Shalltear's Lost Assets (シャルティアの落し物) by Michiru Takeo (鰤尾みちる) is the twelfth chapter of the Overlord Official Comic A La Carte series.


Albedo and Shalltear Bloodfallen competitively bike racing at a triathlon. Suddenly Shalltear pauses, which Abledo interprets as the vampire being tired. Shalltear begins crying that her accessory is gone. Albedo and Aura catch her meaning laughing at her on losing one of her breast pads. Albedo begins mocking Shalltear stating she is unfit to be Ainz's wife causing Shalltear to run away.

Watching at the side, the males are confused at what Shalltear is searching for. Ainz suggests that he could use his magic to search for the item. Albedo and Aura immediately tell him its nothing that he should be concerned with.

When Ainz suggests that should burn Shalltear cloths its elicits several embarrassed responses by the others in the group. Aura blurts its just Shalltear missing her breast pad, making Ainz understand the situation. Ainz clams them down, stating his suggestion was to destroy her clothing so that she could use her magic to regenerate them again.

The other Floor Guardians then decide they should penalize those who lose items from a Supreme Being. They were discussing forms of punishment they could inflict. Shalltear's disappearance is longer than expected so Aura volunteers to locate her. On the 6th Floor, Shalltear is anxiously looking for her missing pad in a grassland area. The vampire senses a presence but finds no one to be seen. To her glee, she finds her missing pad just inches away. The vampire leaves unaware she is watched by a smiling Aura.

Shalltear resumed her competition with Albedo for the title as Ainz Ooal Gown's wife. They agreed to forbid any competition related to speed, and are now playing air hockey.

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