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Royal Earth Guard (ロイヤル・アース・ガード) is a military branch of the Imperial Army that guards the Ministry of Magic in the Baharuth Empire.


The Royal Earth Guard are elite knights that report under the direct command of the Emperor. They were the specially selected troops which only the most persevering could enter, one of the personal guards of the Emperor, the Royal Earth Guard.


The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc

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When Fluder Paradyne visited the Ministry of Magic he and his disciples were greeted by members of the Royal Earth Guard who provided security.[1]


Overlord III EP06 009

The Guard's knights are equipped with full plate armor imbued with magic, holding magic shields and magic weapons hanging at their waist.[2]

In the Web Novel, they were equipped with weapons made of mithril and iron alloy as their armor. They were charged in carrying the Imperial Flag of the Empire.[3]


  • A unit of these knights provided security to the facility where the Empire's captured Death Knight is being studied.


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