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Seven Lucky God Key Items (七福神の縁起物 (キーアイテム) ) are items that are associated with the Seven Lucky Gods.


A unique type of item not native to either the New World of YGGDRASIL. Instead they hail from the Sea of Possibilities and only appear in the days close to New Year's and only within the Great Tomb of Nazarick.

The items themselves possess no actual power, and are useless save for only Shiramochi-ō. They are actually fragments of his power that he must acquire and gather every year to ascend as the Ruler of New Year.

The items originally were earned through various New Year's activities, given to the victor by members of Nazarick who were under the charm of the holiday.[1]

Momonga had attempted to discern their worth through [Appraisal Magic Item] but was unable to find any credible information, an oddity as the spell usually discloses some information on an item's properties. Though according to Pandora's Actor, the items must be incredibly rare items.

Later it was discovered that when not collected, the items by default are received by a new version of the White Mochi King who grows in power. To prevent the new manifestation of the New Year from becoming a threat it became imperative for Nazarick to collect the items and return them to Shiro so he could gain their powers. After the New Year ends, the items presumably vanish until the event returns.[2]

In subsequent New Year's its been observed by the denizens of Nazarick, that now that they were actively participating in the holiday's events, the mental effect that normally forced them to gather the key items was absent.[3]

List of Known Seven Lucky Key Items[]


  • These items are the symbols that represent the Japanese Lucky Gods.