what they are inferring to but the general maid is as clueless as he is. To fill in the gaps Momonga allows the Floor Guardians to believe what they assume is true and asks they disclose it to him so he can review their thoughts on "his plan" for the sake of simplicity.

Albedo states that so far they are aware that another group is after Naofumi's life, being led by and individual named Glass and composed of her followers: L'Arc and Therese. The three are apparently residents of a world different from the world Naofumi and the others hail from. There is a strong possibility that Glass's group is somewhere in the New World. Foire asks why the three are aiming for Naofumi's life. Demiurge states that Naofumi himself is not sure to the details, but according to them they stated he needed to "die for their world". If they were to take it literally then it would indicate that the survival of Glass's world hedges on Naofumi's death. From what Demiurge gathered, about the Four Heroes and Glass's group, he hypothesizes that the they are weapons of invasion to other worlds. The group that survive the battle is destined to destroy the opposing faction's world. The revelation shock Foire that they are dealing with such beings, and wonders if it was alright to allow Naofumi to leave the dungeon. Albedo advises that to be dangerous as well, for if the ruin brought by the Shield Hero is a global impact then it is already dangerous for him to exist in their world. They are merely trading the less dangerous of options. The 7th Floor Guardians however states that his belief is only a hypothesis but if its true then the only method to prevent the destruction of their world would be to kill Naofumi as Glass claimed. Right now they are currently assessing Naofumi's character and abilities to determine if he indeed is a threat to their world's safety before they make a verdict. It was only did they understand Momonga's delivering an apology did Demiurge and Albedo realize that their master was appeasing a monster that could bring such ruin. Momonga however is blank on this reasoning but tells them that they deduced his plans, however he now feels fear of Naofumi's role in the destruction of the world. Momonga then asks about the status on the search for Glass and her party, which Albedo reports that the Pleiades have been given descriptions on the three and are conducting a search of them in the area along with the protagonist. The plan is that they find the three and hopefully obtain more information on the situation and make a decision on how to kill Naofumi.[6]

At a bar, L'Arc perks from the table he and his party are sharing believing he heard the voice of the Shield Hero making Glass spring at the chance to fight Naofumi. The party that comes into the bar is revealed to be the members of Foresight, with Imina loudly complaining to her friends on her disgust at being forces to train alongside a despicable character like Erya Uzruth. Disappointed that it was not the Shield Hero, L'Arc apologizes to Glass for his mistake but Glass doesn't want him to speak to her. The party is revealed to have finally reached civilization and learned of the profession of adventurer. The three summarily signed up at the guild so as to earn money, gather materials and increase the levels. Due to the need for manpower, the trio were able to easily integrate into the New World society with ease. However the same cannot be said for Glass as her kimono stands out, but can't be help as she cannot change her equipment not when they do not have enough money. L'Arc is more worried about returning to their original world as there is no guarantee that the cracks in the Waves will take them home.

The trio are interrupted in their discussion by the protagonist, followed by his comrades, Soi, Surako, and Narberal approach the table. The protagonist introduces himself and his comrades to Glass's group. L'Arc attempts to warmly greet them but is given cold rebuke by Glass to remain quiet still he greets the quartet and notes that a few of them possess a different colored adventurer plate that the other adventurers in the bar envy. Soi states that she as an eye for ability and deduces that the three do not see like copper ranked adventurers. L'Arc counters stating that he heard rumors about them, a group that rushed from copper rank to their ranks now. L'Arc asks why the group came to them, which the protagonist offers them a proposition.

Outside in the grassland, the two teams work together to subdue and defeat a pack of Contaminated Beasts for a hefty reward. Once their job is done, the parties compliment each other's skill, but the L'Arc asks about the protagonist's and his group's true aim finding it suspicious that such veterans would help some newcomers like them. Seeing their silence, L'Arc suspects that they brought his team out here to get rid of them. The protagonist asks if he can question them on a couple of things specifically their enemies like a person named Naofumi Iwatani.[7]

A day before the Waves of Calamity, Naofumi and his group were dealing with the Chaos Beasts emerging from the Throne Room. By then Raphtalia has been restored to her teenage appearance and Filo subsequently evolved into a Pure White Peryton allowing them to aid their master in defeating Chaos Beasts without the support of those from Nazarick. Once they are done cleaning up the Chaos Beasts, Momonga appears much to the surprise of the Nazarick agents. The Overlord is pleased that his guests' levels have been restored to the former stats which Naofumi attributes to Momonga's subordinate aid. Thanks to the food and meals provided by Nazarick Flo managed to evolve into a rare peryton and Raphtalia was able to overcome her growing pains through Pestonya Shortcake Wanko's magic.

Momonga wanting to consult Naofumi on tomorrow's setup invites the trio to a change of scenery which they can enjoy. He then brings them to the 6th Floor where the night sky is display overhead in the Amphitheater. Naofumi admires the scene until he spots an unexpected surprise, Glass, L'Arc and Therese in the arena. Naofumi looks at Momonga and calmly demands to know why the three are here. Momonga expected more outrage from Naofumi since he brought his enemies into his home, which Naofumi states that he is used fighting with them and asks if Momonga wants them to fight. That is not the purpose as why Momonga brought them here, as he heard from the trio that they were aiming for his life. Based on the different viewpoints they seemed convinced that killing Naofumi would save their world. Naofumi understands that Momonga was trying to get a full scope of the situation from both sides, so he asks Momonga on who he is siding with. Momonga tells Naofumi what he knows that the Four Heroes must be killed to avert a crisis on Glass's world, which in truth sounds like a fairytale but if desperate enough people are willing to believe it. And given the goal that they are fighting for, Glass's cause seems to be sympathetic as they are fighting for their friends and loved ones. So he asks Naofumi what he is fighting for? As so far the Shield Hero has no attachment to the world that summoned him and it seems like he despises it. Naofumi does not deny this claim as he was take from his home to protect a world that was not his, framed and called upon as a "saint" or "hero" when it was convenient for a world of garbage. If he has to trade his life for Glass's world it's not a bad idea as it would be a form of revenge. However he adds that is how he originally thought, as now he has people who believe in him and fight alongside him so he will continue to be the Shield and protect the world.

Hearing his answer, Momonga is satisfied believing that Naofumi is worthy of placing his faith of the world unto and states that he will remain as his ally. Filo notices that Glass and the others have yet to move from their position, which Naofumi states that they are actually fakes. Surprised that Naofumi could tell, the Shield Hero states that appearances aside the trio lack the personalities of the murderous trio. He asks Momonga if he peeked inside their memories to create such a façade. Momonga states that he did not and informs the Shield Hero and his subordinates that they located the trio, but refrained from bringing them to Nazarick in fear it would be unwise. Momonga then dismisses the imposters and tells Naofumi he used the three fakes to draw out Naofumi's true intentions. In addition Momonga did not want to read Naofumi's mind given his title as Shield Hero indicating he might have some mental resistance.

Naofumi briefly disturbed that Momonga can read minds is a little surprised that Momonga would remain his ally as Glass also has experience in dealing with Waves. An ideal choice would have been to cut him off and side with her, but Momonga states he had no intention to, as though while he sympathizes with the dire goals of Glass, he is considerate of Naofumi's part in this and he is convinced that the two are alike minds. Though Naofumi warns he may take revenge on the world that summoned him after the Waves end, but Momonga states that he is indeed a much better ally as Naofumi seems to prioritize the defeat of the "boss" rather than Glass who wants the Shield Hero dead. And another reason why Momonga chose him over Glass was because of his "friends". Naofumi asks him to elaborate but Momonga states that is his personal story to keep. He then advises Naofumi and his friends to return to their quarters and prepare for tomorrow as he is trusting the Shield Hero and company to save the world. Naofumi thanks the Overlord for his hospitality and the two share final words with each other before they say their goodbyes before the Waves of Calamity begin.[8]

The next day, Naofumi and the others are seen off by Aura, Shizu, and Entoma from the surface of Nazarick. Just as they leave the skies above turn red and cracks or blue swirl in the distance signaling the Waves of Calamity has begun. Naofumi and his two friends find the epicenter in a remote location in the wilderness that seems to be devoid of residents. Momonga in a [Message] reports to the hero that forces from Nazarick are on standby in the area should he need it and wishes the heroes luck before he cuts the connection. The Wave Monsters that emerge from the cracks are revealed to be Chaos Beasts. Though the monsters are many, Naofumi notes that Nazarick will most likely benefit from this after each monster is slain and their Chaos Stones collected. The three begin their battle killing off Chaos Beasts with ease. They had grown stronger thanks to the training they had done in the last five days, but Naofumi finds that the amount of power they display is far greater than calculated and wonders why. Furthermore the skills and abilities they lost have returned. Before Naofumi could delve further, he senses an imminent attack causing him to enact a [Meteor Layer] around his group. One of the Wave Monster bosses has a appeared, a Giant Flying Chaos Beast. It is not alone as a Double Sword Chaos Beast and a Spear Chaos Beast appear each bosses that seem to have been summoned to combat each of the three heroes specialties.

The three each engage a boss, Naofumi faces trouble with the Spear Chaos Beast as though it has a shield like him, it also possesses a lance that can extend it reach and attack him. The Shield Hero get an unexpected surprise when Glass, L'Arc and Therese appear. Though Naofumi and the others are occupied with fighting the Wave Monster bosses, the three decides to aid them and fend off them so that the heroes can defeat them together. Uncomfortable of leaving his back exposed to these people Naofumi sees that he has little choice and accepts their aid.[9]

After the bosses and finally defeated the Wave Monsters also vanish, Naofumi collapses to his knees in exhaustion. As soon as the Shield Hero is at his weakness, L'Arc and his comrades ask him to allow them to kill him which he rejects. He understand their reasons for wanting to save their world, but he also has his reasons for staying alive for his friends and loved ones and vows to defeat them. Having nothing more to say, Glass takes out a potion and increases her power in preparation for the battle ahead which Naofumi follows suit and drinks his own.

According to the red hourglass 1:04:18 is left until the Wave ends. Firo and Raphtalia attempt to fight L'Arc and Therese but they blows them back with their skills. As Naofumi and Glass engage in a fight, the former wonders why their abilities seem heighten. L'Arc seeing the lad's discerning face deduces that the hero is wondering about the potency of his attacks, but tells Naofumi that he has no chance against Glass now as before he was lucky when he drained her of her Soul Power but now she has the power of three powers behind her. It seems that between the Waves the levels of the two connected worlds are added up in some sort of entanglement. His banter causes Glass to order him to shut up for exposing vital information.

Filo then reports to Naofumi that she can sense Fitoria who is watching the situation through the younger Filolial. She wants to inform Naofumi that a connection with the world they are in and the one they were summoned has been established hence there is a way back. Naofumi realizes that the way back is through the cracks. Glass realizing what Naofumi is planning vows not to let him escape before the Wave ends. Naofumi orders Raphtalia and Filo that he will buy them time to allow them to get to a crack and flee. However the other three are not willing to allow that to happen. A voice soon calls out that they cannot simply overlook this kind of behavior and several arrows shoot at Glass who manages to dodge them.

Aura appears leading Soi, the protagonist, Surako, Narberal, CZ2128 and Entoma unto the battlefield intent one protecting Naofumi and the others. Naofumi and his friends are grateful for the assistance though the Shield Hero asks why the delay, which Aura states that they were observing to get a better idea on what was going on. Glass is confused at the appearance of the protagonist and company siding with Naofumi as they claimed they were cooperating with them to help kill the Shield Hero. To which the protagonist informs the three that his team had decided to aid Naofumi in retrospect of the circumstances of both parties. Aura tells Naofumi to head to a crack as they will cover them to prevent the other group from interfering. Glass unimpressed prepares to fight through.[10]


The three prove to be no match of the agents of Nazarick as they are on the ropes. Naofumi also lends his power and dominates Glass, restraining her to allow Aura to land a hit on her. With them incapacitated the dark elf order Naofumi his friends to run for the crack. The three make their way to the portal but not before giving the sincere thanks to to them and Nazarick and most importantly Momonga. Glass despair that the three have escape, however Aura informs Glass and the others that her group was only ordered to stop them from preventing Naofumi from entering a Crack. There were no orders on to kill Glass or prevent them from following. Not sure on the elf's goal, Glass and her companions take cue and rush to follow their prey. As they leave the Waves of Calamity end and the sky returns to normal. All that is left is the various piles of Chaos Stones from the remains of Naofumis and his friends fight which the agents of Nazarick happily begin collecting.

Momonga who had been watching the battle via magic is content with the results and hopes that Naofumi has returned safely home. Given from what Glass told them about their world, due to the lack of a hourglass in the New World is an irregularity thus allowing the parties to return to their world is the safest method to ensure their world's safety as it seems there presence was what brought the waves to the New World in the first place. Demiurge has his doubts that the belief that killing a Hero would have ended a Wave of Calamity and saved a world, and deduces that it may have been a ploy to destroy the Four Heroes and destroy the only countermeasure of protecting a world. But they also learned it is possible to cross into another world when a Wave appears via a crack, which Momonga hopes it is proof enough that Naofumi and his companions made it home. He then thinks about his final words with Naofumi on the 6th Floor, when Naofumi stated that he would become the shield to protect his adopted world and friends. It was those words that Momonga truly sympathizes with those who treasure friends and of course pose no threat to Nazarick.

Back in the ship in amidst of a Wave of Calamity, Naofumi and the others have returned with barely a second passing when they seemingly vanished into a Crack. Melty is confused by their abrupt return but is distracted when Glass and her group appear intent on fulfilling their objective. Sadly the enhancement potion Glass drank wear off and she is weakened. Now at a disadvantage the three hero killers are forced to retreat, with Therese using a jewel to create a blinding effect and make their escape through a crack back to their own world. Raphtalia asks if they should follow them, but Naofumi declines not to as if they go to their world their level may be reset. Soon after the Wave in their world ends in a minute, Melty demands to know where they have been. Filo still embraces her ability to fly, but is called down by Raphtalia as the effects will soon wears off when the Waves vanish. Naofumi alone with his thoughts thinks about his time speaking with Momonga who impressed him that friends were important. He notes that Momonga's voice at the time showed a lonely man almost like a real voice. Raphtalia interrupts his thoughts as Firoria wants to speak to him. He complies and soon notices the other incapacitated heroes still down with seasickness spayed across the ship.[11]


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