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"Taking you easy? No, you are the ones who're taking me easy. My name is Sebas. The one who gave me my name is the strongest warrior. The master I serve is a Supreme Being. But, I can see it's no use talking about him to lower creatures such as yourselves. I grow tired of talking. Let's finish this."
- Sebas Tian to Six Arms.

Sebas Tian (セバス・チャン) is the head butler of the Great Tomb of Nazarick with several manservants and other butlers under his command. He was created by Touch Me. He is also the leader of the Pleiades Six Stars.

Although he is not one of the Floor Guardians, his power closely rivals theirs. In a way, he is independent of their chain of command. He originally served as Nazarick's last line of defense alongside the Pleiades on the 9th Floor, to give time for the guild, Ainz Ooal Gown, to prepare for their final stand in the Throne Room.


In his human form, Sebas Tian has the appearance of an elderly butler and he is dressed gracefully in his traditional black uniform. Sebas' hair is entirely white, just like his immaculate beard. He has visible wrinkles on his hollow face, which makes him seem gentle in appearance, but his eyes are as sharp as an eagle's. However, in the manga, his beard is longer, his shoulders are not as broad, and his face is also older.


Like his creator, Touch Me, Sebas Tian has a great deal of personal justice. Unlike many other denizens in Nazarick, he does not completely despise humans or see them as inferior creatures. Instead, he believes that some humans are good people and it is the duty of the strong to protect the weak. However, humans with an ugly nature disgust him and he will not hesitate to kill anyone who dares to oppose Nazarick. Sebas also tends to question his own actions whether it was right or wrong of him to do them contrary to his master's order. Not sure why he does it, Sebas does believe that Touch Me's will is what encouragingly motivates him to act the way he does and that it conflicts with the will of his current master. Although Sebas is stoic in nature, the thought of being executed as a traitor to his master terrifies him the most. He gets extremely nervous whenever his loyalty to Ainz is called into question.

When encountering humans who are not purely motivated by personal gain, Sebas believes this is the reason why he cannot bring himself to hate humanity. Sebas believes that it is wrong to cast out a pitiable existence simply due to possibilities of risk. Because of the conflict in his personalities mirroring Touch Me, like Demiurge to Ulbert, the two NPCs do not appear to get along very well with each other, as their characteristics are polar opposites. According to the author Maruyama, the reason behind why Sebas has quite a decent personality is due to not having any settings written by his creator at all.[1] He even noted largely that because he is a blank-slate character, the number one NPC most influenced by their creator was particularly Sebas.[2]

He is kind and friendly toward humans. Sebas acts heroic in what he does, looking and wanting to help as many people around him as he can. If he sees someone in trouble, Sebas will go out of his way to lend a hand until it is done from start to end. Sebas admits himself to being sympathetic to whoever is in a bad situation, choosing to stop by and save them from harm without hesitation despite having to face other conflicts of his own along the way. He also delays his duties and missions a little longer to take care of lesser important matters like those first. Nevertheless, Sebas has no intention of saving those who only pray for others to extend a helping hand. However, he will go forth to help anyone like Tuare out in their hour of need if they are struggling and striving to live.


Sebas Tian was created as a butler by Touch Me. He and the Pleiades served as a last line of defense against intruders, holding them off for as long as possible. However, because he was unlikely able to stand against enemy players who managed to come this far, his only real purpose was to distract the invaders until the guild members of Ainz Ooal Gown were fully able to prepare for their final stand in the Throne Room. While so, Sebas does not seem to hold as much malice and hate towards outsiders like humans as his fellow Nazarick denizens.

Unlike most residents of the tomb, Sebas harbors doubts about their thought process where "Everything which does not belong to Nazarick is an inferior lifeform," and "Other than a rare few exceptions, humans and demi-humans are weaklings that must be trampled." Rather than follows their creed, Sebas operates by his creator’s credo that "those who do not save the weak cannot call themselves strong." However, after meeting wretched individuals like Zach, he starts to feel that there might be some truth to what the Nazarick's denizens say after all.

When on a reconnaissance mission with Solution, Sebas does not allow her to capture and eat any humans during their journey, except the ones who tried to ambush them. In Re-Estize while gathering information, he usually pays a visit to the Adventurer's Guild every morning and records all the requests on the notice board in his notebook before the adventurers can take them. Along the way, at some point, he also pays several visits to the Magician's Guild to purchase low-tier magic scrolls every now and then. Sebas has committed all the information he obtains in the Royal Capital, even street gossip, to paper before sending it to Nazarick as reports. According to Sebas himself, he is primarily responsible for the intelligence-gathering duty rather than Solution.

Currently, after the founding of the Sorcerer Kingdom, Sebas' duty and mission has been relocated to E-Rantel at the moment under Ainz's order.


The Undead King Arc

Main article: The Undead King Arc

Sebas is the second person Momonga speaks to when he first arrives in the New World. His orders are to exit the Great Tomb of Nazarick and immediately investigate the surrounding region after it was transported into the New World. Under Momonga's order, if Sebas encounters any intelligent creatures, he must interact peacefully with such lifeforms and invite them to the Tomb. For that reason, Sebas is tasked with attempting to accommodate the other party as much as possible during negotiations. However, he cannot stray more than one kilometer from the tomb and avoid unnecessary combat.[3]

Sebas discovers that the tomb is now surrounded by grassland, with no intelligent creatures or man-made structures in sight except for Nazarick. He also discovers that the skies in the New World are completely normal and similar to Nazarick, much to Momonga's surprise. Sebas continues his investigation of gathering information about the outside world for as long as twenty minutes before he heads back to Nazarick. When he returns to the tomb, Sebas reports this finding, including the small animals with no combat power spotted, to all who are present, including the Floor Guardians on the 6th Floor, Amphitheater. Since Momonga suggests ideas for how to protect Nazarick, Sebas believes that they should be able to perform some sort of eye-deceiving camouflage to fool invaders like Mare wants. Before Momonga leaves the meeting, Sebas makes sure to pay his respects to him, describing Nazarick's ruler as merciful for staying by their side until the very end and having not abandoned them like the other 40 Supreme Beings.[4]

Once the meeting is over and Momonga leaves the Amphitheater, Sebas informs Albedo that he is going to part ways with the Floor Guardians in order to return to his master's side. Before he sets off, Sebas is advised by Albedo to report to her if anything happens on his end, especially in the event that Momonga decides to summon the Floor Guardian Overseer, he must let her know immediately.[5]

When Momonga returns after surveying Nazarick, Sebas lectures and accosts him for not bringing his personal guards along during his excursion to the surface. The butler stands by Momonga's side the entire time as he experiments with the Mirror of Remote Viewing, and praises his master when he successfully figures out how to control it. However, upon seeing how Sebas sternly views the massacre occurring in Carne Village, Momonga cannot help but feel obliged to help the villagers at the sight of the situation. With Ainz heading out to save the village, Sebas is given the order to put Nazarick on maximum alert and tell Albedo to be fully equipped, but without Ginnungagap, before having her follow after his master. After that, Sebas is to prepare support units that will be sent to the village stealthily and invisibly to keep a close watch and guard over it.[6]

The Emissary of the King Arc

Main article: The Emissary of the King Arc

Sebas Tian is summoned by Ainz to give a report on the status of the regular maids. Sebas Tian states that they are performing their duties as intended. He is stunned that Ainz wishes to give the maids and manservants breaks, as it is unnecessary due to the magical items they use to eliminate fatigue and the idea of resting when they should be serving the Supreme Being. He comes around to the idea where Ainz reasons that the breaks are opportunities for self-reflection to improve themselves better in serving him. Now a firm believer, Sebas Tian eagerly states that he will handle the management and incorporate it to the maids' schedule.[7]

The Guardians' Vacation Arc

Main article: The Guardians' Vacation Arc

Seeing how Ainz has been working from evening to morning for ten hours straight, Sebas suggests that his master should take a break. When Ainz suggests that the butler take some time to rest first, Sebas adamantly refuses and is unable to fathom the thought of doing so while his master is still working. Sebas reassures his master that he has items equipped to negate sleep and hunger. The butler tells Ainz that he and the Pleiades are never left idle as they continue to work daily nonstop. In the end, Sebas has no other choice but to take break and rest while also making sure to reschedule the Homunculus Maids' schedule as ordered by his master.

Sebas enters the meeting room with the Floor Guardians using a passcode: All Glory in this World Belong to Nazarick. During the meeting they have together in private, he informs the Guardians that Ainz has been constantly throwing himself into work without rest. Sebas goes over the first item on their meeting's agenda. He states that the results of the earlier health examination of their master Ainz are "almost all yellow" and the liver "was even in the red." He recalls the words of the Supreme Being Herohero making mention of a health examination. Sebas reaffirms the Guardians' duty that they must continue remaining loyal and devoted to Ainz no matter what happens from here on out.[8]

The Bloody Valkyrie Arc

Main article: The Bloody Valkyrie Arc
Overlord EP10 019

Lady Solution and her butler Sebas Tian.

While Ainz masquerades as an adventurer, Sebas and Solution Epsilon are ordered to disguise themselves as wealthy and influential humans to gather information. Particularly, the roles they played are an elderly butler and a spoiled, rich noble. Under Ainz's order, Sebas and Solution are both instructed to capture human criminals who know Martial Arts or magic and whose absence will go unnoticed.

At the Shining Golden Pavilion, Sebas and Solution lodge there under the backstory of being an heiress and her faithful butler who hail from a city in some part of the Baharuth Empire. They have shown the ample purchasing power that such a background would merit in order to see how the people around them will react. After Solution makes loud complaints about the food, giving everyone a bad impression of her, it is Sebas's turn to act. Sebas apologizes for her behavior and tells everyone to go back to their meals. As they prepare to leave, Zach, a hired hand, attempts to delay their departure with his own excuses. Sebas sees through his treachery and allows him to finish whatever he needs to do while their luggage is being packed onto the carriage.

Sebas is approached by Baldo Lauffray and is reminded that Zach is not trustworthy for the job of handling transportation. Although Sebas reasons to the merchant that this was a choice decided by his mistress, he is advised by the latter to have Solution reconsider her decision. However, Sebas makes Baldo believe that he cannot question his mistress' decision, reasoning that her father's kindness was part of why he won't go against it or her requests. Hence, Sebas declines Baldo's offer to have bodyguards travel along with him and Solution, solely because his mistress doesn't like having people by her side.

Afterwards, he visits Solution in private to tidy the remaining luggage. He allows Solution to rest until they are ready to set out while verifying from her to see if their prey Zach is moving according to their plan. When Solution asks of disposing the man, he says that it should be acceptable as long as she gets permission from Shalltear. Upon clearing up the luggage, he has Solution give him a summary report of what Zach is plotting with his collaborator.

As the carriage goes on its way, Sebas engages in a discussion with Shalltear, who joins them on their segment of the journey. He learns the origin of Shalltear's relationship with Aura, which is connected to their creators being siblings. Not only that, but Sebas' misconception of the seiyuu is also cleared up by Shalltear after the latter clarifies to him what its true power is. When Shalltear asks why neither he nor Demiurge get along with each other, Sebas admits that he has no clue himself why, but feels that it is some instinct and feeling from his creator deeply engraved within him.

On the other hand, Sebas tells Shalltear about the time when outsiders invaded Nazarick and how the 8th Floor put an end to their invasion. He informs Shalltear that Ainz's personal NPC creation does not live on the 8th Floor, but in Nazarick's Treasury where it is guarded by Pandora's Actor. Knowing that the mystery of the 8th Floor remains unknown to them both, he advises Shalltear to not illegally access that location until Ainz finally permits them. Sebas also asks Shalltear for permission to let Solution have Zach for herself, which she accepts.

Sebas gets into a heated exchange with Shalltear upon mentioning the fact that either Demiurge or Aura are suitable for her job than she can do. Threatened with violence by Shalltear, Sebas apologetically admits he had misspoken by accident and that his concern for the vampire is whether she has [Blood Frenzy] under control in their mission. Once the bandits targeting them have been lured out and slaughtered, Sebas and Solution split off from her, taking control of the carriage used formerly by Zach.[9]

The Men in the Kingdom Arc

Main article: The Men in the Kingdom I and The Men in the Kingdom II Arc
Overlord II EP06 023

Sebas saving Tuare.

While walking as a passerby the streets of Re-Estize, Sebas comes across an old lady in trouble and lends the latter a hand by walking her home.[10] After he is done sending the old lady home, Sebas continues on to his original destination, which is the Kingdom's Magician's Guild. He goes there to examine various magic scrolls on sale and look to purchase one that catches his interest, choosing to get the kind that is imbued with the 1st tier spell, [Floating Board].

After buying a Floating Board Scroll, Sebas calls on his Shadow Demon to go and inform Solution that he will be returning late. With that settled, he plans to move independently as part of his intelligence-gathering duties, seeking to fully familiarize himself with the layout of the Re-Estize Capital. Moving away from the central district of the capital, he takes a shortcut through a very secluded, back alleyway. While walking by a pub, a sack is thrown out of the door which Sebas takes notice of, much to his displeasure. Looking to overlook what he saw, Sebas attempts to move pass it until something takes hold of his leg. Sebas' leg is gripped by a badly beaten girl who stares at him as if she is asking for help desperately.

Before Sebas can completely ask her to let go of him, a man comes out from the pub's door to confront him. Sebas gets into an argument with the man, threateningly interrogating him about the origin of this badly-beaten girl. Nonetheless, Sebas is warned by the man that the girl belongs to his group and if he is to take the girl away from him, it will be considered breaking the Kingdom's law and will be viewed as kidnapping. Sebas is provoked further by the man that he will be troubling his master/mistress if she catches wind of his action. However, Sebas counters back with a lie he made up that there is a law in the Kingdom which requires him to help those in need without fear of legal consequences.

Meanwhile, Sebas asks the woman if she wants to be saved by him. After getting a reply from her, he prepares to take her home with him before being stopped by the man. The man attempts to convince Sebas not to rescue her when both their lives will be put at risk by the Eight Fingers as the butler is interfering with their criminal operation. In the end, Sebas decides to lend the man a pouch of money to hire an adventurer who can help him flee from the Eight Fingers. This way, Sebas believes that it will also help himself buy some time to heal Tuare and bring her to his mansion safe and sound.

Upon his return to the mansion, Sebas has Solution heal the Tuare's wounds using the Healing Scroll and perform a health examination on her. Sebas also orders Solution to not report this to Ainz or Nazarick as he doesn't want to trouble his master with such matters concerning Tuare. Leaving Solution to take care of her wounds, he goes off to buy food to prepare for Tuare until she regains consciousness. After she is fully recovered and has eaten, the woman reveals herself to Sebas as Tuare while he introduces himself as being a servant of his mistress Solution. Sebas reassures Tuare to be at ease and to have a good rest as she is safe from harm under his protection, comforting the girl with a hug. He also wipes away her tears with a handkerchief after recalling that his master has done something like that to Shalltear. Seeing that Tuare has nobody to turn to for help in leaving the capital safely, Sebas considers the idea of making her a maid.

On the other hand, he is then questioned by Solution Epsilon as to why he wants to take a human girl back to their place, since it could jeopardize their mission. Sebas states that Tuare can be useful for their cover, as she will act as a servant in their mansion, making it look less suspicious than having just the two of them around. While Tuare works as a maid in the mansion where she has to cook food, Sebas makes the choice to head to the markets and buy ingredients for her to use in making them. However, with his intention to have the girl get accustomed to the outside world, Sebas easily convinces Tuare to go shopping with him next time. He reaffirms his promise to Tuare that he will eliminate any danger which may befall her, telling the girl to be at ease and have faith in him. When he brings up Solution to Tuare and the way she avoids her, he reassures the girl that his mistress often tends to act that way with everyone. He goes as far as to compliment Tuare's looks so that she feels more confident in her own appearance, offering positive words of comfort before hugging her.

Afterwards, Sebas is approached by both Staffan Heivish and Succulent, who have caught wind of the butler's action of taking away one of their slaves. They turn up at his mansion, accusing Sebas of slave trafficking and violating the Kingdom's law, making demands for him and Solution to pay a heavy fine and turn Tuare over to their custody. Sebas quickly realizes that these are corrupt guards working on the behest of the criminal group that he saved Tuare from. They look to extort money out of Sebas and overlook his action if he pays a certain sum of gold coins for them as compensation. After getting the guards to leave without resorting to violence, Sebas decides to go out and crush the criminal group himself to prevent any further trouble.[11]

During his walk, Sebas notices that someone is following him and finds a boy being beaten up by a group of men. Sebas gets into a fight with them and easily beats up the leader of the group, scaring the rest of his followers away. Shortly thereafter, he partially heals the boy's injuries and has one of the passersby take him to the temple before resuming his walk to his destination. Along the way, Sebas encounters Climb, who has been tailing him. Sebas is approached by the young warrior, who asks him to to teach him the technique he used to subdue the man from earlier. While this is happening, Sebas explains to Climb his story of rescuing Tuare from slave traffickers, seeking the warrior's help if there are any righteous individuals within the Kingdom who can come to his aid in this matter. Sebas is reassured by Climb that his liege will surely help Sebas' predicament out as long as the latter receives consent from her for assistance beforehand.

Considering whether or not to train the warrior, Sebas inquires Climb's reason for wanting to become stronger. After deciding on how to train the warrior, he tests Climb's determination by swinging his fist at him with intent to kill. Letting go of his murderous intent and the killing blow, he acknowledges that Climb was barely able to hold on to dear life, having managed to move out of the way by overcoming his fear of death. Sebas explains to Climb that as long as he continues experiencing more life-or-death situations, the latter will one day be able to handle threats that give off fear like it. Before Sebas continues training Climb, they are interrupted by Brain Unglaus, who has been watching them in silence until now. Confused on how Climb is able to endure such intimidation from the butler, Sebas reasons with Brain that he needs to have a dedicated goal in life, something which he cannot easily forsake to conquer fear and not succumb to it. As a result, Sebas' words of encouragement convincingly stir the hearts of Brain and Climb to reflect their respective value as warriors to their own cause. He instructs Brain to train Climb in his stead.

However, Sebas' conversation with the two is cut short when they are ambushed by assassins and manage to defeat them. Unlike with Climb and Brain, where he had reason to do so, Sebas does not unleash his killing intent at his other pursuers solely because the former views them as enemies and has no intention of scaring them off. After capturing one of them from the death battle, Sebas, Brain, and Climb interrogate the last assassin and are told that they were sent to kill the butler by Succulent of Six Arms.[12] Sebas splits off from Brain and Climb to raid different parts of the brothel where he ends up murdering Staffan Heivish in cold blood after seeing the latter's mistreatment towards one of his slaves. By the end of this raid, he and the two have successfully captured Cocco Doll and Succulent, as well as having rescued the people who were locked up in the brothel. With the objective clear, Sebas advises Climb and Brain to not make any mention of him during their raid together, as he came to the Re-Estize Kingdom to do business. Later, Sebas returns to the mansion and is met by Solution out of her disguise and in full battle maid equipment. She promptly states that Ainz Ooal Gown is waiting for him.[13]

Upon reaching the room where his master awaits him, Sebas is instructed by Demiurge to keep his distance from Ainz and where he is under the ideal range for Cocytus to launch an attack on him. Sebas is put on trial and questioned by Ainz about the reason behind his action of saving Tuare. At the same time, Sebas is asked why he has not bothered to send a report concerning the girl he saved while keeping it a secret from Ainz and Nazarick. He frantically reasons that that there was no need to trouble his master with a report concerning such a small matter until the latter calls him out for his foolish judgement. Sebas' loyalty to his master is put to the test as he is given the order by Ainz to eliminate Tuare with his own hands. Despite hesitating for a moment, Sebas attempts to try and kill her seriously with a killing blow from his fist, but is blocked by Cocytus, stating that he has already proven his loyalty.

Once Ainz takes a temporary leave from the mansion to bring Victim back to the 8th Floor of Nazarick, Sebas decides to use this chance to take Tuare back to her room where she can rest. While guiding Tuare back to her room, Sebas regretfully tells the girl it was his own fault for not being able to successfully deal with her in a better way that doesn't involve confronting Ainz. He then suggests that she stay in the human world and find her happiness there. He plans to ask for his master's approval to have Tuare's memories modified so that she doesn't remember him or Nazarick's involvement. However, upon seeing her resolve to join Nazarick, he changes his mind and seeks to find a way to convince his master to let her live in the tomb. After sending Tuare to her room, he goes back to Ainz's side, discussing with him about what they are planning to do from now on, including Tuare's fate in Nazarick. He gets into an argument with Demiurge over Tuare's usefulness, reasoning to Ainz that the girl can work for Nazarick as a servant who can cook and learn to make food for them that is within their standard. Sebas is relieved to learn that Tuare will become a maid of Nazarick who is directly subordinate to him and is under the protection of his master's name.

Prior to leaving the mansion and taking Tuare back into Nazarick, Sebas is instructed by Ainz to purchase large quantities of grain in Re-Estize and direct them to Demiurge. Particularly, Sebas and Solution will complete their final task in the Royal Capital, which is to purchase grain for Demiurge and then they will transport it to the storehouse. To maintain their fake identity as traders until the very end before they set off to Nazarick, he and Solution decide to put on a show and pretend they are returning to the Baharuth Empire. He brings Solution with him to announce their return to their homeland to all the traders and to the Guild, the same people they had met when the two had first arrived to the Royal Capital. They spend time on small talk, which is an indispensable part of improving relationships. Sebas and Solution spend upwards of half an hour at every location they visited in Re-Estize while conversing with the merchants for various talk of negotiations. He and Solution receive a huge discount on the rent for the warehouse on top of the deductions for buying a large quantity of grain.

Since the process of arranging a temporary storehouse and the grain transportation in the Royal Capital is complete, Sebas and Solution head back to the mansion in order to prepare for their return back to Nazarick where they will be relocated to for now. However, to his shock, Sebas finds out that Tuare has kidnapped by the criminal syndicate, Eight Fingers. He orders Solution to contact Ainz immediately afterwards about it, telling their master that Tuare has been kidnapped and ask him for advice on how to proceed.[14]

When his master orders Albedo to send Demiurge and several powerful servants to punish Eight Fingers, Sebas can't help but offer his thanks and gratitude to Ainz for the support he has given him. Demiurge then explains his plan and sends him and Solution, who can use healing magic, to rescue Tuare in one of the several facilities controlled by the criminal syndicate. Sebas is also informed to not forget the possibility that Tuare may turn out dead, with Demiurge using himself as an example to explain various ways of how he would have handle the hostage situation to his own advantage, much to the former's irritation. Before setting off to do his mission, he is reminded and warned ahead of time by Demiurge that saving Tuare comes second to their main objective. Sebas promises Demiurge that he will make sure to slaughter Eight Fingers without compromising their operation.[15]

By coincidence, Sebas meets up with Climb, Brain, and Lockmeier, who plan to attack the Eight Fingers' building. He informs them that Eight Fingers has threatened him to come to their facility as the criminal syndicate has taken Tuare hostage. After he exchanges information back and forth with Brain, Climb, and Lockmeier, it is decided that the three will infiltrate the building to search for Tuare while Sebas proceeds to enter the arena where four members of Six Arms are waiting for him in the front. Hence, Sebas arrives at enemy territory, exchanging a few words with the members of Six Arms of information on Zero while he gestures/signals Solution to silently infiltrate the 3rd floor of the enemy facility unbeknownst to them. Although none of his enemies directly reveal the whereabouts of Tuare, Sebas happens to see one of the four people shift their line of sight towards a certain location in the building. What catches his attention is the fact that it is not the place Tuare is being held at, which he had heard from Climb, Brain, and Lockmeier. Realizing this, he decides to verify the location after taking care of the four enemies within his range first. Sebas provokes the four members of Six to all attack him at once, easily killing them all in less than twenty seconds without any of them laying a scratch on him. He then leaves Solution to kidnap the audience in the arena and goes off to search for Tuare.

While Climb's group faces Zero, Sebas enters the area after having rescued Tuare and tells Zero that he killed all of his subordinates, including the four members of Six Arms. Despite Zero not believing it to be true, Sebas tells him to accept the truth as it is since he happens to be standing alive unscathed. Feeling pity for the enemy, Sebas allows Zero the honor of attacking him first with the latter's strongest attack. After the enemy realizes how futile his most powerful blow to him is, Sebas instantly kills Zero with a heel dropkick in response to the latter's aggression. Bidding farewell to Climb and Brain, Sebas carries Tuare with him to safety and swiftly evacuates her back to Nazarick, accompanied by Solution in accordance to what Demiurge has planned for them. At this point, upon returning to the tomb, Sebas is no longer involved in Demiurge's operation after completing stage one of the demon's plan.[16]

Back in the Great Tomb of Nazarick, Sebas is present alongside Pestonya and the Homunculus Maids to welcome Tuare as their newest addition within their servant ranks. Sebas orders Pestonya to train her until she qualifies to be a worthy maid of Nazarick. At the same time, he encourages Pestonya that since Tuare is only human, he wants the Head Maid to not push the girl beyond her limits while being trained. On the other hand, Pestonya informs him that Tuare may only be a temporary maid if she decides to get married some day, much to his utter shock.[17]

Ainz Raises Money Arc

Main article: Ainz Raises Money Arc

While lending money to the Floor Guardians, Ainz indirectly orders both Sebas Tian and Narberal Gamma to buy things for them. Later, Sebas, along with Narberal, are called upon by the Floor Guardians to take part in an emergency meeting over the new cache of money they received from their master.

During the meeting, when the Floor Guardians begin consulting Sebas and Narberal for market items that are worth exactly three gold coins, the two are unable to think of anything. Sebas intervenes in the Floor Guardians' discussion, stating that Ainz may have been wanting to teach them the local cost of commodities in the surrounding lands. He thinks that Ainz's intention for the Floor Guardians is to educate them in considering smaller factors when operating outside of Nazarick. At the same time, he begins reflecting on his own past mistakes when dealing with Tuare and believes it is Ainz's motivation for doing this.[18]

The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc

Main article: The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc

Sebas and Solution are present in the Throne Room of Nazarick, where Ainz personally thanks the two for their efforts in gathering information. Ainz offers Sebas a reward, which he initially declines at first, but gives into his master's insistence, forcing the butler to request he will be given clothing and daily necessities for Tuare. Not wanting to acquire high-grade materials from Ainz's collection, Sebas suggests his master of borrowing Narberal Gamma to help with that task. However, when his master offers him an alternative to the butler's suggestion, Sebas accepts the idea of going on a date with Tuare to the Kingdom's Royal Capital to shop for some clothes for her.[19]

According to Narberal, since the Head Maid Pestonya is in confinement, it is up to Sebas to teach Tuare how to be a proper maid. After she learns the appropriate etiquette, Sebas will teach her how to cook and how to perform other duties. Once they have determined what duties suit Tuare, Sebas and the other maids will have her be officially assigned to a specific position in Nazarick.[20]

The Magic Caster of Destroy Arc

Main article: The Magic Caster of Destroy Arc

Once Jircniv Rune Farlord El-Nix is dismissed from the Throne Room of Nazarick, Sebas, along with the Floor Guardians, convene before Ainz Ooal Gown to discuss Ainz's next phase of world domination. Upon hearing Demiurge's explanation, Sebas is angered by how the Emperor thinks that he and the other NPCs would consider thinking of betraying their master. He immediately dismisses that thought and suggests that the Floor Guardians pay their respects to Ainz while in their master's presence. When deciding on a suitable title for Ainz as a ruler in preparation for creating the Sorcerer Kingdom, Sebas suggests that they should simply called him "King."[21]

The Pleiades Day Arc

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Sebas is present alongside Yuri Alpha as they observe Tuare's movements as a maid. Though Yuri comments that the human is growing tired and requests to take a break, Sebas insists that her training must continue. His reasons for pushing her areto prepare Tuare's for her role as the head maid in E-Rantel, considering how little time she has left. Sebas is wary of the time and date when Tuare will begin assuming her duties of leading the human maids in that city. Due to such important a role being bestowed upon Tuare, he does not wish to embarrass Ainz with her mistakes in carrying out instructions, feeling worried it may reflect badly on their master's opinion of her. He is concerned for any mistakes she makes, now and in the future, that can possibly shame Nazarick.

Though he will strive to keep her from making mistakes, Sebas admits he cannot always be by her side. Sebas reasons with Yuri that because Tuare is placed in a high position above the other maids from E-Rantel, he feels that it is the human's duty to serve as an example for her subordinates to be someone who others look up to. Knowing how hard at work Ainz is, Sebas is inspired by his master's regal action and attitude as the ruler of Nazarick that moves the hearts of everyone including himself to do the same like him. Striving to become closer with Ainz, Sebas chooses to follow his master's lead by training Tuare and having her set an example for other maids to see and admire like they do towards the Supreme Being.

After heeding Yuri's advise, he decides to let Tuare take a break and rest for the time being until she can fully recover for their next training. He informs Yuri that Tuare will be taught how to do cleaning and the like by Éclair Éklair Éklare.[22]

The Craftsman of Dwarf Arc

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According to Ainz, Sebas is providing administrative support in E-Rantel, with Tuare as his assistant.[23]

Nazarick Mythology Arc

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Sebas Tian attends a meeting with the Floor Guardians to devise a myth of Ainz Ooal Gown to incorporate in human society. He is the first to start, where his myth is centered around the Supreme Beings being viewed as righteous entities. When the world falls into chaos, Ainz Ooal Gown, as a hero of justice, descends and restores order. Ainz notes it to be heavily based on Touch Me's notions and ideas.[24]

The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc

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Although Sebas is supposed to be on standby in the city of E-Rantel, he has chosen to return to the Great Tomb of Nazarick and seek out his master. Upon seeing Ainz's return to Nazarick as well, Sebas informs his master that he has been requested by the Area Guardians Pestonya, and Nigredo, who have not received permission to leave their area to speak with him privately in their behest. Ainz agrees to the request and allows Sebas to join him in the Frozen Prison where Nigredo and Pestonya are at on the 5th Floor of Nazarick.

Once they are present, before beginning the main topic of discussion, Sebas lets Ainz sample some plain biscuits that he obtained from E-Rantel, explaining how the fortress city is able to develop it as part of the a food culture that has begun to change slowly. In addition, he informs his master about the current abundance of cheap and fresh ingredients being brought into the city and how it helps improve food like the biscuits. With that small talk out of the way, Ainz decides to shift the conversation back to why he visited the Frozen Prison in the first place.

During the main topic of discussion, when Ainz ends up rejecting most of their suggestions with reason, Sebas appears silent since their previous topic until he catches his master's attention. When Ainz looks his way, Sebas voices his appreciation of Ainz for coming out here to listen to their suggestions. However, the moment Pestonya brings up the idea of letting humans escape alive as fearmongers who can start spreading the news of opposing the Sorcerer Kingdom to be hopeless, Ainz decides to take the maid's suggestion into consideration. Upon hearing this, alongside the two Area Guardians, the butler feels eternally grateful for Ainz on considering Pestonya's idea and silently bows down to his master as a result.[25]

Ainz (Isekai Quartet) NOTICE: The following section and subsequent subsections are considered NON-CANON to the Overlord Light Novels.

Mass for the Dead Arc

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When the Great Tomb of Nazarick was transported to the New World and left in ruins by an unknown attacker, Sebas Tian was among the casualties. After he was revived, Sebas worked with the denizens of Nazarick to restore the tomb to its former glory. After Narberal Gamma returned from outside world after escorting the protagonist and Slimeko, and began to teach her sisters on who to address humans as "maggots", it reached Momonga's ears. Knowing that her lessons were misleading and could cause some problems when the Pleiades interact with humans, the Overlord assigned Sebas Tian to amend it. Sebas Tian complied and had corrected the misconceptions the maids had on proper social interaction by giving the maids a short lesson.[26]

Momonga considering doing a survey to examine the desires of the NPCs considered asking Sebas to assist him, but decided that the protagonist would be more suitable due to his background as a diplomat.[27] Like many of the NPCs that were revived when they came to the New World, he suffered a severe level drop and so trained with Cocytus to regain their strength.[28]

Among the other NPCs, Sebas Tian's approval was held in high regard as shown when Shalltear Bloodfallen who was suffering from a loss in confidence in her abilities imagined herself being demoted from a Floor Guardian in the disappointed eyes of Momonga and Sebas Tian. [29] Or even when Entoma took Sebas Tian words of hospitality at heart to prove herself that she was the elder sister between her and CZ2128 Delta.[30] In turn Sebas Tian would have the best interest of his comrades in mind, as during the period of Nazarick's reconstruction he noticed the psychological toll the Floor Guardians and Momonga were under. To give them some moments of respite, Sebas Tian encouraged the Pleiades to create a relaxing atmosphere through same acts of hospitality.[31]

After the protagonist successfully made contact with humans in Carne Village, the butler of Nazarick would later be sent out into the field along with Solution Epsilon.[32] They infiltrated the city of E-Rantel under the identities of Sebas and Soi respectively. While Soi took up work as an adventurer, Sebas took the identity of a refugee and work as a miner in the Quarry. There he gained a reputation as a kind and strong man who put others first before himself. Unfortunately Sebas Tian's actions in defending the miners from Stone Eaters were about to expose that he was more than human. The protagonist leading his team composed of Soi and Slimeko found about this and warned Sebas that he had made the humans at the quarry too dependent on his strength and may attract unwanted attention. To make the miners less dependent on him the undercover operatives arranged a plan to have the miners come and rescue Sebas when he was outnumbered by the marauding demi-humans. The plan worked and Sebas's cover was secured.[33]

When he returned to Nazarick, Sebas Tian had the opportunity to meet a goddess from another world that came a a guest to the dungeon. While enjoying tea with Cocytus on the 6th Floor, he invited her to sit down with them to talk and cheer her up. They got along well and the two NPCs brought her along to subjugate Chaos Beasts at the Crack, which later ended in a visit to the bar.[34] The butler would also be recalled to defend the tomb in substitute of the Floor Guardians who were undergoing a training session at Fake Nazarick.[35] Sebas would later be called by Soi to come to E-Rantel to assist the protagonist and his team in dealing with an infestation of mutant Sanitary Slimes at the Sewage Treatment Plant and also take down the Super Giant Sanitary Slime.[36]

Sebas Tian would return to the field to access the discovery of prismatic crystals at the Mine Dungeon. On the way there, Demiurge questioned the butler's loyalty to Nazarick citing his long stays in E-Rantel and attachment to humans. Sebas Tian knew what the demon was insinuating but assured the Floor Guardians he knew where his loyalties lay. Upon reaching the mine Sebas Tian helped to do a survey of a new cavern that recently opened up.[37] At Nazarick's hosted event called Nazarick Fighting Tournament, Sebas Tian formed a team called Butler and Maid. His team faced against Demiurge's team, Crimson Temple but lost. Despite losing Sebas was a good sport on the match and even offered to heal Demiurge's injury.[38] In another event hosted in the dungeon, the butler helped the Pleiades to prepare Christmas Cakes for a Christmas party.[39]

Due to his exemplary service as a undercover agent, Momonga wished to reward the butler. Initially not wanting a reward Sebas asked his reward to be granted permission to visit E-Rantel for personal reasons to care for the refugees there.[40] While Sebas Tian was working undercover in E-Rantel, Nazarick was left incapacitated by some sort of mental effect that was influencing the minds of the NPCs within. Momonga recalled Sebas back from the field to protect the tomb while he and the protagonist investigated a strange new Chaos Zone in Fake Nazarick.[41] Due to the machinations of Shiramochi-ō time was reset and in the new loop Sebas Tian who was on his way back to the dungeon found that the surface of the dungeon was infested with Mochi Type Beasts. To prevent the Chaos Beasts from exposing Nazarick's location, he swiftly killed them before meeting with Momonga and his team to investigate the matter. Noticing the young boy Shiro in the midst, Momonga ordered him to watch their strange guest. He journeyed into the Chaos Zone where he found many of his comrades under the New Year's atmosphere. To proced to the Bishamonten Shrine and to the replica Throne Room, the butler and his comrades had to participate in several activities such a Karuta, calligraphy, etc. At the end of the mission he bore witness to Shiro revealing himself as Shiramochi-ō and his sacrifice.[42]

The butler's skill in using ki would be called to tend to one of Nazarick's guests.[43] After Momonga accumulated and analyzed the data collected by Sebas and the other field agents, the Overlord came to the conclusion that Nazarick woul eventually fall if no action was taken.[44] And acted as Momonga's eyes when monitoring a new batch of visitors from another world.[45] The butler would cater to the group in their needs, and ask for their help in producing an exact replica of kinako bread for them.[46]

In the preparations for a Yozakura being held in Nazarick, Sebas Tian assisted the maids in the costumes for the celebration. He was particularly irked that Demiurge pre-selected his to be the Chivalrous Costume, an item the butler embodied something that the demon could not understand. At the celebration, Sebas Tian worn his own and got into verbal spar with his nemesis which had to be broken up by Cocytus to save them from embarrassing themselves before Momonga.[47] In the duration where he was active at his post in Nazarick, he supervised Albedo's maid training and also took part in the training drill to prepare the 9th Floor for a possible invasion.[48]

On another mission as his miner identity, Sebas joined an expedition to the Azerlisia Mountains to locate a possible gold vein for Nazarick. Among the expedition were a group of visitors from another world and helped them fight a Fire Dragon that was hoarding the gold source in the mountains.[49] Other interactions with visitors from other worlds would see Sebas Tian provide his healing abilities to a cautious hero that was allied with Nazarick.[50]

Sebas Tian would reassume the identity of Sebas when and his human co-workers brought him to the Black Market to celebrate the near-completion of the fourth wall for the fortress city. Additionally they bought him a session with a prostitute at the Black Honeymooner, where he met Tuare. Not wishing to force himself on a young girl or waste the money of his colleagues Sebas politely turned her down and asked for a refund. Before he left the establishment he sensed that Tuare was silently asking for help. His departure from the brothel however was noticed by Soi. Suspcious the Pleiades maid believed Sebas Tian was secretly meeting with another party, trading in Nazarick's secrets. She reported the incident to Momonga and her suspicions. The Overlord having heard of nothing from Sebas Tian on his activities, then dispatched the protagonist and Slimeko to spy on Sebas Tian at a distance. The trio followed Sebas and learned that since they have been monitoring him that he had frequent the Black Honeymooner and the elite residential area of the city in his butler clothes. As it turns out the butler was infiltrating the home of Cocco Doll to apprehend him and force him to release the contracts of the prostitute at the Black Honeymooner.

After the criminal was given to Saint Clementine and the authorities, his fellow agents approached him at the scene he explained that he had been investigating the brothel to learn that many of its employees vanished mysteriously. He originally believed Cocco Doll was responsible but appears that that former crime lord had no idea what was transpiring. The Nazarick agents returned to the Black Honeymooner to find it empty and a secret passageway leading to the sewers where they entered a room where the innkeeper of the brothel, Isabella, was torturing the remaining staff employees, among them being Tuare. The protagonist and his allies now seeing that Isabella was in fact a demon, prioritized her capture. The demon was no match for the butler who easily pummeled her. Isabella backed to a corner used her trump card, her special perfume and used it to ensnare Sebas Tian's mind. To prevent her from using Sebas to attack his friends, Tuare put herself between her and the butler. Unimpressed the demoness ordered Sebas Tian to kill her, but to her shock Sebas Tian was not at all affected by the item's effect and had been pretending. Isabella was summarily captured and transported. However Sebas Tian's unauthorized investigation needed to be addressed. Momonga arrived at the basement of the brothel with Shalltear and Demiurge to give judgment. Still unsure of Sebas Tian's loyalty, Momonga ordered to prove it by killing Tuare. With no order recourse, Sebas Tian complied intending to give the human woman a quick and painless death. To his surprise his blow was blocked by Shalltear, showing that it was a test by Momonga. Momonga in consideration of Sebas Tian's actions believed there was no insubordination as the butler's activities unexpectedly reeled in a find for Nazarick. All that was asked by Momonga is to be kept informed of any other excursions he conducted in the field, after which he ordered the case be closed. Once he was dismissed by Momonga, Sebas Tian helped Tuare to the streets of E-Rantel and informed her that she was a free woman. Tuare now her own person wanted to find her sister and thanked Sebas, hoping to see him again in the future.[51]

For the duration of the Miyoshi Cup, as many of the Pleiades and female Floor Guardians were competing, Sebas Tian was assigned with Cocytus to be part of the security detail for the 9th Floor while the competition was underway.[52] He later attended the second Christmas party hosted in Nazarick, watching Cocytus expertly slice a large fish and serve it.[53] Security would be later provided by Sebas Tian for the general maids whilst they enjoyed the idol show of LittleMass and also at their hand shake events.[54][55]

Before the administration rights of the city of E-Rantel were passed to the Sorcerer Kingdom as part of the protagonist's reward for save the city from Jaldabaoth, Sebas Tian efforts led to the city in becoming more racially inclusive. As a result E-Rantel became a multi-racial city where humans and demi-humans worked together in peace.[56]

After the mystery of the phenomenon involving the Fake Sun was resolved, the butler was present at the briefing where the protagonist explained the circumstances. Like the others he was utterly stunned that the events were all supposedly predicted by one of the Supreme Being and written in a "prophecy". He was present at Nazarick's Tsukimi where he tried to make small talk with Demiurge about the full moon, though the demon politely asked the butler to refrain from forcing himself given their tenuous relationship.[57]

At a formal Halloween Festival in Nazarick, Sebas Tian dressed as a miner for the masquerade. As part of the festival Sebas Tian paired with Yuri Tian and CZ for the defense training part of the festivities and helped guide the non-combatants on the 9th Floor to the panic room. They came across several Eight-Edge Assassins disguised as Chaos Beasts, prompting him and the others to engage them in a mock battle. Later he particpated in the banquet at the 6th Floor.[58]

At the orders of Momonga to prepare for a possible "New Year" event that would affect Nazarick Sebas Tian did a "general cleaning" of the surface of the tomb. Though he found no signs of any Mochi Type Beast in the area and returned to the 1st Floor of Nazarick, where he encountered Momonga, Shalltear, the protagonist and Slimeko on patrol. With his task of investigating the surface done, Momonga reassigned him to assist the Pleiades to conduct a sweep of Spa Resort Nazarick. Together with the maids they found no traces of anything, and as they were checking the golems hidden there Sebas Tian expressed his hopes that the once beautiful spa created by the Supreme Beings could be fully repaired.

Later when Momonga decided to forgo some caution against celebrating the "New Year" and host a Kakushigei Tournament, Sebas Tian offered to act as an escort with the Pleiades and Pandora's Actor to protect the general maids who will also be present. Once again donning his kimono, Sebas enjoyed the opening ceremony and matches between the Floor Guardians. Once the tournament ended however, Sebas Tian and the rest present in the Amphitheater found themselves transported in an odd Chaos Zone. Whilst Momonga and his party went to investigate the Bishamonten Shrine, Sebas stayed behind with the others to ensure the safety of the general maids. Once Momonga and his party defeated the one responsible for the translocation, Sebas and the others were returned to the Amphiteater. He and the rest of Nazarick were introduced to Shiro, the current Ruler of New Year, and now an ally to Momonga. To celebrate this new friendship, the butler joined in the festivities in playing New Year games with Shiro.[59]

Sebas Tian would be part of an ambitious plan of Demiurge's to fulfill Momonga's wish to convince two new visitors from another world to accept permanent residence in Nazarick by being as friendly and hospitable as possible that they would want to remain in the dungeon. Later the butler would be part of a mock combat battle, fighting alongside Momonga and the Guardians against the two new guests to their abilities and regain their levels.[60]

When LittleMass was reunited to play in a new experiment, Sebas Tian along with the Pleiades helped to escort the general maids at the event sites to view the idol shows. AT the final show, Sebas Tian acted as the final opponent against the idols, fighting with Momonga and a Primal Fire Elemental.[61]

During the time when the Great Tomb of Nazarick was transformed into Nazarick Academy, Sebas Tian was mentally controlled and made to believe he was the school janitor.[62] He was in Ashurbanipal cleaning where he found Momonga searching for come missing books related to school and romantic comedies. When asked if he was able to clean the entire school, the janitor revealed that he had help from the Maid Club. Later he reminded Momonga that he would need to attend 7th period class to instruct the students.[63]

Sebas Tian responded to an emergency summons back to Nazarick. He along with other field agents of Nazarick gathered in the Amphitheater and were informed by Momonga that the New Year's Day mental effect had enthralled many of their comrades, leaving the ones gathered to be the only ones unaffected. After receiving an immunity to the effect from Shiro, Sebas Tian, CZ and Solution were assigned to chaperone the affected general maids in the canteen to make sure they stayed out of trouble. After the crisis, the butler was seen in crowd at the Amphitheater watching the live performance of LittleMasStar and the guest stars Narberal and Lupusregina.[64]

When a new visitor from another world came to Nazarick, this time being a salesman of various goods, Sebas was part of Momonga's entourage that was included during the presentation of the merchandise.[65]

Sebas Tian was present when the protagonist provided details on the end of the child trafficking incident. Later alone with the homunculus and Pestonya, he was informed by the undercover adventurer that the Head Maid would be taking an active role in the Sorcerer Kingdom Orphanage. This would mean the Head Maid would have to juggle her duties in Nazarick and in E-Rantel, but the Head Butler was fine with the arrangement. Before separating from the butler, the protagonist informed him that the resolution of the child trafficking incident could not have been possible had it not been for Tuare, the girl Sebas Tian saved previously. Upon hearing Tuare's name gave Sebas Tian a expression of relief that she was fine.[66]

After the protagonist saved his team of Darkness and members of the Pleiades from beyond the Crack, startling information was found that the protagonist was not a creation of the Supreme Being was revealed, but a manifestation of the Sea of Possibilities and was possibly a compatriot to Enhela who was an adherent to the Devourer of the Nine Worlds. Sebas Tian attended the debate where the Floor Guardians and Momonga decided the protagonist's fate. Ultimately it was agreed that the protagonist could not stay in Nazarick and for now would keep his post as Territory Guardian in E-Rantel. Now that Enhela set his sights on capturing the protagonist, it was determined that the protagonist would be used as bait to set a trap. To protect him a Floor Guardian level guard was required, hence when Sebas Tian was selected, which he took the task solemnly. When asked about his feelings on the protagonist, the butler simply stated it was hard to treat a person who was his comrade coldly if he were in the same position.

Sebas Tian resumed his person as a miner in E-Rantel, and while staying at the hotel suite of Darkness, he learned about the events in the Tripartite Alliance meeting and the upcoming Four Kingdoms Rescue Team. Of all Sebas was confident they need not worry about the Kingdom or Empire as both nations were under the thumb of the Sorcerer Kingdom. His main concern though was Enhela and like his comrades was confused as to why the priest would decline to lead the Theocracy's forces for the operation. Sebas ingratiate himself into the rescue operation, after he received an invitation from Clementine to join.

Before the operation, Sebas Tian also attended the banquet in the Amphitheater, welcoming Renner Theiere Chardelon Ryle Vaiself who joined Nazarick.[67]

At the second Greetings and Victory Festival aka Halloween Festival hosted in E-Rantel to brighten the city's populace in the aftermath of the Calamity of Cracks, Sebas was assigned to work with the Shadow Demons in monitoring the crowds for any suspicious activity. The butler's job was to protect Shalltear while she was in her adventurer identity Shall. Since she and Ku were the guests of honor, it was believed that Shalltear would be a target if whoever had brainwashed her at the Katze Plains recognized her, hence the precaution. At the festival, Sebas wore his kimono and hid among the crowd of costume residents. He briefly detected an armed party heading towards Shall and her group, and was about to intercept with Narberal, but withheld attacking as it turned out only to be a delegation composed of Mayor Panasolei Gruze Day Rettenmaier and Prince Zanac who wanted to meet the acclaimed adventurers and Sorcerer Kingdom representative. Beside that incident, the butler reported that nothing odd occurred at the festival or attempted to harm Shalltear.[68]

For a time, as the protagonist's bodyguard, the old butler noticed that the homunculus was overworking himself in trying to remedy the mental health of E-Rantel's inhabitants. Next he was assigned to escort the protagonist on an expedition to the Dwarf Kingdom to study if the dwarven baths had and special properties like healing. Momonga also noticing the burden of the protagonist, gave Sebas a secret assignment to encourage the protagonist to take the opportunity to relax on the trip especially try out the dwarven baths.

On the way to the Azerlisia Mountains, the expedition recruited Zenberu to be a guide. As part of his payment, Sebas agreed to a short spar with the lizardman monk. While traveling to the city of Feo Jera, whilst the protagonist was busy worrying about the importance of the mission, the butler took him aside to tell his comrade that the mission wasn't just for the people of E-Rantel. At the dwarven city, Sebas was introduced to Bigosa who provided aid to the investigation of the dwarven bathing customs. Their trip eventually took them to Feo Berkana where the best bathhouse was located, but to the dismay of the group it was destroyed by the Frost Dragon who ruled the city. Sebas seeing how insensitive the dragon was to the destruction, took it upon himself to beat the dragon to discipline it. When it was finally cowering on its knees, it admitted that the damage was an accident on its part. Given that it was not intentional Sebas spared the Frost Dragon on the account it promised to be more careful with the property of the dwarves.

On the return to Feo Jera, the group informed the Regency Council which disheartened the dwarves. Sebas not wanting to leave such sad faces and return to Nazarick, requested permission from Momonga to do something to amend the situation. He gave a reason that the disappointment of the dwarves would affect their productivity which would be detrimental to Nazarick. Not only that the renovations would be an chance for the Sorcerer Kingdom to sell some of their bath related inventions. Thus Sebas allowed to oversee the renovation of a new bathhouse in Feo Berkana stylized with baths from Spa Resort Nazarick. After it met the approval of the dwarves, Sebas tried the new bathhouse and was seen lounging on a Massage Chair, when he was approached by the protagonist having refreshed himself from the baths, thanking him for his advice of self-care.

Upon returning to Nazarick, Sebas and Solution presented Momonga and his advisors gifts from the dwarves and the Frost Dragon. The gifts from the dragon was unexpected to his master, as it seemed more along the lines of a tribute. When Demiurge praised the accomplishment on how Sebas was able to receive such a tribute, the butler stayed silent on how it was achieved. Later he returned to his post in E-Rantel where he met his old co-workers from the quarry already working on building a bathhouse in the city on the protagonist's orders. Though the men did not understand its importance both he and the protagonist hoped it would change in the future.[69]

Later Sebas Tian attended a Christmas party in the Amphitheater, to celebrate the solidification of the cooperative relationship with the lizardmen and the improvement of their food preservation issue.[70]

The butler was summoned by Momonga for his participation in an undercover operation at a pep rally hosted in E-Rantel in prelude to the rescue operation to the other side of the Crack. Demiurge explained to the butler that the purpose of the undercover operation was to have Shall, Aura and Mare get close to one of the guests from the Theocracy: Antilene Heran Fouche. Sebas recalled the name as belonging to the strong girl Shalltear befriended in the Azerlisia Mountains some time ago, though it came as a surprise to him that she belonged to the Theocracy.

Given that Antilene's role in the Theocracy was still unknown, Demiurge and Momonga believed it was possible that there was a plot by Theocracy at the event. Hence Demiurge's plan was to have Sebas and Narberal would be shadowing their people from a distance while they interacted with Antilene to learn all they could about her nation. Sebas was afforded an opportunity to speak his mind on the plan. He disagreed with it, as he believed Demiurge's plan was too fastidious in making their people befriend Antilene.

He was concerned that they may unintentionally provoke Antilene who could endanger their operatives. Instead he voiced they should take it slow and learn about who Antilene was. Sebas's concern was called out to be cowardly by Demiurge, he though him short-sighted in wasting a chance like this to gain intel on the Theocracy. However Sebas accused Demiurge of potentially putting their fellows in harm's way. Even when Demiurge believed that the rewards warranted the risks, the butler asked if the demon was willing to bet his title as Floor Guardian.

Regardless, Momonga while understanding Sebas's concerns, ruled in favor of Demiurge's plan, leaving it to the demon to handle the operation as he saw fit. The duo were then forced to accept that they had to work together, with Sebas grudgingly accepting that he will follow Demiurge's lead on the mission. Despite this the two came to an understanding that this mission would be where Shalltear would shine to make up for her past failure and the two would see that she was protected during the event.

While at E-Rantel, Sebas went undercover in his miner disguise to monitor the movements of the Re-Estize Kingdom forces, and the city gates. In the end both Sebas and Narberal did not need to intervene for any trouble, even when a trio of dissenters nearly ambush the Shall, Aura, Mare and Antilene in an alley. While Narberal thought it was fortunate that the team managed to get through the ordeal, Sebas saw that the ambush was all part of Demiurge's plan, something which he failed to mention to the other operatives.

Sebas would reveal his dissatisfaction towards Demiurge's plan in "inciting disaffected humans", calling it reckless given no one but Demiurge were aware of it. Even if it was to gauge Antilene's behavior, Sebas called it a violation of Momonga's creed of "horenso", which Demiurge took as an insult. Their argument got more heated, even as Albedo chided them for such behavior in front of Momonga. But the fight was suddenly broken up, by Momonga's laughter, having enjoyed their bicker as it reminded him of a past nostalgic memory of their creators. The two tried to apologize for the behavior, but Momonga waved their apologies and was in good mirth, deciding to cast such negative emotions in favor of hosting a feast in celebration of the mission. Sebas wasted no time in carrying out his master's order to prepare the banquet with the maids.[71]

On the day of the operation, Sebas noticed Ninya who he recognized to be Tuare's long-lost sister. He was aware that the two sisters were reunited, but was concern for her safety due to his relationship with Tuare. While his mission was to protect the protagonist from any attempts of kidnapping by Enhela, the undercover agents decided to keep an eye on the magic caster for Tuare's sake.

While fighting Chaos Beasts in the Chaos Zone, Sebas kept his strength hidden. He was thoroughly impressed by Gazef's newfound power after being cured from the miasma. From his view he determined that the Warrior Captain was above the level of a Pleiades, but below a Floor Guardian. Nonetheless, Sebas believed that Gazef would be useful to the Sorcerer Kingdom in the future.

After the rescue team was surrounded by Chaos Beasts, Sebas acted as the vanguard to punch a hole through the horde. Behind him at his back was the protagonist, who stayed close to him for his protection. Sebas succeeded in breaking through and leading the entire army out of the Crack, where on home soil he was praised by Gazef for his efforts. Despite the undercover agents attempts to downplay his part, some of his power was noticed by Brain who also lauded the old man's ability.[72]

Later the rescue team rushed back to E-Rantel after receiving word from the Sorcerer Kingdom that enormous amounts of miasma were spilling in from Cracks in every major city in the Tripartite Alliance. Since their unit was the only military force in the area, the joint international force hurried to the alliance's capital to save what they could.

Whilst talking with members of the rescue team, Sebas stated that the Sorcerer Kingdom had methods to contain such outbreaks and expressed worry for those who escaped being contaminated and then being pursued by their feral comrades. In private with Soi, Sebas was warned to keep his guard up as Enhela might be involved in someway with malicious intent.

After reaching E-Rantel and seeing its devastation, Sebas gave some words of reassurances to members of the Swords of Darkness who began to feel despair at the sight.

Later Sebas acted as a guard for the trio of researchers, Fluder Paradyne, Sophie Noia, and Nfirea Bareare, in the city square as they slowly began the work of decontaminating the city's populace one by one. Sebas noted that the contents of the cure, being that the ingredients were corpses containing souls, would no doubt cause strife among the nations, hence the secrecy. After Soi returned from scouting the area, she reported in the negative of seeing any sign of Enhela. The undercover agent wondered what purpose the priest was playing at, thinking the entire crisis was manipulated to perhaps steal the technology to make the cure of the contamination.

It was only when Enhela revealed himself did Sebas stand in front of his comrades. Although the priest claimed to want to negotiate and offer a hand for the protagonist to join him, once he was rejected, the priest turned to more aggressive means. Sebas immediately stepped in between his charge and the enemy. Despite his power Sebas was utterly defeated by Enhela to the point of becoming unconscious.

He eventually slowly recovered and learned of the priest's mad plans to accelerate humanity's evolution by using the Cracks and miasma. And his blind devotion to a silent god. Though the priest motives were dubious, Sebas could relate to his respect for his deity and it echoed with his for his absent creator.

After the Enhela was rejected again by the protagonist to join him, Sebas and the others senses something was going to happen. The priest using his "Divine Right" transported everyone through a Crack to the Central Mausoleum of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. There Sebas met with Momonga and the other Floor Guardians who were forced to evacuate the dungeon as Enhela and usurped control over it in order to force the protagonist to cut his ties to his allies and accept his origins.[73]

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  • In the Web Novel, Sebas is not asked by Momonga for help on readjusting the Remote Viewing Lens.
  • Maruyama, while suffering from tendonitis in 2011, wrote an off-topic short story based in the Web Novel where Sebas Tian created a harem with the women he rescued from Eight Fingers.[74]
  • In the Manga, Sebas has a longer beard than in the anime. However, later on, his design was changed, and he looks like the novel's version.
  • It is said that Sebas' appearance is the spitting image of how Touch Me looks in real life. Sebas mentions that if he has to obey anyone's orders without question, it would be his creator Touch Me before Momonga.
  • Sebas' first English Voice Actor, Ed Blaylock, passed away due to cancer before Season 2 was released, and was replaced with Bill Jenkins.
  • Sebas has inherited his creator's liking for superhero stories when compounding a mythos.
  • If a Floor Guardian is to be assigned to the 9th and 10th floors, Sebas will be the Floor Guardian of the 9th and Albedo will be the one for the 10th.


  • (To Momonga): "The person responsible for gathering us all. Compassionate and refused to abandon us until the very end, in order to stay behind and fight alongside us."
  • (To an unknown man): "...Did you think that my master was someone who could not handle the law? Rules were made to be broken by the strong."
  • (To Tuare): "Please do not let it bother you. It is a great honor for a man to lend his chest to a crying woman."
  • (To Tuare): "A handkerchief that cannot be used is a sad one indeed, especially one that cannot even wipe away a person’s tears."
  • (To Tuare): "Jewels are like that. Those without scratches are considered beautiful and valuable."
  • (To Tuare): "Like how people have their own definition of what they consider beautiful, 'I' believe that if a person's beauty lies separate from their appearance, it is not in their past, but their heart. Although I do not know all of your history, from what I have sensed of your inner self for these past few days spent with you, I do not consider you dirty in the slightest."
  • (To Climb): "Whether you survive is up to you...If you have something that you hold dear, a reason to crawl forward and cling onto your life, you will be fine."
  • (To Climb): "...Fortunately you did not die from shock. These things happen when one is so certain of one's death that one gives up the will to live."
  • (To Brain Unglaus): "It means that his loyalty was greater than his fear. Unglaus-sama, humans are able to display an incredible power if it is for those who are important to them. Like how a mother raises a pillar to save her child trapped in a house, like how a husband supports his wife with one hand when she is about to fall, I believe that is the strength of humans. This person here as well, he displayed that strength. And he is not alone in this. If you have something that you would not trade for anything, then Unglaus-sama will be able to display a power greater than what you have come to expect from yourself."
  • (To Brain Unglaus): "...What is raised alone will be weak. After all, it will be over once you yourself are broken. Instead, if you build yourself up with another, if you can give your all for someone else, then even if you are broken you will not fall."
  • (To Climb): "Fear is an important emotion. But you cannot be ruled by fear. I have been watching you fight from just now, and I feel that your fighting style is too plain and conservative. If your foe had been willing to sacrifice one arm, you would assuredly be dead. If your physical abilities are inferior to your opponent, then you must defeat them with your spirit. The strength of one’s will can sometimes surpass the weakness of one’s flesh."
  • (To Tuare): "I am a loyal servant to Ainz-sama and the 41 Supreme Beings. Even if a similar situation occurs, I will follow their order...So please, be happy amongst the humans. I will petition him to allow it...Ainz-sama can manipulate memories, so ask him to erase all your bad memories and be happy."
  • (To Tuare): "...You seem to take joy even in the most insignificant things. You are simply thinking that because of the hell you have been through."
  • (To Davernoch): "There is only one being who can use that title. The one who stands above all. How dare some lesser undead like you use it."
  • (To Edström): "To fight even after losing your head. I applaud your fighting spirit."
  • (To Peshurian): "What is this. You were talking about slashing through dimensions."
  • (To Malmvist): "You only need to admit that I am stronger than you are. What a troublesome person. If you wish to, keep thinking so."


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