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Runecraft Experiment is a form of experimentation conducted by Gondo Firebeard.


Through carrying this experiment, Gondo's goal was to reduce the time it takes in performing runic enchantment, as well as a way to mass-produce them. However, that serves only as a means to an end. Specifically, his final objective was to develop techniques that make runes essential. In other words, Gondo had this objective in mind to help make runecraft unique and able to stand the test of time.


It's currently unclear what kinds of steps Gondo was planning to use in fulfilling his objective. However, whatever the means he had been using until now to meet his end goal, was proven ineffective for him. Nonetheless, it was implied by Gondo that his method in carving runes is a very lengthy process.


According to Gondo, there has not been any progress at all since the start of his experiment.[1]


  • Ainz noted Gondo's experiment was to find a way in raising the value of runes.


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