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Rose Thorn (薔薇の棘) is a rapier that belonged to Malmvist.


The personal weapon of Malmvist until Sebas Tian bent it with a simple gesture of his finger, rendering it useless.


The sword had received its name from its unique design. The hilt of the blade was forged in the form of a rose, with the blade extending from it.


Two terrifying enchantments are imbued onto it.[1]

  • Grinding Flesh: The moment the rapier came into contact with skin, it would tear the flesh around it apart. If the sword pierced the skin, it would leave an even more massive wound with the flesh torn about.
  • Master Assassin: It was an enchantment that would turn even a minor scratch into a serious wound.

Another discreet feature is that the tip of "Rose Thorn" is coated with an especially potent poison, a mix of several deadly poisons that could kill an opponent with just a scratch.



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