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Rock the Pleiades (ロック・ザ・プレアデス) is a game event in Mass for the Dead that was released on April 1, 2023 to April 15, 2023.


In order to publicize the great deeds of the Sorcerer Kingdom, an experiment to produce bards has been started. The members are Lupusregina, CZ, and Narberal. The musical instruments they picked up were electric guitars. Dengeki live in Nazarick. Where is it going...?[1]


Along the central road of the Ba haruth Empire, there is a bar and inn called the Singing Apple Pavilion located in a corner of the shops, bustling with workers. Inside the store, which is said to have started as a gathering of bards who used musical instruments made from apple wood, New Six Arms: Regi, Shizuni, Malmvist, Peshurian and Zero are seen sitting at a table eating lunch.

Regi compliments the stew though is bored nothing new has come up for jobs. Shizuni admits that no clients seem to have approached them. Zero doesn’t mind as they have a moment of peace to themselves. Malmvist is content to continue doing subjugating jobs in the Katze Plains.  It seems that the number of polluted beasts has increased since the "Disaster of Fire".

From what Regi heard, E-Rantel seems to have had a hard time as it was hit with another attack.  Peshurian knows what she is talking about and is referring to invisible enemies that ravaged the city. Regi curious about the invisible enemies inquires if the knight heard anything else. Peshurian though only heard that there were no corpses left when the attackers hit the city. Soon Malmvist gets off put by the conversation and wishes his comrades would not talk about corpses as he is eating.  Besides all this Regi knows already.

Zero deduces in general, that the girl is looking for a profitable opportunity. While that is her cover story, Regi though actually was just hoping that there might be some information that she didn’t hear about while she was unconscious and incapacitated while on the “other side” of the Crack. Something has caught Shizuni’s attention, which causes Regi to follow her line of sight.  In the back of the room, there was a human figure singing while playing an instrument.  For Regi and Shizuni, the contents of the poem could only be understood in fragments.

Zero seeing their interest explains that it’s a poem about a heroic tale of the emperor's plan to wipe out a horde of chaos beasts. A plan which he knows all too well as his old team almost died behind that feat. Peshurian mutters that there is no mention of sacrificing the workers that they led.

To Regi, it sounds like words that don't really make sense, as does Shizuni. Still they find the information interesting and may have some value. By what it sounds, to the undercover maids, the poem is almost like a heroic tale and asks if that is what bard do for work. Malmvist is surprised by their reaction wondering if bards are a rare scene for the ladies, but guesses that they probably don’t understand the content. His assessment is joined in by Peshurian who affirms that the listener needs education and sensibility.

Regi uses that as an excuse for their ignorance but accounts to her comrades that even if you don't understand the meaning of the verses, if she listens carefully, they’ll be drawn into it. The women now know bard is an occupation for singing poetry and Zero adds that bard can use special skills. He even heard that the leader of the Empire's adamantite-class adventurer team Silver Thread Bird is one. However Peshurian thought that the team was in E-Rantel.

Regi notices that the bards frequent taverns like the one they are in now, prompting Zero to explain that if someone accomplishes a great dead, bards take it upon themselves to spread the word through their songs. While it may be entertainment for taverns, for nobles these songs are a useful source of information. The women are now intrigued by the intel gathering part and even the musical instruments bards use.

Seeing their interest, Malmvist jokes if the pair want to become bards, if so usually it would require joining a guild or such and such. Zero doesn't dissuade them as if they manage to get some skills in the job, then it could be useful for gathering information and sing the glory of the reborn Six Arms. This banter causes Peshurian to wonder if their boss has drunken too much, as the women obviously couldn't become bards as they hardly could understand the lyrics of the songs being sung at the tavern. Malmvist though tries to imagine the possibility, if they managed to improve their education and sensibility, of singing a ballad about Six Arms. On that Peshurian states that it would be ludicrous.

To themselves, Regi and Shizuni believe this business with bards is all self-praise, but still a very useful idea, as they continue to observe their male teammates, changing their commentary of the feat of the emperor sung by the bard.

Later at the Round Table Room, in the Great Tomb of Nazarick on the 9th Floor, Lupusregin and CZ return from the Empire to report to Momonga, Albedo and Demiurge about their findings on bards. The information they brought allows Momonga to confirm that the job occupation exists in the New World. Lupusregina admits that though they witnessed a bard play their music, she and CZ had difficulty following the content. Given what Momonga knows, for some reason in this world other languages are automatically translated and heard. But strangely there have been reports that the translation of a song seems to go wrong. Demiurge is more interested in the spell-casting aspects of the bard profession. The Pleiades maids were able to confirm their special abilities, though only hearsay that bards were able to use similar effects to magic, such as doing suggestions and charms through their instruments and songs.

Momonga wonders to himself if this ability is from YGGDRASIL, though sadly its a field he has limited knowledge of. Regardless the maids have brought some critical intel thanks to their undercover work as workers. For their hard work, Momonga grants the maids to rest in Nazarick. Lupusregina and CZ are in awe at Momonga's words, and have one request. They are permitted by the Supreme Being and Floor Guardians to speak their mind to which the maids while understanding that they couldn't understand the lyrics of the bard's song believe they only require education and sensibility to remedied this oversight. That is they need to be able to dramatize and convey events more effectively and conveniently than normal conversation. Therefore they would like to use bards to spread the deeds of the Sorcerer Kingdom to neighboring countries. For this plan they wish to include the protagonist who is in E-Rantel.

Momonga seeing that they want to conduct a matter of public relations, sees the merits of their plan, as the results of their work in E-Rantel have only been made known locally. Demiurge agrees as by transmitting their work through words to outsiders will more effectively be beneficial for future diplomatic trade. However his overall concern is how much control they will maintain over the content of the songs. Albedo points out that they still don't fully understand the bard's poetry, and thus requires some human instruction from this. With the mistranslation hurdles, Momonga asks Lupusregina how they expect to overcome this issue.

Lupusregina though believes that they can turn to the guild of bards, and suggests that the Sorcerer Kingdom infiltrate it for a better perspective. That way they will be able to write their own poetry in their own language.

The idea of bards from the Sorcerer Kingdom, feels enticing to Momonga as in other words, what Lupusregina suggests is to their nation’s cover story as a nation that has developed independently, related to the "Boastful Sage”.

Albedo replies that the Sorcerer Kingdom's credibility is already rock solid.  And that the Bard’s Guild may be at a loss of how to promote such a nation or will take their request seriously. For Momonga, if there is a dispute, he proposes giving the Bard’s Guild a subsidy in the name of cross-cultural exchange.

For this plan, Lupusregina asks Momonga to entrust her and CZ with the duties of the bards. Since they are so full of motivation, Momonga grants her this request as he feels the two are reliable enough for this task. Since they will be doing an experiment like the Idol Project within Nazarick before dealing with humans this time around, Momonga asks Demiurge for his insight on this endeavor.

Demiurge feels that in considering that they will be conducting measures in human cities, he believes that it would be a good idea to have those who are conducting intelligence activities in E-Rantel participate as well.

That in mind, since the existence of the Soi being a hero is redundant, it's really a choice between Seba Tian and Narberal. He ultimately selects Narberal. Initially Demiurge suggests that the maids cooperate with the protagonist in E-Rantel, but Momonga believes that is not necessary. This time, Lupusregina and CZ, will be leading the plan with occasional advice from the protagonist since the latter Is very busy these days trying to restore E-Rantel.

Therefore, the plan shall be carried out by three people, both Lupusregina and CZ, plus Narberal, with Lupusregina being the head of the plan. Lupusregina thanks Momonga for this honor, promising to repay his kindness with the results of this project. The Bard Debut Plan is then formed.[2]

After the Bard Debut Plan's initiation, Momonga recruited Narberal for the plan and briefs her on the details when she returned to Nazarick in hallway of the 9th Floor. While the her inclusion is a bit sudden, Narberal is happy to be involved in the new project to create bards for the Sorcerer Kingdom. Of course the experiment itself will only be within Nazarick, but Momonga hopes that the bards will be able to operate in a human city. And while Narberal may not be among the agents that operate in a city, her knowledge gained from the outside world will be useful in implementing their plan on site. Narberal asks her master if this plan will be like the Idol Plan that the Guardians did before? Momonga confirms that it will be similar, but this time Lupusregina and CZ will be leading it and Narberal will be cooperating.

As they walk through the corridors, Narberal asks Momonga on their destination. Momonga then explains that bards are those who use instruments and tunes to play lyrics. Thus he has summoned Pandora's Actor to gather suitable instruments from the Treasury and bring them to the Guest Room. From what he heard the treasurer gathered items that were related to YGGDRASIL, possessing appearances of instruments and also functioning as weapons. This surprises Narberal as she believes that she will get to use these items to eliminate those who criticize the Sorcerer Kingdom's promotional songs. Momonga corrects her as that is not the case.

They enter the Guest Room, where they find Pandora's Actor to be waiting. The narrow room is filled with a variety of piles of musical instrument for selection. The sight stuns Narberal as she can't even seen her sisters, Lupusregina and CZ, who are behind another pile of instruments. The two come out from behind a pile, as they were previously busy trying to select their choice of instruments. CZ having taken an interest in the musical instruments, made her choice, among the strings instruments such as the harps, lutes, etc. Narberal looking at the item that CZ selected, notes that it is an electric guitar. Pandora's Actor commends the maid magic caster for keen eye, though it is expected given the maid's affinity to lightning magic. He also compliments CZ's choice as the item is particularly excellent in terms of performance. CZ adds that she likes the grip of the item and its mechanical characteristics suit her, wishing to master it.

Momonga looking on is content to allow the flow of the plan, including the trial and error, to be decided by the ladies. He though questions Lupusregina of what will be her next step. The maid has one thing to share, that she realizes that while playing a musical instrument a story is conveyed as a ballad. Rather than spending a difficult time of putting it all together, she believes that it would be better to share the work with each other and make it one through the combined strength of all three members.

Because none of the women have obtained the bard class, Momonga agrees that it would be better than imitating the class and more likely will lead to results. Taking his approval, Lupusregina divides the work among the three members of the group, assigning CZ with instruments, herself handling poetry and Narberal handling singing. Narberal hearing her assignment then selects something from the pile of instruments, which Pandora's Actor identifies as a stand microphone which can amplify her voice and also has high performance in battle. Narberal interested originally took it as it resembles as staff and is eager to try it out, though is reminded by Momonga that its use is for hone the skills to communicate effectively as a bard.

Lupusregina anxious to "promote the splendor of the Sorcerer Kingdom and its contribution to human society" plans to reach out to the general maids to assistance and participation. Her avidity reminds Pandora's Actor that she is behaving like a producer, which causes her to question what the title is. Momonga tells her that she will be given full autonomy of this project and it be up to her to bring everyone together and show them the way further. Once he receives an acknowledgement of his orders, Momonga grants Pandora's Actor to cooperate with the maids at his discretion and to respond to any of their requests. The treasurer is elated as he will be once again working behind the scenes in another Idol Project. Even so, Momonga is worried about the instrument selection as it feels that the plan has gone in a totally different direction, but since the group's motivation is high he doesn't feel the need to express his concerns.

Some time later, at Ashurbanipal, a pile of books on "Musical Instruments", "Poetry" and "Songs" are arrayed around by Lupusregina and the two other Pleiades maids to supplement their lack of various knowledge.

Narberal goes over what the lore says about bards, that they are wandering musicians who sing stories about historical events that happened in remote places. And that they mingle with the people of the lower classes and then perhaps the nobles of the court. The information is line with what Lupusregina and CZ heard in the Empire. CZ is intrigued by the illustration of a lute which appears similar to the electric guitar. In addition there is a picture of a stand mic. Lupusregina notes that the plan is feels to have a different flamboyance compared to the Idol Plan.

The genre of rock music catches CZ's attention musing it to have a ceremonial feel. From the images depicted in the books, Lupusregina sees that the electric guitar is slammed in the floor and wonders if it is being used as a weapon. However CZ sees that there are no enemies in sight. So far from what Narberal can tell from the pictures, only lowly humans are shown going wild. This makes Lupusregina assume that this is part of the performance. Not only that the singers using the mic are depicted holding it various positions. The women attribute the positions to be part of the performance, though they are still unsure.

Regardless, the three are drawing close to the decision that the Sorcerer Kingdom's bards will be based on "rock". While going through the material, they are intrigued to learn that there are subgenres of rock such as hard rock, punk rock and other progressive variations. But it is the quote: "Rock will cure illness" that catches Lupusregina's eye. The Pleiades take this as literal and seals the decision in stone and they resume digging into the stacks on all they can about their music genre.[3]

During the progress report on the Bard Debut Plan, Momonga, Albedo and Demiurge await the news in the Round Table Room. Upon seeing CZ and Narberal in rock regalia, Momonga is left emotionally stunned. As he recovers, Albedo questions if this has to do with the plan for the bards of the Sorcerer Kingdom. Lupusregina confirms that it is, and that hey reproduced the bards called a "rock band" from the literature. Right now the werewolf id working on drafting the the poem, but first would wanted to show them the costumes they have planned. CZ reports that electric guitar she has is not really an instrument and can only make a few sounds, but has conviction she can play something. Narberal also states that she has been practicing in using the stand mic to fight. Though this still does not answer the question of why the women are dressed in leather, which Demiurge queries again.

Lupusregina elaborates that the attire are suited for the "rock" genre. According to her research, "rock" is a music genre that makes the public go wild, and with these unique appearances it will let the bards from the Sorcerer Kingdom stand out. CZ adds that electric guitars are played to appeal to the masses, attracting those who mainly rebel against the physical norms, political and social issues and hence why their attire is so flashy. The leaders of the group includes that the genre is all about anti-authority and individuality, and as a bard from the Sorcerer Kingdom, recommends "rock and roll" to be used with Momonga's blessing.

Momonga while admitting that their cover is good, is still concerned if the plan is still viable. In opposite of his feelings, Albedo commends the maids on their thorough research as it exceeded her expectations. The demonic style of leather and spikes appeals to Demiurge's aesthetics as it would be helpful to differentiate their country's bards from others. But most of all the anti-establishment theme is something that they can use with potential. The comments of his two aides, give Momonga pause on considering to shutter the plan and thus allows it to proceed. But asks the maids on their focus of the anti-establishment theme, particularly on how it could benefit the Sorcerer Kingdom's image.

At the beginning of this time, the Pleiades were interested in bards, who sing poems that praise heroic tales and the achievements of nobles, spreading them widely. Their speech is said to be elegant and pleasant to the ears, but it is said that the listeners also need to be educated in order to understand the meaning of the poem. Lupusregina personally fees that they won’t be able to fulfill their role in public relations.

Cz then adds that therefore they came up with the idea of rock, music as it would be effective to call out to the "soul", which doesn't require much education, where the amount of passion in a voice is more important than the meaning of the words sung.

Narberal states that is what anti-establishment preaches.  At first, of course, she believed that meant the lyrics were to criticize and rebel against the Sorcerer Kingdom’s system which she saw as extremely disrespectful and outrageous, but—when she asked the other sisters for their opinions, Solution pointed out that if, on the contrary, "a bard from the Sorcerer Kingdom sings about his homeland with rhetoric," it could make the Theocracy’s attitude towards their nation even harder.

Demiurge admits that's a valid point.  Starting with the reign of His Majesty the Sorcerer King, the merits of the Sorcerer Kingdom are too numerous to enumerate, but for the rulers of other countries that are far from the castle, it could sound like a harsh criticism of their own country.

Albedo sees that the maids wish to adopt the criticism of the system as it is and make effective use of it. When hearing this Momonga is still not sure what to make of this ploy, until Demiurge explains as a matter of fact that anti-establishment lyrics can become a genre and also lead to the interpretation that the Sorcerer Kingdom is a nation with mercy and magnanimity. In other words, it appeals that it is a comfortable country to live in, where free criticism of the country is allowed.

According to Demiurge, depending on the specifics of the criticism that the lyrics presents, the Theocrcay and others will think of the Sorcerer Kingdom in this way. This is all lost to Momonga, but Albedo sees the deviousness of the plan as it will give the impression that if the Sorcerer Kingdom allows such free criticism it will be regarded as an unrealistic threat.

Since the concept of "free criticism" of a regime is nothing more than a vice that only invites interference and internal conflict by other countries.  Although to Albedo that is only true to the countries of inferior creatures like humans.

This has the advantage of being able to bring down a foolish leader, but for a Sorcerer Kingdom led by a noble ruler with overwhelming wisdom and power, that advantage is not enough. Momonga is in despair at hearing this, as his subordinates’ expectations are too high. For him, the current situation where there is no criticism of what he has decided is more troublesome. but finds it's true that it would be a problem if other countries interfered strangely and fueled internal conflict.

Demiurge states that using the deception that the Sorcerer Nation is a nation with such a stupid side invites the other nations to let its guard down, and it can also be a good opportunity to catch their tail by making other nations carry out more careless intelligence work than ever before. Putting aside Rampossa III, who tended to confuse mercy and kindness, the leaders will interpret a nation that carelessly allows "free criticism" as weak. Because they can understand that the climate is an opening to take advantage of the Sorcerer Kingdom.

Momonga maintains it's a splendid plan, but asks the women if they initially really set themselves on “rock”? Lupusregina confesses that it was unpredictable. While Narberal is convinced that if she were to play a foolish fool, this brand of music will relax the ruler's mind and reinforce the policy of disguising the truth of the Sorcerer Kingdom. Cz also adds that she has thought about how to devise ways to prevent criticism of the system from leading to bad publicity for the Sorcerer Kingdom.

Momonga then asks what direction are you thinking of for this project. Lupusregina claims that while rock music has a touch of criticism, it's a pure "cry of the soul" born out of love for the country. Feelings that come from singing about the country and His Majesty the Sorcerer King…and her aim is to create simple lyrics that can reach many uneducated people.

While Momonga has no idea what she is talking about, he allows Albedo and Demiurge to offer opinions. From their point of view, success of the project will depend but see no reason why it’s a bad idea. In addition to the aims just mentioned, they can expect multiple effects.  Currently, E-Rantel is taking advantage of the reconstruction to greatly change the environment, such as being provided undead from the Sorcerer Kingdom.

While the Sorcerer Kingdom has led to improvement for the lives of the residents, there are also people who have a mental resistance or disgust towards them. To Albedo such reluctance is viewed as stupid and incongruous. On the other hand, Demiurge believes that the anti-establishment rock can vent these feelings if they dump various negative feelings about the Sorcerer Kingdom into harmless entertainment called music.

If it goes well, it can be used to control the buds of internal conflicts and rebellions, and to expose the unrest elements.  The 7th Floor Guardian is convinced that it is a really excellent proposal that can be expected to achieve multiple goals with just one move. That explanation alone from Demiurge makes Momonga come to agree with the logic of the plan, even though Demiurge misjudges and concludes that Lupusregina and others came to spontaneously, through indirect guidance from Momonga.

Albedo as well thinks Momonga had a hand in guiding Nazarick to a beneficial plan, and is sure that it will give Lupusregina a successful experience and encourage her growth. After giving his approval, Momonga Tells them that all the documents in Ashurbanibal while being the property of many fields left behind by who call the Supreme Beings, the contents of the descriptions can be right or wrong depending on the situation.

Therefore, it is also important to always think about whether you are in line with the situation without accepting the contents without question. Momonga adds this as while having no clue about rock bands feels it’d be best to warn them, but feels it may not be necessary or that harmful for the general maids.

The three Pleiades maids agree to take careful consideration. Momonga the. Allows them to their own devises hoping that their the rock band will be a good stimulus for the development of the Sorcerer Kingdom.

Much later at the Gigantic Tree on the 6th Floor, the impromptu members of the rock band meet up with the dark elf twins Mare and Aura. The twins find the idea intriguing almost like LittleMasStar. To which Narberal admits that there are similar roles to a rock band and an idol. Although Lupusregina points out idols exist to show off, which the role of the bard exist to make idols known through their lyrics.

According to the literature, CZ adds that they also did live performances in front of a large audience. Lupusregina coming back to why they are on the 6th Floor wanted CZ to practice  her guitar and Narberal her vocal skills. Aura asks Lupusregina if she is filling in the role that Demi-P served when she was an idol. Lupusregina confirms that she is, adding that she is also in charge of writing the lyrics. For that tasks she hopes to get some advice from Mare since the idea for LittleMasStar was his idea.

Aura thinks it’s okay as long as it benefits the Sorcerer Kingdom and helps the protagonist in E-Rantel. On the subject of the protagonist, the dark elf asks Narberal and the others how the homunculus is doing. They answer that he appears to be more lost in thought and anxious, underscoring that their project is all more important to lessen their colleague’s burden. While not knowing much about rock, still wishes to help and asks Lupusregina what kind of lyrics she wants.

Lupusregina goes on to explain what she read about rock mucus, a theme of shouting anti-establishment and anti-authority, and having the audience sympathize and diverge. Mare admits such a theme sounds difficult. Ultimately, the maid’s ultimate goal is to criticize the policies of the Sorcerer Kingdom, but at the same time to make people who listen to the lyrics think that is wonderful. Even if it’s just an experiment within Nazarick, Aura feels that writing lyrics with criticism towards Momonga is a bit too disrespectful. Narberal though assures the girl that they have the support of Momonga, Demiurge and Albedo.

However Lupusregina is still hazy on the applying her vision as some part of the literature are vague on rock music's impact on the soul. Nevertheless the nascent rock band intend to do their best. The time to subjugate the Chaos Beasts emerging from the Crack on the 6th Floor approaches, so the dark elf twins invite the rock band to assist them in culling the beasts. Lupusregina accepts as it's a good opportunity to practice fighting in the rock band outfits and likely to inspire her to write the lyrics. Narberal and CZ like the idea as their equipment are actually weapons to be used. They then go together for their "rehearsal".[4]

After the subjugation is complete, the rock band members confirm that their equipment is functional. The dark elf twins even comment on their movements when fighting and Lupusregina is getting some inspiration from the fight though finds it difficult weaving words geared towards criticism, and feels that she is missing something.

Aura recommends not to get too analytical on the lyrics otherwise the songs will not resonate. Instead for the criticism for their nation, the dark elf suggests she mix the lyrics with a few lies, to make it appear that Nazarick is not perfect. In terms of rock, Mare even adds that since its a theme of doing things with novelty, then Lupusregina should try to make easy for her band and do what they want. From this feedback Lupusregina Beta is convinced she go to the general maids in the canteen for their opinions and resumes her work on drafting the lyrics.

The rock band not wasting time then receive permission to make a debut in a corridor on the 9th Floor, and play their music before the gathered general maids such as Foire, Cixous and Pestonya Shortcake Wanko. The general maids seeing the spectacle think it to be a new idol project, but after seeing the band's outfits and listening to the rock music, they witness that it is new. When the rock band finishes, they are first met by silence by their audience, but it is soon drowned out by applause. The reactions of the maids are positive. While the lyrics were a bit shocking, the maids found the experience to be stimulating and energetic. One important question raised by Foire is the name of their band. Sadly a name has not been chosen by the band as they have been concentrating on practicing their songs. However they decide to allow the general maids help to create one as they leave for the next venue to play at.

At the bar on the 9th Floor, Shalltear Bloodfallen who is visiting the establishment finds the bar to be different. It was not due to the lighting but that the bar now contained new faces such as the general maids, along with Yuri Alpha and Entoma Vasilissa Zeta. The vampire asks the maids in surprise if they came to grab a drink. They explain that they were invited to the bar by their sisters, which the the rock band makes their appearance and begins playing their song and music. At the end of their performance, Lupusregina announces the name of their rock band: Βγδth, the Sorcerer Kingdom's up-and-coming minstrels. Special thanks are given to Fiore and Cixous who developed the name for the band.

Βγδth announces to their fans that they are moving forward to the preliminary step for propaganda about the Sorcerous Kingdom to humans, and they plan to experiment with rock for this task. And while it may be just an experiment, Lupusregina vows to do her best as does her two sisters for the audience. The group then resumes another song "The Great Tomb". The song ended on a high note and Yuri and Entoma too time to talk with the members of Βγδth, with Yuri being proud that Lupusregina is being hard at work unlike her normal personality. Shalltear who was at first troubled by the rough lyrics of rock finds it to have its own appeal from the graceful musical performances she is used to. Βγδth is glad to hear such comments and promise to continue to improve and impress the member of LittleMasStar.

The band leaves, which allows Shalltear to have a nice quiet drink. Alone with the Sous-chef, she expresses that she was amazed that the cook allowed a loud spectacle in his bar since he prefers a quiet setting. This is stated to be true by the myconid, but he allowed it as Βγδth is part of a plan that the Sorcerer Kingdom and, by extension, Nazarick. Although he admits that the music was quite different from anything he heard. And felt that if alcohol relaxes everyone, rock music cheers everyone up. But still admits that more than anything both provide smiles to a customer. Shalltear seconds that as she resume her drink, when Demiurge enters the bar, who comments that it was quite a learning experience to watch other people's stage productions and that Βγδth's is nearing completion sooner than expected.[5]

Βγδth plays at several other venues in Nazarick, like Spa Resort Nazarick, the Canteen, Green Hole, etc. All events are attended by the general maids to see and experience the live performances. As the group plays their music, they become more comfortable in their roles.

They finally end up at the Guest Room where they take a respite there to review themselves and workshop some issues they realized. The trivial problems that were overlooked in the course of the rapid advance quickly piled up and presented themselves. Narberal and CZ each expressed their dissatisfaction to the producer Lupusregina----and though they are sisters who get along well----they don't hesitate to land a few critical comments to each other.

Narberal and Lupusregina argue over the lyrics the latter wrote as the former found them to be confusing and could be interpreted differently. Most are just depiction of Momonga and how he is eyes are described using his magic. The feedback annoys Lupusregina, finding Narberal just a bit too argumentative.

They try to get CZ to provide some output, but the automaton has thought over another issue they did not look over and points out that her electric guitar can only produce a few sounds. Even if there are new songs, it's going to be hard to play some new chord variations. In her view, they should improve the standard songs so that customers can enjoy the properly. Stimulation alone can get boring rather quickly. This only serves to aggravate the lyrist as she is getting another complaint came from someone else. Lupusregina is frustrated of how fast Βγδth is falling apart.

Soon enough a knock comes at the door. Their visitor is Shalltear, who muses to the rock band that she could hear them arguing from the outside. CZ apologizes embarrassed at their actions. Shalltear though tells them that it doesn't matter if they apologize to me. Instead it's the fans that they should be concerned for as they will be wondering what Βγδth is doing.

Noticing the rock band's tension, Shalltear suggests that they go out to vent a little. She then takes them to the ruined Throne Room on the 10th Floor. The Floor Guardian offers Βγδth to perform for her in the very spot while she watches as they fight the Chaos Beasts that will emerge. Βγδth then plays their music whilst slaying the Chaos Beasts in their midst. The subjugation proves to be a good catharsis for the group as Shalltear praises that their cooperation through their singing and battling was top notch. Lupusregina complains that it wasn't anything special as they used the same songs.

However Shalltear points out that everyone has different ideas when it comes to getting things done. But, what was important at the time of Chaos Beast subjugation was the same and yet they performed great. Now understanding, the members of Βγδth apologize to each other for their sour words to each other and thank Shalltear for her intervention.

When the group exit to the Lemegeton, they are met by Demiurge who is happy to know that Βγδth "passed" according to Shalltear. Demiurge offers them a proposal to the new rock band, a joint live special show with LittleMasStar. This excites Βγδth, but also causes them to realize that it was no accident when Shalltear visited them, as helped them to get prepared for the upcoming collaboration. Shalltear informs them that the show is to take place on the 6th Floor and that their opponents will be the idol group.[6]

The situation progressed in a blink of an eye, on the day of the joint live show with LittleMasStar. The three members of Βγδth waited tensely for their turn in the aisle leading to the stage set up in the arena. Lupusregina complains that she was unable to find any rock theme equipment for herself, only managing to wear her worker outfit. But admits that she was only the lyricist and producer, not actually a band members. CZ assures her sister that she was the main character of the project from the beginning.

From their experience, Lupusregina confesses that the project was fun, but wished she could have done more. Narberal is of the same mind, as she originally heard that this was a strategy based on gaining an advantage in espionage activities, and was the reason she participated, but the activity was unexpectedly better and fun. On that note she worries she this is improper, but CZ convinces the vocalist is it not disrespectful.

They are soon called to the stage as Lupusregina tells the to be ready as they now face their seniors in LittleMasStar. The idols, Acidity, Neutrally and Alkaline emerge on stage. The Neutrally having heard of Βγδth success are eager to hear their rock music and Alkaline as well to see how much they progressed since last time they met.

Acidity reminds the members of Βγδth that the idols won't hold back. Neutrally even adds that they should prescribe to rock's tenets, which said that "rock is bound by nothing." And that they should think freely for themselves. The maids are a bit intimated by the idols, due to the prestige they present as well as the seniority they have over them. The anxiety is only temporary as despite being new to the entertainment scene, the members of Βγδth are proud of the group they built together and stand ready to take LittleMasStar on with their new song.

In the Amphitheater, the various general maids patiently await the opening of the show, happy to see another performance by LittleMasStar but also Βγδth. Momonga in the crowd is glad to see everyone in high spirits and pleasantly amazed on Lupusregina's rock band popularity in such a short time, Slimeko who has returned from outside of Nazarick is in attendance also agrees.

Demiurge accompanying them admits that he wanted to host this event sometime later, but after witnessing the performance of Βγδth, it made it want to incorporate their talents with the idol group as soon as possible. Another part of this experiment that Demiurge wanted to see was how the fans reacted to another genre of music. Slimeko believes that the two groups could have synergistic effect and looks forward to sharing her experience with the protagonist back in E-Ranrtel.

Momonga's thoughts also drift towards the absent homunculus, though circumstances have made it clear that the protagonist can not return to the dungeon. He then permits Demiurge to resume his role as Demi-P, the handler for the idol group, in order to get the live show running. The demon takes his leave flying into the air to land on the stage, There he addresses the crowd at the venue, thanking them for their patience and proceeds to reintroduce the audience to their favorite idols from LittleMasStar, eliciting a roar of cheers.

Demiurge then formally introduces the members of Βγδth who proceed to play their music. Their debut is well-received by everyone even the show surpassing Momonga's expectations. The battle of the two bands commence with Βγδth launching a sudden preemptive attack. The fight progresses in a heat battle, but the end sees LittleMasStar as the victors. Though Βγδth lost, the trio are proud that they made it this far. The idols in turn compliment the rock band for their efforts and lyrics. Even the crowd begins shouting both groups names in praise: LMS! and Be Gar Death![7]


The idol group and rock band later regroup at the Round Table Room where Momonga thanked the performers. He is received by unabated enthusiasm had not abated. Βγδth is deemed an achievement thanks to the efforts of Lupusregina and CZ's ideas as well as Narberal's participation. His praise includes LittleMasStar whose return reaffirmed its charm.

Lupusregina accepts the compliments, though still feels some dissatisfaction with the results on the lyrics. Narberal as well acknowledges that she couldn't follow the anti-authoritative rock stance despite being the vocalist as she deep down wished instead wanted to go against it.

Neutrally states that it can't be helped, of course as this was just an experiment, that made them experience a situation to test their feelings for Nazarick. Even so, they was able to express the direction of rock as described in the literature, and above all, its strong charm, so it is a sufficient result as an experiment. The Overseer Guardian hopes that when implementing it in E-Rantel, they will need to carefully consider how to criticize the smokescreen that hides Nazarick's identity, the "Sorcerer Kingdom". But even so Neutrally thinks perhaps it would be better to have an imaginary flaw for their critics to see.

Demiurge concurs with the Oversee Guardian. Alkaline believes that in that case, it may be the most difficult thing to criticize the fictitious flaw with "soul". After all, is the line of "requests" disguised as criticism like this time realistic? This makes Acidity urge caution as Βγδth during the development stages were in an argument over the content of the Sorcerer Kingdom's flaws to the rock band's dismay.

Momonga having enjoyed the performance, is now getting strangely embarrassed. Keeping his emotions in check, he manages to reassure them that their experiences were worth it and that there's nothing to be ashamed of. Once again, he believes that the Bard Plan is fruitful and is pleased with the NPCs voluntary actions, and most of all, that they succeeded in doing so.

For the next phase, Momonga would like to make a plan to produce bards in the Sorcerer Kingdom based on the results of the experiment. He then tasks Slimeko to relay instructions to the protagonist back at the fortress city, trusting him with the next part of the plan. Slimeko reports that she already messaged him about the events in the dungeon and is eager to start plans on a prototype of an instruments in E-Rantel, including the cover story that they originated from the "Boastful".

Momonga learns that homunculus has contracted the dwarf, Tsuibayaya to make the prototypes. For the necessary work to find the right people to hire players and singers, Momonga assigns this to Narberal that in the future to keep her eyes open for any suitable people among those who live in E-Rantel. Even though the maid loathes to seek the aid of lesser beings, Momonga advises her to not to rush and also take time in telling her candidates of the instruments and rock music to them.

Such action is agreed by Neutrally, as they must be patient to proceed as the prototyping a new electric guitar will take a considerable amount of time. When it is completed, CZ is tasked to go to E-Rantel to test it. More feedback is provided by Slimeko from the protagonist as in his view while the sound of the rock is stimulating, he does some concerns. Mainly being that he thought it would be safer to experiment first to see how humans would react.

Momonga considers this as there may be a culture clash due to the unfamiliarity of rock music and may even been seen as barbaric eve if they use the "Boastful Sage's" reputation. Lupusregina and CZ have some ideas to remedy this, leading Momonga to be proud on the autonomous thinking of the NPCs and allows them to give their suggestions.

Later at New Six Arms hideout, an electric guitar resounds. All the male members of the worker teams comment on the new magic item, which Regi and Shizuni claim to have been developed in E-Rantel. According to them the Sorcerer Kingdom is bringing these guitars as a new trade good and thus then went through a lot of trouble to obtain some. Shizuni adds that its a new type of instrument that bards can use and Regi even suggests that they can sell them in the Empire.

Malmvist admits that the item is a bit of a novelty while Peshurian finds it to be too noisy due to the sound pressure. Zero though thinks it may have other applications like disorienting the enemy. Iguva=41 on the other hand finds the sound to be stimulating. All their opinions though make Regi hurt as her trial of seeing how humans would react to the musical instruments is not going well. Privately Shizuni thinks that this data is valuable but admits humans are hard to understand. Regi though hopes Narberal is having better luck than they are.

Meanwhile at Tsuibayaya's residence, Narberal present with the dwarf, Slimeko and the protagonist is busy examining an item that the craftsman made. It is to Narberal's satisfaction. Tsuibayaya a bit annoyed at her doubts of his skills inquires for what purpose did they come up with the idea of ​​electric guitar which he was order to craft just a day before. Even after making the stand mic the dwarf still can't fathom what they have intend for it comparing it to an extendable loudspeaker.

The members of Darkness though reassure the dwarf that his work is good, leaving that the items he made were something like weapons and were made using blueprints of products invented in the past by the "Boastful Sage". The dwarf accepts the answer with little question and asks for his promised payment. The protagonist complies giving the craftsman a another swimsuit from Nazarick's Treasury. On receiving his reward Tsuibayaya becomes captivated by the "priceless" treasure marveling at its work and asks to be left alone to allow himself some privacy to admire it.

The protagonist comply, not really understanding the dwarf's obsession, but then again the notes that artis difficult to understand as he neither understands the appeal to rock music despite reading about it in the literature. He trusts Slimeko's reaction to the music as she was able to realize that the lyrics from Βγδth performance left a lasting impression. Taking advantage of its efficacy, for example, it would be nice to create a ballad for the promotion of the Sorcerer Kingdom or the Adventurer's Guild. In that case, the homunculus decides it would be best to hurry to compose a ballad before selecting a singer, but doubts he could draft the lyrics given his lack of understanding. At this point, the protagonist is assured that anything is fine. Right now, he focuses on trying to make as many attempts as possible to benefit Nazarick.

After that, Slimeko often sees the protagonist practicing the guitar enthusiastically while she works, but--his single-minded demeanor was so fierce that one could not even feel the fatigue of hard work, and it was said that he certainly seemed to have a "soul" in him.[8]


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