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Ritual of Holy Fire is a type of rite conducted by a group of individuals. 


This is a ritual focused on forming fire of the holy element. In order to do so, it initially requires the use of normal fire and then have it blessed with holy attributes by divine magic casters like Calca Bessarez. For that reason, individuals performing the ceremony must first pour the oil and ignite it, so it could later be blessed with the holy element strong against demons.

Additionally, the necessary preparations for conducting this ritual happens to have a simplified version. Simplifying the Holy Fire ritual spell however, would place a great deal of strain on the user’s body. Therefore, this method was not something which neither one of the Holy Queen’s subordinates ought to recommend, since they're charged with keeping her safe.


The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom Arc

Main article: The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom Arc

During the initial planning stages for the defense of Kalinsha, Calca Bessarez and Kelart Custodio discussed whether to initialize the ritual to fight against Jaldabaoth.[1]

Abilities and Powers

While many Demons are resistant to fire, the Holy Fire created from this ritual was imbued with the holy element, and fire resistance was only half as effective against it. According to Remedios Custodio, she labeled the Holy Fire as some type of attack which can be used for offensive means.


  • The Ritual of Holy Fire can actually be performed without more people around to carry it out, but is most likely comes at a heavier cost on the user's body if done.


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