Rii-tan is the son of Marquis Elias Brandt Dale Raeven.



Rii-tan is described as a cheerful young boy similar to a monkey, by his father.


Originally conceived out of a loveless marriage between his parents, Rii-tan's birth fostered a true love shared by both his father and mother.


The Magic Caster of Destroy Arc

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While contemplating in his study on the upcoming war with the Baharuth Empire and Sorcerer Kingdom, Raeven is soon joined by his wife and son. Seeing his young heir, brightens the Marquis and quickly begins hugging and dotting over his son. Though his wife wished to leave him as he was busy with state affairs, Raeven decided to take a break and join them for dinner.

Abilities and Powers

As a child he has not abilities at all.


Elias Brandt Dale Raeven

Marquis originally saw Rii-tan as a tool, but as time passed, he grew to love his son. His love for his son allowed the man to let go of his ambition for the throne of the kingdom and focus on keeping peace instead. Raeven would often spend his days dotting over the boy and these rare occasions were the only times he dropped his cold facade.



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