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Supreme Beings

Ainz Ooal Gown

As the head butler, Sebas has been assigned to attend to Ainz's needs and is always at his side when he is not on a mission. Sebas is extremely loyal to Ainz as he is the last of the Supreme Being, to the point where he would kill Tuare without hesitation if Ainz ordered him to. Despite this, Sebas sometimes scolds Ainz when he goes out on his own.

Touch Me

Touch Me is the creator of Sebas and, like all other created NPC, Sebas is extremely loyal to his creator. It was also stated that if he had to pledge his loyalty to only one among the Forty-One Supreme Beings, Sebas would choose Touch Me without hesitation. After the transfer of Nazarick to the New World, he has acquired a lot of similar traits as his creator; likely due to his being a blank slate with no backstory programmed by Touch Me. He tries to live up to his creator's honor and shows kindness to those less powerful than him.

Floor Guardians


Albedo is Sebas' colleague. As Albedo is the leader of the Floor Guardians, while Sebas leads the Pleiades, she has no authority over him except in matters pertaining to the upkeep of Nazarick or if Ainz says so. They accompany and serve Ainz in his duties in Nazarick. Albedo has told Sebas that if any situation arises, he should come back and report to her, especially if it's anything related to Ainz.

Shalltear Bloodfallen

They work together in their mission to capture humans who know how to use martial arts. Sebas believes that someone like Demiurge would be better suited for the task, something that makes Shalltear very angry. While he doesn't like the way Demiurge treats humans, he's fine with Shalltear's evil personality. Curious of Shalltear's bickering relation to Aura, the vampire guardian reveals their respective creators are actually siblings. This humbles Sebas, along with Solution and the Vampire Brides.


Sebas Tian and Demiurge don´t get along, although they do seem to understand and respect each other's abilities. Sebas dislikes Demiurge's cruel treatment of humans and finds him irritating to speak to. Even so, Sebas feels that Demiurge would have been a better choice for capturing humans than Shalltear on their mission to research martial arts, much to Shalltear's disdain. It is believed that the reason for the friction in their relationship is due to their own creators, Touch Me and Ulbert Alain Odle, who didn't get along either, but were shown to have respected each other.


Cocytus is Sebas' colleague. He is ready to fight and kill Sebas if he betrays them. However, as Sebas' killing intent and attack on Tuare are genuine, Cocytus blocks the attack, confirming the butler's loyalties; this proves that Sebas is loyal and Ainz allows Tuare to stay. As both NPCs have Positive Karma ratings, both have honorable character tendencies, such as sparing those who earn their respect- i.e. the Lizardmen, or Brain and Climb. It is also worth noting that Touch Me (creator of Sebas) and Warrior Takemikazuchi (creator of Cocytus) were shown to be rather close, as they shared a friendly rivalry and spared often.

Aura Bella Fiora

Aura Bella is Sebas' colleague. Not much interaction is seen of the Dark Elf Twins with Sebas, but they interact when their tasks coordinate, allowing for the completion of a mission by Ainz.

Mare Bello Fiore

Mare Bello is Sebas' colleague. Not much interaction is seen of the Dark Elf Twins with Sebas, but they interact when their tasks coordinate, allowing for the completion of a mission by Ainz.


Victim is Sebas' colleague. He is ready to fight and kill Sebas if he betrays Ainz.


Yuri Alpha

She is Sebas' successor as leader of the Pleiades. They have a positive co-worker relationship, likely due to their creators and positive karma rankings. Following Sebas' removal from the Pleiades by Ainz, Yuri remains his friend and helps in the maid training for Tuare under Sebas' care.

Lupusregina Beta

Lupusregina serves as Yuri and Sebas' subordinate.

Narberal Gamma

Narberal serves as Yuri and Sebas' subordinate.

CZ2I28 Delta

CZ Delta serves as Yuri and Sebas' subordinate.

Solution Epsilon

As Sebas is her superior, Solution is loyal to him and even apologizes after acting rude to him, although they know it was an act. However, Solution's loyalty towards the Supreme Beings is greater, as she goes against Sebas' orders and reports Tuare's existence to Ainz.

Entoma Vasilissa Zeta

Entoma serves as Yuri and Sebas' subordinate.


Tuareninya Veyron

After Sebas selflessly rescues Tuare from her horrible life as a brothel slave and having been the first person to treat her as a human being, instead of an object or a toy, the young woman eventually becomes smitten with the aged butler. This affection towards him has gotten to the point of willingly braving the potential dangers of Nazarick just to be with him. He blushes when teased by Pestonya Shortcake Wanko on his relationship with Tuare, showing that he has feelings for Tuare. Despite his feelings, he is strict with Tuare in regards to her training to become a maid of Nazarick. For that reason, he refuses to let her take a break until heeding the words from Yuri about her creator's words.

Staffan Heivish

Staffan made Sebas' acquaintance when the government official attempted to intimidate Sebas into paying a hefty fine for a false charge of slave trading. Sebas compared him to a pig to slaughter when the fat man turned red as he tried to justify his actions. During the raid on the brothel, Sebas Tian found a naked Staffan beating a defenseless woman. Disgusted by his actions, the butler repeatedly backhanded the fat man across his face. After his ignominious flight from the Iron Butler, he tried to plead for his life. Sebas, believing that Staffan did not deserve to live, kicked him full force in the abdomen, which ruptured his internal organs, and left him to die in agony. He was the first 'truly disgusting' human Sebas ever came across in the New World.


Sebas admires Climb's determination to grow stronger despite his limitations and thus agrees to train him. He first teaches the young man how to overcome a powerful killing intent and later offers mentor-like attention to teaching Climb as he fights off an assassin. He tells him that those who fight for something greater will always be stronger than those who only fight for themselves. During Tuare's rescue from Six Arms, Climb develops a new Martial Art exclusive to himself, which allows him to consciously control his adrenal response for a momentary boost of strength.

Brain Unglaus

Sebas believed that Brain could hold his own, unlike Climb, who is still quite weak in comparison. After witnessing Climb's withstanding Sebas' killing aura, Brain learned a humbling lesson of strength from others. While highly skilled physically, Brain learned the importance of inner strength, which allowed him a swift victory over Succulent. He held Sebas' words in high regard, viewing him as a powerful and honorable individual. He also acknowledged his strength to be on a similar yet weaker level to Shalltear Bloodfallen.

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