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Rigrit's Ring is a tentative name for a magical ring that was made using Wild Magic.

Description Edit

This ring was created from Wild Magic, possibly through Platinum Dragon Lord's power.

Appearance Edit

A silver ring with an emerald embedded within it. The silver seems to form two dragon claws on either side, in order to hold the emerald in place.

Abilities Edit

According to Platinum Dragon Lord, it is described to be an item that exceeds the realms of humanity.[1]

Maruyama stated that if this ring were to be used, it could raise a warrior's level[2] and abilities by five levels.[3][4]

Trivia Edit

  • After Ainz defeats the Sunlight Scripture, he notices Gazef's ring and thinks that he's married.[5]
  • This ring is the first confirmed item to be made through Wild Magic in the Overlord series.
  • Platinum Dragon Lord stated that it would be very difficult to create this item again since the powers of Wild Magic are tainted and twisted.
  • If a warrior like Cocytus were to use Rigrit's Ring, his level would go above level 100. [4]


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