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Scale Demon is a type of low level demon.

Appearance Edit

The Scale Demon is roughly three meters tall, its muscular body covered in purple-coloured reptilian scales. It had a tail that resembled a snake. Its head was a goat skull, and its eyes were beacons of bluish-white fire in empty black sockets.

Abilities Edit

In its mighty arms, it held a gigantic maul. Possessing wings as if has the ability to fly. A flap from its wings, can send a wave of freezing air cascading forth, and a wave of soul-shattering terror. Despite its power, the Scale Demon is regarded as one of the weaker tier demons by those from YGGDRASIL.

Trivia Edit

  • Two Scale Demons participated in Operation Gehenna in the attack on Re-Estize.[1]
  • One of these demons acted as the commander of the Demi-human army attacking the Southern Holy Kingdom before being defeated by Remedios Custodio.[2]


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