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Sanitary Slime (サニタリースライム) is a type of slime that feeds off sewage in cities.


A variant of Slime that exists in the sewers of the cities of the New World like on E-Rantel and the city of Loyts in the Roble Holy Kingdom.[1] The species live in apparent symbiosis with the inhabitants of the cities, but when their numbers grow they start to seek food outside the sewer.


In Mass for the Dead, it resembles a green mucus slime.


They were usually used to process sewage and had multiplied due to over-nutrition. As with other slimes, they possess corrosive attacks.


  • They are the first species of slime confirmed to naturally exist in the New World.
  • In the Holy Kingdom, when the Sanitary Slime population grew in rapid numbers, they were typically burned back down with magic items.
  • In the Mass for the Dead, they appear in the sewers of E-Rantel, and are one of the various slime samples retrieved by agents of Nazarick for Sophie Noia.[2] Though they appear as regular Green Slimes.
  • A mutant specimen also existed in the sewers of E-Rantel, having been affected by a high dosage of alchemical solution.[3]


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