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Sacred Archer is a job class that originally hailed from YGGDRASIL.


Sacred Archers are similar to Paladins in terms of divine power save that they are not adept in melee combat. Instead, they have an affinity for ranged weapons which according to Ainz Ooal Gown is quite a rare find.[1]

Known Sacred Archers

Abilities and Powers

Sacred Archers possessed slightly different abilities than that of their paladin counterparts. While paladins could only channel their powers through melee weapons, Sacred Archers, on the other hand, could imbue their divine power with ranged weapons instead.[2] For instance, a Sacred Archer like Neia was capable of harnessing divine magic into her bow and arrow, reinforcing its effectiveness and power output.


  • Neia Baraja acquired the Sacred Archer class from surviving a war between the Roble Holy Kingdom and the Demi-Human Alliance. However, she lost levels in the Archer class after getting killed in battle by the demi-humans prior to Ainz resurrecting her.[3]
  • Despite being a more advanced rank of the Archer job class, you don't necessarily need the base Archer class to acquire it as seen in Neia's Case when she initially lost her Job class and instead gained this class as a replacement.


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