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Royalty Faction (王派閥) was a political faction that existed within the Re-Estize Kingdom, composed of a gathering of nobles who pledged their fealty to the King.


The Re-Estize Kingdom was split into two factions, the Royalty Faction and the Nobility Faction. Both factions were locked in a power struggle. In addition, the Empire chose the harvest season of the late-ripening wheat to invade, causing a lack of hands in the villages. This delayed the harvest of wheat and other grains. In this way, the Kingdom would weaken without the need for a full-scale invasion, and this would weaken the power of the Crown. Because of that, the Noble faction paid these consequences no heed. In fact, they were delighted by the Royalty Faction — their enemies — losing their power and influence, failing to understand that once the Kingdom's power fell, the Empire would invade in full force. Due to this, the current king, King Ramposa III choose not to abdicate the throne.[1][2]


The Undead King Arc

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The faction was first mentioned that Gazef Stronoff was a prominent figure in the faction, causing the Nobility Faction to seek a means to eliminate him.[3]

The Bloody Valkyrie Arc

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In the Royal Capital, after Gazef Stronoff reports about Ainz Ooal Gown to the King and the great nobles, many of the nobles suspect that this magic caster is in allegiance to the Empire or the Theocracy, and they suggest to detain the magic caster and put him under their control.[4]

The Men in the Kingdom Arc

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In the Royal Capital, Princess Renner and her friend Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra had a discussion on considering reaching out to merchants for an new economic plan. Though the later advised against it as it would attract the attention of the Nobility Faction and would worsen the Royalty Faction's power base. Plus if they attempted to get the Great Merchants involved, it would affect the latter's ability to do business with the Nobility Faction.[5]

Later Princess Renner asked Marquis Raeven, the hidden leader of the Royalty Faction to aid her in suppressing Eight Fingers, and she also told him that Marquis Blumrush had betrayed the Kingdom for selling information to the Empire.[6]

In the aftermath of the Demonic Disturbance, the Royalty Faction criticized Ramposa III for being on the frontlines, maintaining he should have been somewhere safe. The arguments between the factions thus was intensified. Later for the matter of awarding Momon, the hero who saved the city, the Royalty Faction via the king awarded him a shortsword, something only awarded to knights and nobles.[7]

The Magic Caster of Destroy Arc

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In the Royal Capital, the Royal Family and the leaders of the Six Great Nobles received a declaration of war on the Re-Estize Kingdom, and the Baharuth Empire demanded them to return E-Rantel and its surrounding area to the Sorcerer Kingdom. This cause a heated debate between the Royalty Faction and Nobility Faction over this mad declaration but they decide to accept the declaration of war despite the Warrior Captain's warning.

Since the Royal Faction had expanded, while the Noble Faction had shrunk. Because the King had boldly ridden forth and driven Jaldabaoth back, at Renner's advice, he was seen by the people as a strong ruler, and a fair number of nobles had thrown their support behind the King and allow the Royal Faction to finance the war and create the Royal Army.[8]

In the aftermath of the Massacre at Katze Plains, the Royal Faction had been severely weakened, while the Nobility Faction had grown stronger leaving an uncertain future.[9]

The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc

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After the massacre at Katze Plains, Marquis Raeven was left traumatized and retreated back to his domain, with seemingly no intentions of returning. Many noble factions were effectively dissolved, while the other nobles are trying to recover from the massacre.[10]

The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc

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As of now, the Kingdom was split between the Royalty Faction, the Nobility Faction, independents, and the New Faction that was formed after the Massacre of Katze Plains. The distribution of power between the four factions was roughly 3:3:2:2.[11]

However, after the Sorcerer Kingdom waged war against the Re-Estize Kingdom, whatever remains of the Royalty Faction have either fled from their kingdom or slaughtered by the Sorcerer Kingdom's forces.


The strength of the Royalty Faction fluctuated on a constant basis due to its ongoing struggle with the Nobility Faction. The power wanes and strengthens depending on the current political situation. Additionally, even if they are called a faction, it did not mean that the many nobles who make up the groups are of one mind. No matter what, a faction was a gathering in order to further a goal or way of thinking and thus it was prone to infighting of objectives.

Known Members


  • Climb though technically a subordinate of the Royalty Faction was ostracized by various members of the group due to his unclear background and was considered an eyesore.


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