Scroll of Locate Object is a magic scroll used to identify the location of an object.

Description Edit

According to Ainz, when using this scroll's divination-type magic, one need to prepare themselves thoroughly against the enemy’s possible counter-detection spells before attempting to cast it.

This is an ironclad rule originated in the old days of YGGDRASIL norm. While considering that the opposition may use [Detect Locate], one must conduct the basic precaution by using [False Cover], [Counter Detect], and the like to protect oneself ahead of time.

Whenever someone uses magic to collect information, one had to protect oneself foremost before doing so. This was a basic knowledge shared among YGGDRASIL players in accordance to their standard.

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Abilities Edit

The scroll is said to be magically imbued with the divination-type spell known as [Locate Object]. As a result of using the spell from the scroll, it allows the user to search or pinpoint what the user is looking for.

Trivia Edit

  • Among the many necessary scrolls of around ten and the caster's self-protective spells to utilize for PKing or other matters like investigation, the Scroll of Locate Object is done lastly at the end after the rest are used up.[1]
  • For the Manga version, the following steps before using this magic scroll were entirely skipped over to the results.[2]

References Edit

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