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GA.png Non-Canon: REMINDER! This page is considered as among one of the many pure game contents found exclusive in Mass for the Dead only. It includes the new standalone characters that had a first-time appearance in the game. Meanwhile, the old characters had a different role and fate than from the main storyline in the official books. For that reason, it has no connections to the canon story materials of Overlord Light Novel series. The content that you had read here are based on the Overlord mobile game.

Saint Clementine

"My name is Clementine. While weak, we are helping to save the people who are suffering."
- Clementine to Leinas.

Saint Clementine (聖女・クレマンティーヌ) is a Saint of the Re-Estize Kingdom who assisted the refugees after the Catastrophe in Mass for the Dead.


Saint Clementine wears a religious habit, complete with a scapular and veil.


After a life-changing event from a Good Samaritan, Clementine’s personality underwent a radical change. Formerly cruel and sadistic, Clementine under went a 180-degree change becoming a sincere and pious woman. While she admitted that her role as a saint was to be temporary, after receiving the praise and admiration of the people she vowed to meet their expectations. She considers her savior to be the reason for her redemption, and continues her acts of relief as a form of repayment.


Clementine's story is much the same as her mainstream counterpart save until when she came to E-Rantel. According to her character backstory, when the Cracks emerged throughout the New World, Clementine was being pursued by agents from the Theocracy. She managed to reach E-Rantel and hid in the alleys. She suffered multiple injuries from her pursuers and succumbed to them. Clementine was saved from the verge of death by a stranger who brought her to their home and healed her wounds.

Apparently, the benefactor who helped Clementine, rather than repaying them, asked her to give back to the city that was struggling in the aftermath of the Catastrophe. Since then Clementine has taken a modest role in helping the citizens of the city, doing acts of charity and food distribution. While some were suspicious of her background, as she was from the Theocracy, her deeds to the people made her well known to the point that even the high ranking members of the Adventurer's Guild acknowledged her work and her dedication. In fact to address the rising numbers of refugees and to accommodate them, Pluton Ainzach asked Clementine to help persuade the people to aid E-Rantel in constructing a fourth wall around the city. The reformed woman accepted the task without any resistance. Clementine would continue her acts of kindness to even strangers, and on occasion use her warrior abilities to protect E-Rantel against criminals.

When the plans for the wall were announced to the gathered refugees, many of the desperate men and women objected to the idea of being conscripted for labor in exchange for meager food. Despite being the target of the mob that threw objects at her, Clementine ordered the guards not to retaliate. Before a riot emerged, one of the refugees that Clementine cared for volunteered to work on the wall. The stranger chastised his fellows for their treatment over the one woman who had ensured their safety, food and welfare, pointing out that they were directing their anger out on her in spite of her generosity. After he has made that speech eventually other refugees began to volunteer to help build the wall. In the face of this, Clementine expressed that she had no desire to force any of them to work but called for their aid and the benefits of a fourth wall as it would lead to stronger defense of the city and self-sufficiency. She promised them that this project would enable the refugees to be integrated into the city's populace and bring prosperity.

Because of this, her intentions and humility were revealed to all, as those gathered began to refer Clementine as a saint. After Clementine's miraculous charisma over the refugees, she was approached by Nigun Grid Luin of the Sunlight Scripture who applauded her miracle, citing with surprise that the mission that the guild master gave succeed. He noted that she must have calculated everything to go her way, as he knew that she used magic to enchant the man who stood up for her. Clementine admitted that she did use magic on the fellow, though the result now gives the people a general purpose and vindicates herself that she did it for the good of the people. It has been a philosophy she has followed since she was saved by another. Nigun remains wary of her but decides to let her pass, stating he did not wish to make an enemy of a mob that might take action if they saw him accost their "saint", though he harbors notions that perhaps Clementine has reformed.

Once Clementine reports her success for Ainzach, he informs her of the returning members of the Sunlight Scripture and the knights from the Empire. What perks her interest is the person that is accompanying them who according to the members of the Swords of Darkness and survivors from Carne Village was a strong individual. Interested Clementine volunteers to greet and perhaps recruit the man.[1]


Mass for the Dead Arc[]

Main article: Mass for the Dead Arc

After investigating the Crack in the Great Forest of Tob, Leinas Rockbruise brought the protagonist, Ian Als Heim and Slimeko back to E-Rantel. At the gate, they were greeted by a representative from the Adventurer’s Guild, Clementine. Ian knowing her past was wary towards her, Leinas managed to keep things from worsening. After the two warriors lefts, Clementine wished to request aid from the protagonist and Slimeko, as they were representatives from a foreign nation. After the Catastrophe, Clementine's continuous steady humanitarian services eventually caused her to become revered as a saint by the remaining heads of state. Taking residence in E-Rantel, the human defense city that was the focal of three nations, she began to be worshiped as a literal saint by the populace. Taking the two to the Adventurer's Guild to register them, them come across a rookie adventurer named Soi trying to get an iron class request. However, since she is only a copper class adventurers she is politely refused by the receptionist.

Clementine interjects much to the relief of the receptionist though Soi is less than impressed. Clementine wishes for the protagonist and Slimeko to register not as beginners but promote them as high ranked adventurers. However, doing so might incite an objection. To prove to the other adventurers of the protagonist's strength, she arranges a mock battle against the veteran adventurers. It hinted that during this process that the Saint is gauging the main character's strength level due to their unknown origins. After the protagonist clears through defeating all the ranks from iron to gold, they're then accepted as an adventurer. Clementine attempts to learn more information through the guild's standard form, however due to the lack of understanding New World script, the Saint does it for the protagonist, accepting the explanation of being from a distant nation. Later she contracts the protagonist, Slimeko, and Soi to assist in doing a cleansing of the city's sewage cleaning plant from the Sanitary Slimes. Due to the numbers of refugees in the city it is worried that the increased waste will cause the slimes in the sewers to multiply. The protagonist accepts the job as it will gain an audience with the mayor and increase their fame.

When the undercover homunculus and his allies return and report the aggressive nature of the slimes, Clementine is obviously worried by this development. Before leaving to report this to the mayor, the saint then introduces the new adventurer party to Sophie Noia who takes samples of the slimes they acquired for study.[2] At said meeting Clementine meets with Mayor Panasolei Gruze Day Rettenmaier and Gazef Stronoff, both weary of the lack of progress in their own duties. To cheer them up she expressed that they have contributed immensely to the city's recovery. Clementine then decides to turn the meeting towards the discussion on the protagonist and how he was invited into the headquarters of the Sunlight Scripture. Furthermore she is concerned on the amount of attention the man is gathering from various people in both the Theocracy and Empire. Additionally the adventurer's latest job is most troubling as it was from the Pharmacist's Guild which is now lead by an individual with a dubious past. Once the news of the adventurer is made aware to her colleagues, more troubling news from is brought to them by a guard reporting that Sophia the slime the protagonist collected from the sewers may have been artificially cultivated.

Almost immediately after the protagonist return to their inn room, Clementine appears and asks them to come with her for an investigative hearing. She takes them to the mayor's residence where several high ranking officials of the Empire, Theocracy and Kingdom are present. In light of the revelation that the slimes in the sewers were fed high doses of alchemical solution, the blame for this is turned to Hilma Cygnaeus once a member of the notorious Eight Fingers and now a distinguished leader of the Pharmacist's Guild. Though the former criminal pleads that she is innocent, evidence found by the protagonist in the sewer as well as the large solutions found it the slimes point to her. However the protagonist is brought under suspicion as a co-conspirator as he provided the herbs necessary for the alchemical solutions. Clementine intervenes and vouches on the adventurer's character. However it's soon revealed that the growing number of slimes in the sewers were not part of some nefarious plan, but an accident from runoff water from the Pharmacist's Guild's herb cultivation plan. In light of this new threat beneath the city, Sophie attempts to volunteer to scout the areas, but Clementine refuses as her talents are too important to lose. When the protagonist and his allies volunteer to eliminate the slimes, Clementine convinces the other members of the hearing to trust them.

After the protagonist returned with the core of the Super Giant Sanitary Slime, Clementine proposed to the mayor to suggest to Princess Renner to hire the adventurer and his friends as part of the security detail for the upcoming Trilateral Conference.[3]

When the Demon Emperor Jaldabaoth made his appearance in the sky through a magical broadcast, many of the inhabitants of the city were thrown into a panic in fear of the demon's offer to save them from a horde of Chaos Beasts. Clementine was among the masses and tried her best to calm the situation with her words, but even she was uncertain of what the future held. After the bargain was struck between Emperor Jircniv Rune Farlord El-Nix and Jaldabaoth to have his demons wipe out thirty-thousand Chaos Beasts, the citizens on the city feared that their souls would be the price for the demons' aid. Clementine tried to comfort them to not give into baseless rumors, and vowed to protect them. Later the price of the demons turned out to be the seizure of property of the city and the Bloody Emperor's life. The soldiers and citizens were ordered to not resist as the demons ransacked their homes and businesses. Clementine who was among the crowds watching the demons loot their city, struggled on whether to intervene or remain at the sidelines. However after seeing a shopkeeper try to defend his shop from one of the demons, Clementine decided to act. She was not alone as Climb and Brain Unglaus raised their arms against the demons and resisted. Inspired by their bravery many soldiers of the city decided to fight back against the invaders. Clementine assisted as well helping guide the civilians to safety whilst protect them from the demons. The rebellion was short-lived however as the Evil Lords appeared and slewed every single soldier in the uprising. Upon seeing their defenders cut down the people lost hope, but Clementine urged them not to give up citing that it was the city that saved her and she would continue to stand by it no matter how bleak the future was. Her words earned her solemn respect by the survivors, who vowed to follow her.

After the 'protagonist' appeared and defeated the Evil Lord and Jaldabaoth, the saint was among the celebrating crowd. Seeing the adventurer victorious, she commented that a true savor has finally appeared in their turbulent world.[4]

A couple of weeks after Jaldabaoth attacked E-Rantel, Clementine continued to work as an official managing the new section of the city. Her efforts allowed the protagonist time to prepare and organize an adventurer tournament to attract promising warriors and provide entertainment to the residents of the city. The saint at a meeting in the city square with the protagonist and his associates from the Swords of Darkness expressed her hopes that the tournament would bridge the gape between the old and new city residents. Later while on patrol in the new section of the city in the fourth wall, she came across Soi guiding two traveling princesses named Shall and Ku. After speaking to them she learned that they were among those displaced by the Chaos Beasts and would be participating in the tournament.[5] The saint would watch the tournament with Jugem and comment on the strengths of the two newcomers. At the last final battle, seeing the "Dark Warrior" who she believed was the protagonist in battle affirmed her belief that he was truly the savior for their turbulent world.[6]

Subsequently once the protagonist's public support boomed, he gained great influence over the city and helped to vastly speed up not only the completion of the fourth wall of E-Rantel, but expand the residence, the agricultural plots and even institute greater diversity of new residents by inviting peaceful demi-humans such as goblins and ogres. The increased support of manpower enabled the city to replenish its defenses making it stronger than it was before previously. Saint Clementine was soon promoted to act as the new administrator of the fourth wall, who has since vowed to support the protagonist, due to his prominent success, striving for his ideal of an "open city".[7]

When night became day, in the area around E-Rantel, Clementine at the out wall of the city was greeted by a group who she believed to be Blue Roses. Despite Lakyus and Evileye wearing bunny girl outfits the woman took it in stride and seeing that the group was tired and hungry offered them a meal. Unaware that they were imposters, Clementine would then bring them to a meeting with the guildmaster at the Adventurer’s Guild. There she also found the protagonist and his team with the Swords of Darkness and brought the Adamantite adventurers to the meeting with Ainzach to assess the nightless sky phenomenon.[8]

Abilities and Powers[]

Clementine formerly a warrior switched classes and now possesses various skills and abilities. Now a magic caster she is able to allow damage that increases for Spirit species that deal in magic damage to single enemies. She can recover HP of lone allies; increase the magic attack power of all allies and reduce the magic damage received. And even decrease physical damage taken and reduce magical damage.


  • Spirit Killing: Deals magic damage to one foe increased damage to spirits.
  • Heavy Recover: A 3rd tier spell that restores one ally's HP.
  • Shielding Prayer: Increases the magic attack of all allies and decreases magic damage taken.
  • Salvation for all people (Messiah): Restores 2340 - 7020 Hp for all allies.
  • Charm Person: A low level spell used to make a target believe you're their friend.
  • Tenfold Slash: Inflicts physical damage on a single enemy and increases its own accuracy.
  • Unholy Barrier: Increases the attack power of all allies and damage to "undead" species.
  • Holy Blade Flash: Increases damage to "undead" species that deal physical damage to a single enemy with the "light" element.
  • Sanctuary Creation: Increases damage to "undead" species that deal magical damage with the "light" element and reduce the defense of all enemies.


  • Physical resistance up: Decreases physical damage taken.
  • Magic resistance up: Decreases magic damage taken.
  • Guardian of Charity: Increases attack power and quickness with the "light" element.
  • Death-Destroying Halberd: Increases damage to all "undead" species of enemies and allies.

Main Equipment[]

  • Stilettos: Short piercing weapons excellent for attacking an enemy's weak points.


Leinas Rockbruise[]

Leinas has a friendly relationship with the holy woman seeing her as a pillar of strength to the people in alleviating their suffering.

Ian Als Heim[]

Ian knows Clementine's past as a former criminal and traitor of the Theocracy. Though she insists she has changed for the better, Ian is doubtful of her words.


  • In terms of facial appearance, this character from the game bears striking resemblance to that of her Light Novel/Manga/Anime counterpart, Clementine.
  • Unlike her mainstream counterpart who is a warrior, the game depicted Clementine to have the role of a saint and a magic caster rather than the former.
  • Maruyama mentioned of creating Clementine as a Saint in his Web Novel notes.[9]
  • In the spinoff Pure Pure Pleiades after having her confidence and world view completely shattered through encounters with the Pleiades, Clementine is seemingly broken, taking an expression not unlike that of her saintly counterpart.[10]
  • In Saint Clementine second character summon, released in a Nazarick Festival, she wields a pair of khukuri blades.[11]


  • (To Leinas): "Thank you for your cooperation."



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