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Scama Elbero (スカマ・エルベロ) is a mythril class adventurer and leader of Four Armaments.


Scama is a young female warrior with natural blonde hair but had it dyed black and then white as a way to distinguish her group more.


Scama appears to have a high sense of morality as she was disgusted by the former villagers that were turned into zombies by the Sorcerer Kingdom. She can also act ambitious and determine when it comes down to promoting her adventurer group in however way she can. Even going of her way to change up her own appearance for the sake of the team.



The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc

Main article: The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc

Scama was with Count Naüa at a watchtower surveying the undead army outside the city of E-Naüru. While the noble was hopefully that they would survive this, Skama was more realistic and thought that the best strategy would be to run given that their opponent was the Sorcerer Kingdom. She acknowledge that she and her group have no intention of running away as there were plenty of good opportunities to have already done so but the former chose not to. She and the Count discussed about what they heard from a surviving baron and his family surrender along with how unlikely they are allow to give up peacefully to the enemy. Considering the populace that are left behind were converted into zombies, she voice her thoughts about the purpose of the Sorcerer Kingdom's war. She thinks the Sorcerer Kingdom is not simply just killing off her countrymen alone but to also turn the lives they killed into undead soldiers to bolster their numbers along the way.

With this in mind, she and the Count start to realize the possibility that perhaps the Sorcerer Kingdom did not intend to allow any of the residents of the Kingdom to live. However before they could continue the conversation any further, Scama and the Count had to attend to their gathered forces who had noticed their absence from the gathering. When the Count proclaim his wish for having one of her companions, Lilynette Piani become a concubine for one of his sons in exchange for the Five Colors Holy Sword, she immediately began expressing apprehensiveness about where this conversation is heading towards. she was forced to endure a humiliating conversation by her teammate Lilynette Piani who shamelessly requested the count's twelve year old son as a reward along with the sword. She finally ended that conversation and called all the gathered to man their posts and gave the count an excuse to return to the command center.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Scama appears to have the abilities of a warrior and was hailed as the strongest adventurer in the city of E-Naüru. She had detailed knowledge of every single magic caster within the city E-Naüru.


Lilynette Piani

Though Lilynette was her teammate, Scama found her behavior scandalous and shameful. Especially in her fetish for young boys.

Count Naüa

Scama did not seem to think highly of him due to his lame leadership abilities.


  • Since not many people had seen Momon's true appearance, Scama had considered whether keeping her black hair would have a positive impact on their publicity or not. She gave up on that idea after she learned that Momon's partner had gorgeous black hair.
  • Although there were mentions of people changing their hair color,[2] Scama is by far the only person known to have dye their hair twice.


  • (To Count Naüa about the Sorcerer Kingdom's undead army): "Those are obviously not naturally spawned. Many of them look like farmers, so they can’t be from the Sorcerer Kingdom. They must have destroyed the surrounding villages and turned their corpses into zombies. How revolting."
  • (To Count Naüa): "Everything will work out? I don’t think so, Earl. If we can't think up a plan about this, everyone will turn into undead. Everybody's trying their best to help us because they want to avoid that outcome~"
  • (To Count Naüa):"Unlucky. Well, you say that but it's the same for us. Why, why did this have to happen when we chose to come to this city. If it happened a few months later, we would have probably moved to another a bigger city."


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