Rororo (ロロロ) is a four-headed hydra and the pet of Zaryusu Shasha.

Appearance Edit

Rororo is a four-headed hydra. The creature's body and heads resemble that of a snake with quadrupedalism.

Personality Edit

Rororo is very loyal to Zaryusu and the Lizardmen as he considers them as his family, even willing to lay down his life for them.

Background Edit

Rororo was abandoned by his family since he was born with only four heads instead of eight and was therefore seen as weak. Fortunately, he was found and nurtured by Zaryusu during his travels. After this, he sees the Lizardmen, Zaryusu in particular, as his family ever since.

Chronology Edit

The Lizard Man Heroes Arc Edit

Main article: The Lizard Man Heroes Arc

Rororo fought along with Zaryusu Shasha and with all of the lizardmen against Iguva=41 and his undead army during the first attack against the Lizardmen Alliance. He proved crucial for Iguvia's downfall as he acted as a living shield as Zaryusu and the others charged at him and allowed himself to take direct damage from Iguva's spell attacks until managing to close the distance long enough to not allow him to be able to have enough time to charge spell attacks and confront him directly, but not without suffering heavy damage and critical injuries in the process.

Abilities and Powers Edit

Rororo is a fairly powerful beast, although seen as weaker than others of his kind because of his fewer number of heads, the normal count being eight heads while he has four. However, he is still not fully matured and will most likely grow stronger as he comes of age.

Relationships Edit

Zaryusu Shasha Edit

Rororo sees Zaryusu as its parent. Despite being different species, Rororo thinks it's a lizardman. The hydra believes that one day his multiple heads will fall off and thus, he'll be just like his 'parent'.  

Aura Bella Fiora Edit

Aura rather enjoys Rororo as a beautiful creature. In CD Drama #2, Aura requested Lord Ainz bestow the beast to her for Aura's menagerie of exotic mystical beasts but was denied by Cocytus, as Rororo belonged to the Lizardmen. Instead opted to have a hatchling if Rororo were to have them.  

Trivia Edit

  • Aura has shown a keen interest in Rororo and that she wants to make it one of her pets.
  • Zaryusu sometimes uses Rororo as a riding mount when traveling long distances to shorten the time to get to his destinations.
  • In the Web Novel, Rororo moved to the 6th Floor of Nazarick and was under the care of Aura.

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