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Sapphire Slime (蒼玉の粘体) is a high-class slime that can be used for baths in the Great Tomb of Nazarick.


A predator slime monster commonly used by Ainz during his baths to help clean his whole body and enjoy as a spa relaxation.[1]


Its appearance is similar to a blue liquid with high viscosity.


Normally a predator that hunts its prey using its acid to melt flesh and had strength enough to bend metal bars. But now it is rendered harmless during baths and is able to produce liquid and acid to help clean its targets.

Known Sapphire Slimes

  • Miyoshi - Ainz's personal bathing assistant.


  • Ainz likes and treats this hard-working monster as his pet, and he would truly feel clean after it covered his whole body in its slime to clean him, which was normally very troublesome to clean.


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