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Rider (ライダー) is the generic term used to refer to individuals that possess riding classes the Overlord series. Besides being a job class name for some, individuals not belonging to the class can still be classified as one to some degree by having different roles elsewhere.


The riding skill in YGGDRASIL was made for players to ride on flying-type monsters such as dragons or wyverns. Everyone could ride normally without a skill if it was a simple horse. Riding was a very simple thing by the control operation if it follows the game rules of YGGDRASIL. However, upon coming to the New World, the control operation is quite different from actually manipulating horses.[1]

Known Riders

Known Classes

  • Air Rider

Known Rider Groups

Known Rider-type Monsters

Abilities and Powers

In YGGDRASIL, players with over 35 levels in equestrian-type classes could summon the magical beasts known as wyverns to serve as mounts.[2] Those with the rider class, however, work in conjunction with creatures of the Mount class, as a rider can help it evolve.[3]


  • Various characters in Overlord have displayed riding skills despite not possessing the Rider Class.


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