Rororo Work Hard (ロロロがんばる) by Suzuki 2 (鈴木2号) is the thirty-fifth chapter of the Overlord Official Comic A La Carte series.


Zaryusu Shasha and Rororo stand observing the former's fish farm. The lizard comments on his work and is pleased that the fish have gotten big. He goes on his rounds and has Rororo to stand guard at the farm. Rororo was though happy to help wishes to do more. He believes that he will become a lizardman when he grows to like his owner. Zaryusu returns and examines the farm and wonders perhaps he should expand it. He notices Rororo attempting on his hinds legs. In the end, the hydra falls on its back. Zaryusu scolds his pet for doing something so reckless. Rororo is disappointed that it cannot stand like a lizardman. Though he notices that Zaryusu can use his hands to handle tools and attempts to pick up Zaryusu's hammer with one of its heads. It succeeds but ends up injuring one of his heads. Riding Rororo through Green Claw's village, Zaryusu wonders if Rororo is alright given he has been acting strangely. Head Warrior of Green Claw calls out Zaryusu and Rororo in greeting. The two see that the warrior is busy training young lizardmen. The warrior invites Zaryusu to train the younglings, but the Traveler declines believing he is not suited for teaching. Rororo watches the lizardmen children and wonders why he doesn't look like them. He comes to the conclusion that he will molt his skin to become a lizardman. To account for his big size he thinks that he will need to molt several times. The children then notice Rororo staring intently at them. They are frightened, believing that he will eat them and run away. The Head Warrior attempts to call them back, leaving the two protagonists alone. Zaryusu consoles Rororo telling him its okay. Marching away, Rororo is still confident, despite having failed multiple times he is optimistic that he will become a lizardman soon and resolves to work harder.

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