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Serviceable Metal is the tentative name of an ore found in YGGDRASIL.


A metal found and used in YGGDRASIL; it was regarded as a worthless materiel. While on a diplomatic mission to the Dwarf Kingdom, Ainz Ooal Gown requested a suit of armor and chain mail be made out of this metal for his vassal, Zaryusu Shasha. The task was left to the Forgemaster and the dwarf was given a ingot of the metal and a short sword made of the same materiel.[1] However for all his experience and skill was unable to heat or shape the metal. He inability to complete the request resulted in the dwarf abandoning his post and becoming a fugitive.


The appearance of this metal has yet to be given.


The substance was rated to be at level 45. By YGGDRASIL standards it was not particularly strong, but it was much stronger than adamantite. Though for a denizen of the New World it was invaluable. If one were to have suit of armor made from this metal, the user’s defensive abilities would soar.

However shaping the metal in its raw form is more difficult as it is resistant to both heat and force. Even when heated for a day in a blacksmith’s foundry, the metal would glow but remain cold and no amount of force could shape it. Strangely, only metal made of this same materiel can leave a mark.[2]


  • This metal is not unknown in the New World, as according to Cabinet Secretary’s knowledge, there was only one thing which corresponded to the description of a metal that did not get hot even when heated.


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