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Royal Coup was a coup d'état within the Re-Estize Kingdom's leadership in the midst of the nation's conflict with the Sorcerer Kingdom. The coup was instigated by Prince Zanac to remove King Ramposa III from power.


Following the Massacre at Katze Plains, King Ramposa III fell into a depression due to the loss of his eldest son, Prince Barbro, and closest confidant, Gazef Stronoff. This caused Prince Zanac, to worry if his father was still capable of competent rule and subsequently began to take over his duties.

Despite this though, the Prince did not wish to resort to a coup d'etat and thus the king remained in power. However, Zanac once again began to consider overthrowing his father when the latter refused to punish the New Faction for attacking a Sorcerer Kingdom transport, potentially risking a war. Fortunately, the Prince's worries were appeased when the King instead attempted to offer up his own life to try to appease the Sorcerer Kingdom; although it did not work, it was enough to convince the Prince that the King was still capable of leadership.

Zanac finally decided to go through with his coup d'etat after the Battle of E-Naüru, where it was revealed that the Sorcerer Kingdom had already conquered half the Re-Estize Kingdom in secret. The reason being Ramposa III's response; despite the Sorcerer Kingdom massacring the inhabitants of the conquered towns, the King, perhaps hoping to avoid another Massacre at Katze Plains, continued insisting they settle the conflict diplomatically. The Prince, on the other hand, considered the notion of being able to talk down the Sorcerer Kingdom when they had already made their intent clear to be foolish.

Thus, Prince Zanac began preparing to overthrow his father. The Kingdom's ministers and several Knights were quick to side with the Prince, agreeing that Ramposa III was no longer worthy of being King.


The exact events of the coup are unknown. However, Prince Zanac and the ministers were successfully able to confine King Ramposa III to his room.[1]


After the coup, Prince Zanac and the ministers proceeded to take over King Ramposa III's duties. However, the former's reign did not last long and was filled with problems. When he issued a call-to-arms to protect the Royal Capital from the Sorcerer Kingdom, only the nobles whose domains were nearby actually answered. Even then, once they noticed that the battle was lost, said nobles opted to betray and assassinate the King Regent to save themselves, bringing his reign to an end; ironic, considering he got the position by betraying his father.

To avoid mass panic, the truth was covered up by stating that the King was ill. As a result, most of the Kingdom's citizens, and even some of the palace's inhabitants, did not even know that a coup had taken place. Princess Renner deduced the truth, however, which she used to gain leverage over her brother.

Although confined to his room, Ramposa III was at least allowed to eat dinner with his children. He later expressed distain towards Zanac for what he did, though he also acknowledged that his son's actions were the result of what he was as his own failures as king.


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