Shadow Demon (シャドウ・デーモン) is a level 30 demon that is used by Nazarick's field agents as an emergency shield.

Appearance Edit

Shadow Demons are like shadows without thickness expanded from the darkness. From an observer's point of view, it was as if something two dimensional had gained a third dimension. They resemble emaciated humanoid figures with bat wings attached to their backs, their fingers ending in sharp claws. Their figures are pitch black, as if created from darkness itself. The only other color were the eyes, a sickly glowing shade of yellow. 

Abilities Edit

Shadow Demons possess a special ability called 'Shadow Warp,' allowing them to transverse at short distance between shadows. As implied by its name, Shadow Demon could morph into shadows, it is a monster that excelled in stealth and relaying information to their masters. As shown with Sebas or Demiurge, a Shadow Demon is also capable of hiding within a person's shadow and leaving it.[1][2]

Trivia Edit


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