Safarlisia is a holy sword of the Roble Holy Kingdom

Description Edit

Safarlisia was one of the four holy swords which existed as a counterpart to Swords of Darkness used by the Black Knight. It was stated that this weapon was made from a mysterious metal which is harder than adamantite.

Appearance Edit

Safarlisia is a holy sword is capable of emitting divine power on its own.

Abilities Edit

Safarlisia is a holy sword known to produce a limited amount of holy magic. It is also capable of inflicting grievous wounds to those with evil alignment to a great extent.

Safarlisia possesses a powerful move that could only be used once a day. It was a strengthened version of a paladin's holy strike. It's activated when the user applies a holy strike into the blade. Once it's ultimate move is activated the holy sword glows with divine radiance, and light extended out to twice the length of the actual blade. This light is apparently more dazzling the more evil a being is. In this state, avoiding or blocking this blow would be more difficult. The word "apparently" because it would not seem that bright to the user's eyes.

The holy wave ignores defences and armor. Since it could even pass through magic weapons, it could not be stopped by weapons or shields, which makes it an unavoidable finishing move. Of course, if one did not choose to clash with the blow and is nimble enough to avoid it, they would not be hit by the wave of light. This move is more effective the more evil one's foe is. In contrast, it does little damage to non-evil targets. It does practically nothing to good-aligned people.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • Among the Four Holy Swords, Safarlisia blade is regarded as a sacred blade. Besides Safarlisia, there are three other holy swords: the sword of law, the sword of justice, and the sword of life.[2]


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