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Royal Tournament was a competition hosted by the Re-Estize Kingdom.


An annual tournament held by the Re-Estize Kingdom that attracts fighters from across the country. Here the fighters display their skills and strength before the king and powerful nobles who watches how the fights will play out. The incentive of their successful matches would entail being approached by the king and the nobles with an offer. In other words, the best fighters get approached with job offers by them. The first tournament was quite a large affair. The winner was Gazef Stronoff, who would go on to become King Ramposa III's personal guard. Unfortunately, many nobles from both the Royal and Noble Factions did not take kindly to the commoner, which prevented the king from properly knighting him. In response, the King created a new title just for him: "Warrior Captain," and granted him his own Warrior Troop to command.

Purpose of the Tournament

While the Tournament superficially was for sport and to discover powerful fighters within the kingdom, in reality, the nobles just wanted a chance to show off the strengths of their men and vassals. In a way, the purpose of the tournament was to discover powerful fighters within the Kingdom, which the nobles were using it as their propaganda tool. As a result, the tournament fell out of favor with many of them after their men continuously lost to commoners and it's now a shadow of its former glory.

The first tournament was quite a large affair, and all sorts of people participated. One of the most famous participants was the brilliant Gazef Stronoff, the Warrior-Captain of the Warrior Troop.

However, as the tournament progressed it became apparent that the nobles’ chosen warriors were inferior to those of the commoners (including adventurers).[1]

The Legendary Fight

The duel between Gazef Stronoff and Brain Unglaus achieved legendary status and is still spoken of today throughout the human nations.[2] At the time, the two were nothing more than simple warriors, but they both won their preliminary rounds, crushing all their opponents in the blink of an eye.[3] They ended up clashing swords in the final, and because they were both quite capable, their match went on and on.[4] The duel took a long time to settle, but in the end, Gazef’s [Fourfold Slash of Light] decided it and Brain was defeated.[5] Brain who was blessed with sword aptitude since birth, Brain had never experienced defeat before— it was his first humiliation in life-impacting him greatly.[6]



After being declared the winner of the tournament, Gazef Stronoff’s strength was recognized, and he eventually became captain of the Re-Estize Kingdom’s Warrior Troop. Brain Unglaus also received many offers from nobles, but he refused them all. Instead, he spent his days as a wandering mercenary, single-mindedly improving his sword skills with the goal of someday defeating Gazef.

Due to the stain on their pride, the tournament fell out of favor with the nobility. For that reason, its scale has shrunk considerably in later years, turning the once great competition into a shadow of its former self.


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