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"Yes, it would indeed be difficult to do while putting up a front as Princess. Plus, there is no use if it's done by force. His gaze, I want to chain him up completely and raise him like a dog."
— Renner to Marquis Raeven about Climb.

Renner Theiere Chardelon Ryle Vaiself (ラナー・ティエール・シャルドルン・ライル・ヴァイセルフ) is the Former Third Princess of the Re-Estize Kingdom. While she was publicly known as the "Golden Princess," she is actually a yandere infatuated with her bodyguard, Climb, and later betrayed her country to the Sorcerer Kingdom.


Renner is described as a young girl with long golden hair, silky smooth and supple as it drapes over the back of her neck. She has vibrant, dark blue eyes that shine like sapphires, filled with warmth. She wears a fashionable white dress, which further strengthens her image of purity. Around her neck hangs a golden necklace, appearing to symbolize a noble soul.

After changing her race into a demon, Renner now has darker eyes and even longer hair, almost reaching her feet. Her teeth now have fangs and she has small wings on her back. In terms of her outfit, she wears a pure black dress with black heels and replaces the crown decoration in her hair with a black rose.


Renner was known publicly as the Golden Princess for her benevolence and kindness. While Renner was believed to be a saint, in reality, she has a psychopathic personality and doesn't care about the feelings of others. The only exception to this is Climb, who she views as her "puppy." If he got wounded, she declared that anyone involved would be ruthlessly killed; these tendencies make her similar to a Yandere. She is calculating manipulative with her two facades, making sure to maintain the proper character those who often see the Princess as.

As exemplified by her becoming secretly affiliated with Nazarick, she would not hesitate to betray her family, her country and her people, and would do so without a shred of regret. Renner is described as a spiritual heteromorph with the body and form of a human. Her mind comprehends both good and evil; she is the type who is not bound by the petty constraints of morality, but who calmly works to advance her own agenda. She is even perceptive and keen of some people's motives, going to the extent of deducing it upon connecting the dots.

After undergoing a racial change into a demon, Renner no longer feels any need to hide her true nature.


Ever since Renner's birth, her intelligence, observational skills, comprehension, creativity, leadership, and every other aspect concerning ruler-ship were overdeveloped. Possessing advanced intellect, Renner found herself unable to relate to others. The fact that nobody really understood what Renner said had a huge effect on her mental development and slowly twisted the girl over time until she befriended a young orphan boy that hung on her every word.[1] 

On the other hand, she happens to be called the Golden Princess due to her instrumental role in some of the major changes that have happened within the Re-Estize Kingdom. The most important event of which she took part in contributing is the abolishment of slavery. However, because of her low social standing in the royal family's hierarchy, she is just a spare of spares for them and has very little political influence.

For the sole sake of Climb, Renner tried her hardest to reform the failing Re-Estize Kingdom. She had perform benevolent acts of charity, help and feed the poor, and show care for the orphans on the streets besides Climb. She even pass out new revolutionary ideas to rebuilt the nation. Although she offers political law reforms to better the country as a whole, Renner stumbles upon setbacks like the corrupt nobles who stood in the way of her plans.


The Bloody Valkyrie Arc

Main article: The Bloody Valkyrie Arc
Climb & Renner

Renner and Climb meeting Ramposa III and Gazef

Renner first appears in the Ro Lente Castle, where she - alongside with Climb - meets her father and the Warrior Captain. Renner informs her father that she wanted to have a discussion with him about her new idea for the benefit of the Kingdom at a later time. For now, she is planning on going outside for a stroll together with Climb. After that scheduled walk was done, Renner heads to her father's chambers and talk about the idea she had in mind for him to consider. She reassures the Warrior Captain that Climb will be able to protect her, no matter what happens at this time as he is by her side.[2] 

The Men in the Kingdom Arc

Main article: The Men in the Kingdom I and The Men in the Kingdom II Arc

Renner discussed with Lakyus of Blue Roses about her new suggestion on improving the crop change of the Kingdom, but Lakyus deemed it as too risky to be carried out. One of their discussions was about Eight Fingers and the last brothel in the Royal Capital. She easily decodes a message and discovered various locations of Eight Fingers within the Kingdom. When Climb returned to her room, Renner tells him that she was worried about his well-being, reminding him that their operation against Eight Fingers will begin soon.[3] 

Before the operation against Eight Fingers begins, Renner asked Marquis Raeven who is with her older brother, Zanac, to lend her some of his household troops and help her to suppress Eight Fingers in the Royal Capital. However, the operation has been halted with the appearance of Jaldabaoth and his demon army looking for a certain item in the Royal Capital.

Renner requests the Adventurer's Guild of the Royal Capital to fight against Jaldabaoth and his demon army. She had also devised a strategy for the adventurers against the demon army while Momon will face Jaldabaoth himself and it was a success done on her part.[4]

After the demonic disturbance, she informs Climb that the women whom Sebas, Brain, and himself worked together to save from the brothel were later murdered. She reassured Climb that it's not his fault and tells him to work hard moving forward.[5]

The Magic Caster of Destroy Arc

Main article: The Magic Caster of Destroy Arc

During a meeting between Ainz and the Floor Guardians, Demiurge spoke about using the Golden Princess to achieve effects that are similar to his master's method. However, he cast aside that idea, thinking it would be a waste of using Renner as a trump card. Demiurge thought of Renner as a human being who is just as interesting or even more so than what he have determined from analysis of Sebas Tian’s intelligence reports.

In the end, he felt it is very fitting of Renner to be an excellent pawn to work under Nazarick. Hearing Demiurge's comments, Albedo grew curious and wishes to have a meeting with Renner. Demiurge said that can wait until after Nazarick initiates the formation of the Sorcerer Kingdom. Demiurge considers the idea of making Renner a future envoy to their newly-founded nation of the Great Tomb of Nazarick in general.[6]

Renner is present during the meeting between the royalists and the nobility, where her father announced that the Baharuth Empire had allied itself with Nazarick and had declared war on them.[7]

The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc

Main article: The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc

At some point, Renner requested her brother Zanac to help allow the construction of an orphanage which was met with approval by him after hearing her out of why that is needed. According to Renner herself, she receive the idea of building an orphanage from Brain Unglaus. After some time pass where the orphanage is already built, Renner was playing with a group of orphan children in that newly-made construction. Before leaving the orphanage to head back to Ro Lente Castle, Renner promised the orphans that she will return to play with them some more and cook together next time around.

Afterward, she left with her bodyguard Climb alongside Evileye and Tina as hired escorts in the Royal Capital. She discuss with Evileye her motivations for building the orphanage. She expressed how the children in her orphanage are her treasure, feeling it is her duty and responsibility to look after them who no longer have parents due to the recent turn of events surrounding the Massacre at Katze Plains. Renner explains that by building the orphanage where she can take care of these orphans herself, it can help ensure they are given proper education and not go down the wrong path. She is even helping Brain look for worthy successors to train swordsmanship with so that they could carry on Gazef Stronoff's will and equipment after the late warrior's passing.

More so, the reason Renner made the orphanage is to also maintain public order, preventing the children from living a life of crime. Additionally, she was hoping to possibly scout and recruit potential individuals that are talent holders to help with regaining the Kingdom's lost strength. At the same time, she states the orphanage itself would create a workforce that allow women who have lost their husbands from the war to have a workplace requiring their service. Renner states her intention to Evileye and Tina that she is looking for potential people like them who can help identify talents within children. Instead, she only received advises from the two of setting up a universal identification system that put children to the test in various ways as a mean to determine their talent.

On the other hand, she apologizes to both Tina and Evileye for the rude behavior and action her father Ramposa III had caused to injure Lakyus' face. Even before saying sorry to the two adventurers, she had long since issued an apology to Lakyus directly face-to-face about it.

A short time later, Renner along with the rest of the royal family greeted Albedo, the emissary of the Sorcerer Kingdom, when she appeared at the Ro Lente Castle to start formal relations.

Thereafter, Renner was arranged a visit by Albedo who arrived at the Ro Lente Castle, Re-Estize during the latter's visit to her home nation, the Re-Estize Kingdom. Renner met up with Albedo for the first time at her Royal Family's Dinner Party and converse with the Sorcerer Kingdom's envoy. Upon clearing everyone including Climb out of the room, they began private talks about her cooperativeness in preparing for the full annexation of the Kingdom.

Also, Renner was awarded a gift from Ainz as a reward for her contributions to Nazarick's cause along with another item she was bestowed upon from Albedo. Renner informs Albedo that the preparations in opening the racial-change box given to her as a reward is already underway and should be completed before the Sorcerer Kingdom invades the Re-Estize Kingdom. While so, they continued their discussion on how to proceed forward with the entire Re-Estize Kingdom to fall under the Sorcerer Kingdom's domain and finished the meeting off with a girl's talk about their beloved-ones.[8]

The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc

Main article: The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc

Renner has been helping her brother Zanac with the current troubles the Re-Estize Kingdom has been facing, such as the decrease in labor, manpower, and food shortages. She offered several useful insights that could help her brother solve those issues, such as suggesting the use of high-level druids or using grain bought from the Sorcerer Kingdom by merchants.

On the other hand, she also discusses matters with him about what's been happening outside their nation as of late. For instance, this includes the current state of how the Sorcerer Kingdom's diplomatic relations with the Holy Kingdom, Baharuth Empire, and the Dwarf Kingdom were like in various areas like trade. At the same time, they express their concerns on whether negotiations of an alliance is coming through with the Argland Council State successfully.[9]

At the capital city Re-Estize, Renner was present during the meeting between her father King Ramposa III and the Prime Minister of the Sorcerer Kingdom, Albedo. After the meeting concluded, she and her brother Zanac was invited by her father to have a private meeting with him. She orders Climb and Brain who were waiting outside the room as her guards, to stay in her room while she went off with her brother to meet up with her father. When she and Zanac had a private meeting with Ramposa, the latter suggested she flee from this nation that's about to be destroyed. However, neither she nor Zanac agrees to run away from their home nation.[10]

After the true movements of the Sorcerer Kingdom were finally revealed and made aware to the Royal Capital. Crown Prince Zanac launched a coup d'etat against King Ramposa. Mainly due to the king's continued insistence on diplomacy to diffuse the war between the Re-Estize kingdom and the Sorcerer Kingdom, despite the obvious stance of hostility the Sorcerer Kingdom and the countless atrocities the latter had already inflicted to the Kingdom. Causing the crown prince, and all the other high ministers and officials, to deem Ramposa no longer fit to be their ruler in this time of crisis. After successfully and quietly dethroning the former king, and secretly taking power as king regent, Zanac then ordered his allies to suppress all information on the coup to avoid mass panic to the already terrified nation. However, despite this, Renner was shown to have been fully aware of the current going on's of the castle and easily figured out her brother's actions with little trouble.

With their father indisposed, her brother Zanac began to handle the affairs of the Kingdom. During the middle of their work, Renner decided to pay a visit to him. As a result, she ended up interrupting him and his ministers' work time, in order to report to him that more than half of their cities and villages in the Kingdom had already been lost to the Sorcerer King’s conquest. She noted the number of settlements that were wiped out including cities and villages along with the lack of information to notice it until now. Hearing this, she was asked by her brother how this was even made possible in the first place, the latter looking to depend on her intellect more than ever before due to their current situation. To Renner, she felt the answer was obvious as to why they did not receive any information on this, it is solely because someone in their midst was a traitor. For that reason, she described how there was only one official with enough power and control over the intel flows to the capital and that was none other than Marquis Raeven himself.

She speculates that the reason for the Marquis's betrayal stems from the notion that someone from the Sorcerer Kingdom may have kidnap his son and hold him hostage. If not that, she explains even further that he might have chosen to betray the Re-Estize Kingdom simply because he thought that the nation was doomed for disaster. She believes that this was the meticulous doing of the Sorcerer King and can't help but praise him for his masterful planning as well as feeling awestruck by his intellect. She reasons that maybe the marquis chose to betray them for the sake of protecting the people in his city. On the other hand, she figures that perhaps the Sorcerer King could have also given the marquis the order of killing any people seeking out refuge in his city as a way to test his loyalty.

At the same time, she inquires her brother about how he will proceed on using the Royal Army to deal with the Sorcerer King's military force once it reaches their capital where the final battle will be initiated. Hearing his response to her question, she ponders whether their nation stands a chance in victory. She was told by him that the outcome of winning or losing wouldn't matter because they have no other choice but to be confronted by the enemy in battle anyways. For that reason, she was suggested by her brother to seek refuge at the Karnassus City-State Alliance like her father wanted her to do. She refuses the idea of fleeing her country but would rather, stay behind as a princess who is prepared to face death with grace and dignity. However, in the end, Renner told him that she did not completely rule out the idea of escaping but will only choose to do so when the time comes for her to make that decision.[11]

While the capital Re-Estize is already surrounded by the Sorcerer Kingdom's forces, she left Ro Lente Castle to bring food rations from her home to the Orphanage she had set up. Once there, she will go on to assist her employees in cooking and feeding them meals.

Renner, Climb, and Brain later return to Ro Lente Castle and were informed by the few remaining knights that Blue Roses was waiting for them after they had returned to the palace. She warns the two that the atrocities the Sorcerer Kingdom’s army had committed along their way towards the capital will most likely continue to happen. Before meeting with Blue Roses, Renner first prepared to wipe off her sweat and applied perfume to herself, while she picked out her gown to wear. When she was finally ready, Renner allows Blue Roses to come in and begin their meeting with her, apologizing to them for the long wait until now. Renner engages in a conversation with Lakyus about what she had been doing until now and how everyone including the members of Blue Roses are making use of their time before the fall of the Royal Capital happens. Following along with whatever the Blue Roses' was doing, her discussion with Lakyus came to an abrupt end when the latter was finally drugged upon drinking the tea.

While she is being protected by Climb, Renner can't help but watch on as Lakyus is receiving a painful beating by Gagaran and Tia before being weakened enough to then forcefully obey Evileye's command via [Charm Person]. Renner already had a feeling that they were all acting this way aggressively towards Lakyus for a reason. This confirms her suspicion upon learning that Evileye and the other members of Blue Roses were conspiring to force Lakyus to leave the Royal Capital with them by any means necessary such as using violence on her. When Evileye suggests whether or not she wants to depart the city with them too, Renner turns down her offer and chooses to stay behind with Climb in order to fulfill her duties as a royal. She respects Blue Roses' decision to do what must be done with Lakyus by not telling the truth to Brain about the event that had transpired in their room after his return.

Understanding Brain's motivation to fight and not to escape, she also respectfully bidded farewell to the warrior and was given back the Re-Estize Kingdom's National Treasure, Razor Edge from him. Left alone with Climb, Renner began practicing and testing out the weapon to see for herself how compatible she is with the weapon. Due to her lack of sufficient strength, Razor Edge appears heavy to Renner. Since she had difficulty of waving the weapon in the air and showing wobbly movement, Renner gave the blade to Climb instead. Thereafter, before heading to her father Ramposa III's side, she decided to go make unknown preparations first ahead of time. Renner plans to hand the sword Razor Edge off to her father after everything is cleared up on her end.[12]

Abilities and Powers

Renner is the smartest individual in the Re-Estize Kingdom, possessing unfathomable intelligence, observational skills, comprehension, creativity and leadership. Even Demiurge and Albedo are both impressed by her advanced intellect and consider her to be extremely useful unlike, the rest of the kingdom’ citizens.

Several of Renner’s intellectual feats include:

  • Propose several progressive ideas which can help reforming the Kingdom such as crop rotation, the abolishment of slavery, the improvement of infrastructure etc. These reforms and policies were deemed to be so revolutionary and effective that the Blood Emperor,Jircniv Rune Farlord El Nix himself secretly adopted them to evolve the Baharuth Empire after coming into power.
  • Easily deciphers secret codes used by Eight Fingers within a short period of time and revealed the various locations of Eight Fingers’ bases of operation.
  • Devised a brilliant strategy to quickly and quietly suppress Eight Fingers's presence within the Royal Capital and later showed immense adaptability to alter and change her initial battle strategy for the fight against the demon army led by Jaldabaoth.
  • Renner was also capable of creating a hidden, but highly effective information network completely undetectable by neither the Re-Estize Kingdom's Government or Factions and allow her to be completely informed on all the kingdom's clandestine activities and affairs despite her having no nobles, merchants or any other supporters to actually back her. Even Marquis Raeven, the most talented and well connected Nobleman of the kingdom and leader of both the Royal and Noble factions of the kingdom was completely incapable of detecting Renner's information network and was dumbfounded on how well informed she was.
  • Renner's was also shown to have long since anticipated the eventual decline of the Re-Estize Kingdom and thus was implied by her brother Zanac that the real reason why she befriended Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra, allowed Climb to train and join military operations despite her yandere tendencies and recruited Brain Unglaus was for the sole reason to bolster her own personal power within the kingdom and effectively obtain the strongest military force left in the entire kingdom due to now having personal access to the Adamntite Adventurers,Blue Roses, a powerful gold ranked level swordsman as her personal bodyguard and a sword genius capable of fighting evenly against the kingdom's strongest warrior Gazef Stronoff as her second bodyguard.

Renner is also a skilled actress, who can assumes one of many fake personalities, depending on her purpose. Whether it is a dignified royalty when granting an audience, a kind and compassionate girl in front of Climb or a naive, innocent and foolish princess for deceiving her maids. Thanks to her acting skill, Renner successfully hid her true, twisted personality for several years. Only a few people in the Kingdom, like Prince Zanac and Marquis Raeven, can see through the facade worn by her. Furthermore, she perfectly maintained her public persona, the "Golden Princess”, to the end of the Re-Estize Kingdom with no one ever discovering her betrayal. 

Despite her limited power and sheer lack of resources or backers as the Third Princess of the Re-Estize Kingdom, Renner still managed to utilize her information network and personal connections to manipulate events and achieve her desired outcomes. For example:

  • Manipulated the nobles to acted according to her scheme by deliberately leaking information to the maids whom would eventually relay it to their families to follow the scenarios she has long calculated for her own personal gain.
  • Initiated many reforming ideas and revolutionary policies to make herself look like an ideal princess in the eyes of Climb.
  • Successfully gaining immense secret political power over the Re-Estize Kingdom upon agreeing to "assist" her brother Zanac in handling the many affairs of the Kingdom after his rise to power as the Crown Prince and later as the King Regent.

After her betrayal and her country being left in ruins, she willingly gave up her royal status to become a full-time servant of Nazarick.

After her secret cooperation with the Sorcerer Kingdom, Renner may be considered for a position equivalent to an Area Guardian.

Since becoming an Imp, she is likely to have the standard powers of said type of demon.

Racial Classes

Job Classes

Former Job Classes



Since they were kids, Renner used to sleep together with Climb as children in the past. Renner treats Climb like a pet dog and loves him greatly, as he is the reason she started to act innocent, kind and caring greatly about the country in front of him after picking him up. When Climb is not around, she reverts to her psychopathic personality. From Renner's view, Climb is an important existence that she wants to protect at all costs, going as far as revealing hostility to anyone including her own maids if they were to badly mistreat him.

Its been shown that Renner's obsessive love and adoration of Climb is the main motivator that pushed Renner to do the majority of her actions and plans due to her desire to see the godlike devotional stare of innocence Climb would give her whenever she did good things. Revealing that the sole reason for carrying out good deeds publicly and crusading to fix the kingdom for "Justice" was solely to make herself look like the ideal princess for Climb and see more of his "puppy eyes". She yearns for Climb to spoil her more with his kindness.

Eventually this love she harbors for him has eventually evolved into pure sexual desires for him. This was shown when Renner happily and openly declared to Marquis Raeven and Zanac in private that she would have like to chain up Climb with a collar like a dog. Renner conveys her wish to tie Climb up and "play with him all night long," desiring and dreaming to do whatever she could to the warrior.

After she gave up her humanity and became a demonic minion of Nazarick, Renner made him her personal "toy."

Brain Unglaus

Like many others, Brain was completely oblivious of Renner's true character, seeing her as simply an "air-headed Princess that is really too kind for her own good." After the Demonic Disturbance, Brain temporarily became her vassal to take care of Climb.

Ramposa III

Ramposa III was Renner's father. She usually discussed with her father about her new ideas for the benefit of the Kingdom. However she had no qualms betraying him, and showed no remorse when he was killed.

Barbro Andrean Ield Ryle Vaiself

Renner was aware that her older brother has already made plans to have her married off to one of his political backers.

Zanac Valleon Igana Ryle Vaiself

Zanac was Renner's older brother and the only person in their family aware of her true nature. The two had somewhat of a working relationship, with Renner helping him become king in return for allowing her to marry Climb; a proposal she manipulated him into offering her. Ultimately, while she teased him sometimes under her princess persona, Renner seemed to have no familial love for her brother.

Elias Brandt Dale Raeven

Marquis Raeven is one of the few people aware of Renner's true nature and the two had somewhat of a business relationship, with her aiding him to make Zanac king in return for him helping with her own endeavors. She is also aware that the Marquis is secretly terrified of her and once proposed making his son her fiance was a joke.

Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra

Renner is a close friend to Lakyus and has hired Blue Roses in the past to combat Eight Fingers. However, Zanac believes she only befriended her to be able to use Blue Roses to increase her influence.


On the surface, Renner's relationships with her maids seemed to be decent enough. In reality, though, the maids were spying on her for their noble families and actually hated being assigned to a "Spare of Spares." However, Renner was fully aware of this and took advantage of it by giving false information while spying on them in turn. She also disliked the maids on a personal level, due to their constant disrespect towards Climb.

During the final stages of the Kingdom's downfall, the maids abandoned Renner and fled back to their homes.


Apparently, Renner was confronted by Demiurge shortly before the Demonic Disturbance; after the latter had deduced her true nature and had taken an interest in her. The two then struck a deal; Renner became a spy for Nazarick in return for guaranteeing Climb's safety and helping her live out her wildest fantasies with him. Its also likely that Renner respects Demiurge's as an equal due to him similarly possessing immense intellect on par or surpassing her own.


Renner's allegiance to the Sorcerer Kingdom effectively makes Albedo her superior. She has shown to treat her with the proper respect, which the latter reciprocates. Aside from this, though, they also share a more personal relationship, with both openly discussing their obsessive love towards their man. This was likely the result of them them being similar in terms of mindset and intellect, finally giving Renner someone who truly understands her.

Ainz Ooal Gown

In her own words, Renner views the Sorcerer King Ainz with a sense of awe and reverence. She describes him as abnormally flexible in his way of thought. She sees him to be the kind of person who possesses an entire nation’s worth of intellect and guile. What she found most terrifying about him is the fact that he does not simply rely on his overwhelming power alone, but meticulously plans out each of his moves every step of the way. She believes that he is a monster to whom the concept of arrogance is completely foreign.

This in turn shows that during the course of her secret alliance and servitude with the Sorcerer Kingdom, Renner has come to harbor the same sense of reverence and respect the NPCs of Nazarick have towards Ainz, implying that the Sorcerer King has now possibly genuinely earned the genius' loyalty due to her believing that Ainz is a fellow genius possessing the same immense talent and intelligence as herself. At the same time, Renner felt that he has superior abilities than she could ever possibly accomplish and thus feels a sense of kinship with him.

Later upon being properly introduced to him and seeing his might and skill first hand, Renner was more than willing to give up her humanity a become a demon and was extremely grateful to the Sorcerer King for transforming her due to her now being "liberated" to now truly be herself without needing to put up a "mask" any further.


  • All of the major changes and good works in the Kingdom that were initiated by Renner are all done simply as an act to make herself look like an ideal princess in front of Climb.
  • According to a tweet from Maruyama, her Genius levels were first converted to her Princess Job levels but then were reset once her princess levels was converted for Imp race class.[13]
  • Renner is first on Maruyama's Governing Ranking, with her abilities being beyond comprehension.[14]
  • Renner is also guarded by a Shadow Demon as part of her deal with Nazarick.
  • Renner is one of the two characters in Overlord so far, that has received two Character Sheets.
  • Renner is the first known individual from the New World to have successfully race changed using an YGGDRASIL item.


  • (To Gazef about Climb): "Climb is fine. He will definitely be able to protect me at any moment."
  • (To Marquis Raeven): "I wish for you, the hidden leader of the Royalty Faction, no, the one who controls the Royalty Faction from the shadows, to lend me your household troops."
  • (To Marquis Raeven and Zanac about Climb): "Climb Yes, it is so. If I could be joined with Climb, perhaps if I chain him up so he can't go anywhere, I will be happy."
  • (To Marquis Raeven and Zanac): "Yes, it would indeed be difficult to do while putting up a front as Princess… Plus, there is no use if it’s done by force. His gaze, I want to chain him up completely and raise him like a dog."
  • (To Marquis Raeven): "Of course I love him. I simply really like his eyes. Him tied up like a dog as well."
  • (To Zanac): "I have no particular desire to be understood, but if you understand that I truly love him, that’s good enough for me."
  • (To Zanac): "Is there any reason for me to reject it? It’s a gamble with the highest chance of winning. Ever since you came into my room with Marquis Raeven, I wanted to talk to you about it."
  • (To Zanac): "Of course, Climb has a chance of dying. In that event, Lakyus will use a resurrection spell on him. It won't be cheap, of course, but an expense like these won't be a problem. And after he's been resurrected, Climb will be weakened from a loss of life energy. During that time, I will take care of him. I'm sure nobody will object to me caring for a person who died and was resurrected for following my orders."
  • (To Climb): "The women you and Sebas-san worked together to save from the brothel...were murdered."
  • (To Climb): "That was a miscalculation on my part. I wanted to hire adventurers as guards, but due to the disturbance, they had all been employed by others. So I had to use mercenaries instead..."
  • (To Climb): "No! If I had been more careful, if I had considered things more closely... that the disturbance would have weakened security in the capital, if I had let them escape when I sensed danger, it wouldn't have turned out like this! If Climb had been there, maybe it wouldn't have turned out like this. And even the adventurers who recommended the mercenaries were shocked..."
  • (To Climb): "...Climb, that's enough. They've been violated enough. At least let them rest in peace."
  • (To Climb): "Of course not! If you spoil me more, I can take scoldings like that more easily. Therefore you must spoil me more. Let's start by napping together like we used to as children."
  • (To Albedo about Ainz Ooal Gown): "I would love to, Albedo-sama. In addition, if I may, could you tell me about his Majesty as well?"
  • (To Zanac): “The web of plots unfolding in front of our eyes were perhaps weaved into the Kingdom many years ago. We are but stuck moths."
  • (To Zanac about Ainz): “In any case, we are at their mercy, it does not matter if onii-sama prefers to use butterflies in that metaphor or not. Even if we slipped through these webs unharmed, there would just be another layer is frankly terrifying. I did not believe that someone like him could exist in this world. What if our actions were all well within his calculations?"


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Soldiers and Officials
Demiurge Shalltear Bloodfallen Cocytus Aura Bella Fiora Mare Bello Fiore Victim Gargantua Pandora's Actor Yuri Alpha Lupusregina Beta CZ2I28 Delta Narberal Gamma Solution Epsilon Entoma Vasilissa Zeta Aureole Omega Sebas Tian Tuareninya Veyron Enri Emmot Ryraryus Spenia Ai Indarun Hamsuke Gondo Firebeard Captain of the Ghost Ship
Spies and Accomplices
Renner Theiere Chardelon Ryle Vaiself Fluder Paradyne Doppel-Caspond
Other Citizens
Nfirea Bareare Nemu Emmot Lizzie Bareare Jugem Pe Riyuro Cona Brita Latimon Dyno Agu Shuringan Gurindai Kyumei Kaijali Kuunel Paipo Gokou Unlai Nonisu Suigyo Matsu Raimatsu Nosuli Yaburo Nobura Pluton Ainzach Theo Rakheshir Moknach Zaryusu Shasha Crusch Lulu Shasuryu Shasha Zenberu Gugu Sukyu Juju Kyuku Zuzu Head Priestess of Green Claw Head Hunter of Green Claw Elder of Green Claw Chief of Carne Village Pinison Pol Perlia Hejinmal Torangealit Munuinia Ilyslym Mianatalon Fuviness Kilistran Denshusha
Re-Estize Kingdom
Royal Family
Ramposa III Barbro Andrean Ield Ryle Vaiself Zanac Valleon Igana Ryle Vaiself Renner Theiere Chardelon Ryle Vaiself
Elias Brandt Dale Raeven Marquis Blumrush Marquis Pespea Margrave Urovana Marquis Boullope Count Lytton Philip Dayton L'Eyre Montserrat Azuth Aindra Panasolei Gruze Day Rettenmaier Baron Cheneko Marchioness Raeven Rii-tan Torkel Karan Dale Völkchenheim Wayne Delvin Igor Rokerson Baron Montserrat‎‎ Count Naüa‎‎ Minister of Internal Affairs‎‎ Minister of Military Affairs‎‎
Momon Nabe Pluton Ainzach Theo Rakheshir Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra Evileye Gagaran Tia Tina Peter Mauk Ninya Dyne Woodwonder Lukrut Volve Igvarge Luisenberg Alberion Bellote Moknach Re-Estize Guildmaster Scama Elbero Lilynette Piani
Soldiers and Officials
Gazef Stronoff Brain Unglaus Climb Vice Captain Lockmeier Bona Ingre Staffan Heivish Boris Axelson Lundqvist Franzén Göran Dixgard Bike
Other Citizens
Enri Emmot Nfirea Bareare Morgan Tuareninya Veyron Nemu Emmot Lizzie Bareare Hilma Cygnaeus Baldo Lauffray Andre Ampetif Cocco Doll Man Who Dumps Tuare Zero Malmvist Succulent Edström Peshurian Zach Davernoch Vesture Kloff Di Laufen Brita Latimon Eight Fingers Leader Chief of Carne Village Lilia Innkeeper Marquis Raeven's Strategist Ishpen Ronble Wina Harshia Thomas Carne Christopher Olson Noah Zweden Endio Oscas Olin Prian Polson
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