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"Yes, it would indeed be difficult to do while putting up a front as Princess. Plus, there is no use if it's done by force. His gaze, I want to chain him up completely and raise him like a dog."
— Renner to Marquis Raeven about Climb.

Renner Theiere Chardelon Ryle Vaiself (ラナー・ティエール・シャルドルン・ライル・ヴァイセルフ) is a human turned Imp and the former Third Princess of the Re-Estize Kingdom. While publicly known as the "Golden Princess," she is actually a yandere infatuated with her bodyguard, Climb, and later sells out her entire country to the Sorcerer Kingdom.



Renner prior to her demonfication

Renner is described as a young girl with long golden hair, silky smooth and supple as it drapes over the back of her neck. She has vibrant, dark blue eyes that shine like sapphires, filled with warmth. She wears a fashionable white dress, which further strengthens her image of purity. Around her neck hangs a golden necklace, appearing to symbolize a noble soul.

After changing her race into a demon, Renner now has darker eyes and even longer hair, almost reaching her feet. Her teeth now have fangs, her fingernails have become black claws, and she has small wings on her back. In terms of her outfit, she wears a pure black dress with black heels and has replaced the crown decoration in her hair with a black rose.


Renner was known publicly as the Golden Princess for her benevolence and kindness. While Renner was believed to be a saint, in reality, she has a psychopathic personality and doesn't care about the feelings of others. The only exception to this is Climb, who she views as her "puppy." If he got wounded, she declared that anyone involved would be ruthlessly killed; these tendencies make her similar to a Yandere. She is calculating and manipulative with her two facades, making sure to maintain the proper character those who often see the Princess as.

As exemplified by her becoming secretly affiliated with Nazarick, she would not hesitate to betray her family, her country, and her people and would do so without a shred of regret. Considering her true personality, Albedo describes Renner to be a spiritual heteromorph with the body and form of a human. Her mind comprehends both good and evil; she is the type who is not bound by the petty constraints of morality, but who calmly works to advance her own agenda. She is even perceptive and keen of some people's motives, going to the extent of deducing it upon connecting the dots.

As stated, Renner possess a simplistic and detached view of humans in general. It has been stated that she solely perceives her subjects of the Re-Estize Kingdom (aside from Climb) as means to an end, while feeling neither love or hatred for them. And while it has been stated that she is capable of feeling gratitude towards them, it is akin to the way a normal person is grateful for the existence of food and nothing more.

After undergoing a racial change into a demon, Renner no longer feels any need to hide her true nature when interacting with others, with the sole exception of Climb.


Ever since Renner's birth, her intelligence, observational skills, comprehension, creativity, leadership, and every other aspect concerning ruler-ship were overdeveloped. Possessing advanced intellect, Renner found herself unable to relate to others. The fact that nobody really understood what she said had a huge effect on her mental development and slowly twisted the girl over time until she befriended a young orphan boy who hung on her every word.[1]

On the other hand, she would become known as the Golden Princess due to her instrumental role in some of the major changes that have happened within the Re-Estize Kingdom. The most important event of which she took part in contributing was the abolishment of slavery. However, because of her low social standing in the royal family's hierarchy, she was just a spare of spares for them and had very little political influence.

For the sole sake of Climb, Renner tried her hardest to reform the failing Re-Estize Kingdom. She had performed benevolent acts of charity to help and feed the poor and showed care for the orphans on the streets besides Climb. She even passed out new revolutionary ideas to rebuild the nation. Although she offered political law reforms to better the country as a whole, Renner stumbled upon various setbacks like the corrupt nobles who stood in the way of her plans.


The Bloody Valkyrie Arc

Main article: The Bloody Valkyrie Arc
Climb & Renner

Renner and Climb meeting Ramposa III and Gazef

Renner first appears in Ro-Lente Castle, where she - alongside with Climb - meets her father and the Warrior Captain. Renner informs her father that she wanted to have a discussion with him about her new idea for the benefit of the Kingdom at a later time. For now, she is planning on going outside for a stroll together with Climb. After that scheduled walk was done, Renner heads to her father's chambers and talks about the idea she had in mind for him to consider. She reassures the Warrior Captain that Climb will be able to protect her, no matter what happens at this time as he is by her side.[2] 

The Men in the Kingdom Arc

Main article: The Men in the Kingdom I and The Men in the Kingdom II Arc

At some point, Renner had asked the Blue Roses to attack three drug-plantation villages under the control of a crime syndicate and investigate it alongside other installations belonging to them.

Renner discusses with Lakyus of Blue Roses about her new suggestion on improving the crop change of the Kingdom, but Lakyus deems it as too risky to be carried out. One of their discussions is about Eight Fingers and the last brothel in the Royal Capital. She easily decodes a message and discovers various locations of Eight Fingers within the Kingdom. When Climb returns to her room, Renner tells him that she was worried about his well-being, reminding him that their operation against Eight Fingers will begin soon.[3] 

Before the operation against Eight Fingers begins, she enlists the help of the warrior captain Gazef Stronoff to participate. Despite the distrust Blue Roses have towards Marquis Raeven for taking money from the crime syndicate, Renner believes he can still be trusted due to the fact he is not actively involved in their plans. She orders Climb to sway Marquis Raeven into having a discussion with her by mentioning the destruction of the brothel and the capture of the head slaver. She keeps Blue Roses and the maids managed under her out of the meeting room to maintain a private discussion alone with the Marquis.

As a result, once Climb convinces him, Renner asks Marquis Raeven, who is with her older brother, Zanac, to lend her some of his household troops and help her to suppress Eight Fingers in the Royal Capital. At the same time, she got the matter concerning the Eight Fingers' installations within the nobles domain settled with the two in how to deal with them. Renner explains to them that she plans to have Lakyus and her adventurer team split up and take action, with each of them taking a single location one by one. Renner displays her foresight and intellect, which astounds the two, having already noticed the Marquis Raeven's position in the Royalty Faction. While so, Renner explains how she herself knew that Marquis Blumrush, a Great Noble of the Royalty Faction, had betrayed the Re-Estize Kingdom for the Baharuth Empire, much to their utter shock of her knowing apart from them. This was based off of every she had gleaned from the conversations and gossips traded by the maids, having already made use of their intelligence network to discern and piece key information together.

Under the condition of having Marquis Raeven to cooperate, Renner exposes her real self and personality both to him and Zanac. Renner explains her motivation and satisfaction for the positive actions she has done for the Re-Estize Kingdom and how it all contributed to Climb encouraging her to do. Renner honestly expresses her wish to keep Climb chained down by his duty to her and keep him to herself only to do whatever she wants with, which surprises them. Renner admits to Marquis Raeven and Zanac that it is quite difficult to achieve such a dream while maintaining the facade of a proper princess that she had built for Climb to admire. When they attempt to reason with her that her love to Climb is nothing but a fetish, Renner expresses how love towards him can take on many forms, justifying it to be more or less the same as any other kinds of love out there. She agrees on working with her brother Zanac to secure his position to the throne in exchange for having him help her guaranteed marriage to Climb. While this is happening, she has Marquis Raeven work for her to plan deceptively in hiding her love life with Climb behind her fake marriage to his son, who is not actually wedded to her, but someone he loves.[4]

Along the way, the operation has been halted with the appearance of Jaldabaoth and his demon army looking for a certain item in the Royal Capital. She gathers each and every adventurer from all over the Re-Estize Kingdom into Ro-Lente Castle to arrange a meeting about this Demonic Disturbance using her own private finances to pay for their visit. She informs them that a portion of the Royal Capital is surrounded by a wall of fire created by the mastermind Jaldabaoth, explaining that it is in the city to seize a dangerous magic item. She offers the adventurers details of how the firewall is harmless after entering it and that only demons are residing within that boundary. Renner requests the Adventurer's Guild of the Royal Capital to deal with Jaldabaoth's demonic forces. She devises a strategy for the adventurers to do battle against the demon army while she gives Momon the task of defeating Jaldabaoth himself while all this is taking place. Meanwhile, she hands Climb, Brain Unglaus, and Lockmeier the mission of rescuing survivors held captive by the demons within the firewall.

After the meeting is over and before the operation begins, Renner secretly discusses with Zanac and Marquis Raeven once more about how she is planning to use the guards as bait for Jaldabaoth's demonic forces to feed upon. When asked why she would allow Climb to undergo a life-threatening task of patrolling inside the firewall of the capital while demons are around, Renner reasons with them that it is all for the purpose of creating a possible chance for him to likely die on duty. Renner states that if Climb were to turn out dead in the end, she could always have Lakyus resurrect him back in his weakened state. This way, she can then proceed to take care of Climb and look after him afterward as he feels weak and tiresome from a loss of life energy. Renner reassures Marquis Raeven and Prince Zanac that she has even ensured protection for Lakyus by reaching a compromise with the Adventurer Guild's leader to have additional bodyguards by her friend's side.[5]

After the Demonic Disturbance[6] is resolved, she informs Climb that the women whom Sebas, Brain, and himself worked together to save from the brothel were later murdered. She blames herself for allowing security in the Royal Capital to become very weak by leaving it to mercenaries rather than the adventurers to do the job of protecting them, yet failed in the end. She reasons with Climb that all the other adventurers have already been hired for the task of combating the Demonic Disturbance and couldn't pay anyone else but these kind of people. When Renner is asked by Climb to investigate their corpses, she reprimands him to not do so as it would be disrespectful and distasteful for the women who had died unjustly. She comforts Climb that it's also not his fault and tells him to work harder moving forward.[7]

The Magic Caster of Destroy Arc

Main article: The Magic Caster of Destroy Arc

During a meeting between Ainz and the Floor Guardians, Demiurge speaks about using the Golden Princess to achieve effects that are similar to his master's method. However, he casts aside that idea, thinking it would be a waste using Renner as a trump card. Demiurge thinks of Renner as a human being who is just as interesting or even more so than what he has determined from the analysis of Sebas Tian’s intelligence reports.

In the end, he feels it is very fitting of Renner to be an excellent pawn to work under Nazarick. Hearing Demiurge's comments, Albedo grows curious and wishes to have a meeting with Renner. Demiurge says that he can wait until after Nazarick initiates the formation of the Sorcerer Kingdom. Demiurge considers the idea of making Renner a future envoy to their newly-founded nation of the Great Tomb of Nazarick in general.[8]

Renner is present during the meeting between the royalists and the nobility, where her father announces that the Baharuth Empire has allied itself with Nazarick and has declared war on them.[9]

The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc

Main article: The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc

At some point, Renner requests Zanac to allow the construction of an orphanage, which is met with approval by him after hearing her out of why it is needed. According to Renner herself, she received the idea of building an orphanage from Brain Unglaus. After some time passes and the orphanage is already built, Renner is seen playing with a group of orphaned children in that newly-made construction. Before leaving the orphanage to head back to Ro-Lente Castle, Renner promises the orphans that she will return to play with them some more and cook together next time around.

Afterwards, she leaves with Climb alongside Evileye and Tina as hired escorts in the Royal Capital. She discusses with Evileye her motivations for building the orphanage. She expresses how the children in her orphanage are her treasure, feeling that it is her duty and responsibility to look after them since they no longer have parents due to the recent turn of events surrounding the Massacre at Katze Plains. Renner explains that by building the orphanage where she can take care of these orphans herself, it can help ensure they are given proper education and not go down the wrong path. She is even helping Brain look for worthy successors to train in swordsmanship with so that they can carry on Gazef Stronoff's will and equipment after the late warrior's passing.

More so, the reason Renner made the orphanage is to also maintain public order, preventing the children from living a life of crime. Additionally, she hopes to possibly scout and recruit potential individuals who are talent holders to help with regaining the Kingdom's lost strength. At the same time, she states the orphanage itself will create a workforce that will allow women who have lost their husbands during the war to have a workplace requiring their service. Renner states her intention to Evileye and Tina that she is looking for potential people like them who can help identify talents within children. Instead, she only receives advice from the two of setting up a universal identification system that puts children to the test in various ways as a means to determine their talent.

On the other hand, she apologizes to both Tina and Evileye for the rude behavior and actions her father Ramposa III had caused to injure Lakyus' face. Even before saying sorry to the two adventurers, she had long since issued an apology to Lakyus directly face-to-face about it.

A short time later, Renner, along with the rest of the royal family, greet Albedo, the emissary of the Sorcerer Kingdom, when she appears at the Ro-Lente Castle to start formal relations.

Thereafter, Renner is visited by Albedo, who has arrived at the Ro-Lente Castle during the latter's visit to her home nation, the Re-Estize Kingdom. Renner meets up with Albedo for the first time at her Royal Family's Dinner Party and converses with the Sorcerer Kingdom's envoy. Upon clearing everyone, including Climb, out of the room, they begin private talks about her cooperativeness in preparing for the full annexation of the Kingdom.

Also, Renner is awarded a gift from Ainz as a reward for her contributions to Nazarick's cause, along with another item she is given by Albedo. Renner informs Albedo that the preparations in opening the racial-change box, Fallen Seed given to her as a reward are already underway and should be completed before the Sorcerer Kingdom invades the Re-Estize Kingdom. In addition, they continue their discussion on how to proceed forward with the entire Re-Estize Kingdom falling under the Sorcerer Kingdom's domain and finish the meeting off with a girl's talk about their beloved-ones.[10]

The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc

Main article: The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc

Renner has been helping Zanac with the current troubles that the Re-Estize Kingdom has been facing, such as the decrease in labor, manpower, and food shortages. She offers several useful insights that could help her brother solve these issues, such as suggesting the use of high-level druids or using grain bought from the Sorcerer Kingdom by merchants.

On the other hand, she also discusses matters with him about what's been happening outside their nation as of late. For instance, the current state of how the Sorcerer Kingdom's diplomatic relations with the Holy Kingdom, Baharuth Empire, and the Dwarf Kingdom in various areas like trade. At the same time, they express their concerns on whether negotiations of an alliance are coming through with the Argland Council State successfully.[11]

Renner is later present during a meeting between her father and the Prime Minister of the Sorcerer Kingdom, Albedo. After the meeting concludes, she and Zanac are invited by her father to have a private meeting with him. She orders Climb and Brain, who are waiting outside the room as her guards, to stay in her room while she goes off with her brother to meet with her father. When she and Zanac are speaking with Ramposa, the latter suggests that she flee, since the kingdom is about to be destroyed. However, neither she nor Zanac agree to run away from their home nation.[12]

After the true movements of the Sorcerer Kingdom are finally revealed and made aware to the Royal Capital, Zanac launches a coup d'etat against King Ramposa, mainly due to the king's continued insistence on diplomacy to diffuse the war between the Re-Estize kingdom and the Sorcerer Kingdom, despite the obvious stance of hostility the Sorcerer Kingdom and the countless atrocities the latter has already inflicted to the Kingdom. causing the crown prince and all the other high ministers and officials to deem Ramposa no longer fit to be their ruler in this time of crisis. After successfully and quietly dethroning the former king and secretly taking power as king regent, Zanac then orders his allies to suppress all information on the coup in order to avoid mass panic to the already terrified nation. However, despite this, Renner is shown to be fully aware of the current going on's of the castle and has easily figured out her brother's actions with little trouble.

With their father indisposed, Zanac begins to handle the affairs of the Kingdom. During the middle of their work, Renner decides to pay him a visit. As a result, she ends up interrupting him and his ministers' work time, in order to report to him that more than half of the cities and villages in the Kingdom have already been lost to the Sorcerer King’s conquest. She notes that the number of settlements that were wiped out included many cities and villages, along with the lack of information to notice it until now. Hearing this, she is asked by her brother how this was even made possible in the first place, the latter looking to depend on her intellect more than ever before due to their current situation. To Renner, she feels that the answer is obvious as to why they did not receive any information on this. It is solely because someone in their midst is a traitor. For that reason, she describes how there is only one official with enough power and control over the intel flows to the capital and that is none other than Marquis Raeven himself.

She speculates that the reason for the Marquis's betrayal stems from the notion that someone from the Sorcerer Kingdom may have kidnapped his son and is holding him hostage. If not that, she explains even further that he might have chosen to betray the Re-Estize Kingdom simply because he thought that the nation was doomed for disaster. She believes that this was the meticulous doing of the Sorcerer King and can't help but praise him for his masterful planning, as well as feeling awestruck by his intellect. She reasons that maybe the marquis chose to betray them for the sake of protecting the people in his city. On the other hand, she figures that perhaps the Sorcerer King could have also given the marquis the order of killing any people seeking out refuge in his city as a way to test his loyalty.

At the same time, she inquires her brother about how he will proceed on using the Royal Army to deal with the Sorcerer King's military force once it reaches their capital, where the final battle will be initiated. Hearing his response to her question, she ponders whether their nation stands a chance in victory. She is told that the outcome of winning or losing won't matter because they have no other choice but to be confronted by the enemy in battle anyways. For that reason, she is asked by her brother to seek refuge at the Karsanas City-State Alliance, like her father wanted her to do. She refuses the idea of fleeing her country, but would rather stay behind as a princess who is prepared to face death with grace and dignity. However, in the end, Renner tells him that she has not completely ruled out the idea of escaping, but will only choose to do so when the time comes for her to make that decision.[13]

While the capital Re-Estize is already surrounded by the Sorcerer Kingdom's forces, she leaves Ro-Lente Castle to bring food rations from her home to the Orphanage. Once there, she assists her employees in cooking and feeding them meals.

Renner, Climb, and Brain later return to Ro-Lente Castle and are informed by the few remaining knights that Blue Roses is waiting for them. She warns the two that the atrocities the Sorcerer Kingdom’s army have committed along their way towards the capital will most likely continue to happen. Before meeting with Blue Roses, Renner first prepares to wipe off her sweat and applies perfume to herself, while she picks out a gown to wear. When she is finally ready, Renner allows Blue Roses to come in and begin their meeting with her, apologizing to them for the long wait until now. Renner engages in a conversation with Lakyus about what she has been doing until now and how everyone, including the members of Blue Roses, are making use of their time before the fall of the Royal Capital happens. Following along with whatever the Blue Roses is doing, her discussion with Lakyus comes to an abrupt end when the latter is finally drugged upon drinking the tea.

While she is being protected by Climb, Renner can't help but watch on as Lakyus is receiving a painful beating by Gagaran and Tia before being weakened enough to then forcefully obey Evileye's command via [Charm Person]. Renner already had a feeling that they are all acting this way aggressively towards Lakyus for a reason. Her suspicions are then confirmed upon learning that Evileye and the other members of Blue Roses are conspiring to force Lakyus to leave the Royal Capital with them by any means necessary, such as using violence on her. When Evileye ask Renner if she wants to depart the city with them too, Renner turns down her offer and chooses to stay behind with Climb in order to fulfill her duties as a royal. She respects Blue Roses' decision to do what must be done with Lakyus by not telling the truth to Brain about the event that had transpired in their room after his return.

Understanding Brain's motivation to fight and not to escape, she also respectfully bids farewell to the warrior and is given back the Re-Estize Kingdom's National Treasure, Razor Edge, from him. Left alone with Climb, Renner begins practicing and testing out the weapon to see for herself how compatible she is with the weapon. Due to her lack of sufficient strength, Razor Edge appears heavy to Renner. Since she has difficulty waving the weapon in the air and showing wobbly movement, Renner gives the blade to Climb instead. Thereafter, before heading to her father's side, she decides to go make unknown preparations first ahead of time. Renner plans to hand the sword Razor Edge off to her father after everything is cleared up on her end.

After the preparations are made, she, while accompanied by Climb, arrive at her father's room to meet with him. She informs her father about Brain leaving her side to fight the Sorcerer King alone without bringing the Razor Edge weapon with him. Renner reasons with her father that giving Gazef's weapon to Brain to help defeat the Sorcerer King would not have fixed their nation's predicament. She orders Climb to not heed her father's command of fleeing with her, forcing King Ramposa III to acknowledge the former's authority over him. She requests Ramposa to leave the crown to her, reasoning how a treasure that carries with it their royal family's history should not be handed over to the Sorcerer King directly. She reasonably suggests her father to keep all the national treasures hidden in the Royal Capital, away from Ro-Lente Castle. She convinces her father that telling the Sorcerer King about how the items that signify kingship are scattered throughout Re-Estize will cause the undead to refrain from destroying the capital city to search for them.

As a result, Renner instructs Climb to act accordingly to her plan by having him handle the task of hiding the items that are symbolic of the throne and the Kingdom. Renner quickly draws a map for Climb to use in helping him navigate his way to an abandoned warehouse district, looking to use a small warehouse there as a hiding place where the items will be hidden in that location's basement. Before he heads out to do his job, Renner orders Climb to return back to Ro-Lente Castle alive and unharmed, telling him to not engage in a fight with the enemies, but run. As Climb leaves, Renner is provided a few potions by her father. Renner then goes ahead and writes down specific instructions in familiar handwriting for Climb to go to the throne room where she and her father will be heading after Climb comes backs from his mission. In the throne room, she proceeds to stride forth towards her father and murder him with Razor Edge. When Climb later arrives at the scene of the murder and is forced to kneel by Demiurge before the Sorcerer King, he believes that Renner was possibly put under mind-control and forced to kill her own father against her will. Out of concern for Climb's well-being, she is unable to help but stare helplessly at him for challenging the Sorcerer King in a death battle.

Later, Renner is transformed into a Demonic Imp as part of her agreement in becoming a servant of Nazarick and resurrecting Climb; then swears fealty to the Sorcerer King Ainz Ooal Gown. After pledging her allegiance to Ainz, she is given a new place of residence in on the 9th floor of Nazarick to live solely together with Climb. Upon bringing his corpse to her room, she is able to obtain help from the forces of the Sorcerer Kingdom like Pestonya Shortcake Wanko to resurrect Climb. Once Climb is revived and awake, Renner proceeds to explain everything that has happened to her while he was dead and what she has decided to do in order to bring him back alive. Renner fools Climb into believing that he was resurrected and saved at the cost of her choosing to turn into a demon and work under the Sorcerer Kingdom as a price for his sake. She sways Climb to become an immortal demon like her too so that they can live together forever by each other's side. At the same time, she even convinces Climb to loyally submit to the Sorcerer King for her sake. However, she preemptively warns Climb that Ainz will force some tasks onto him to test his newfound loyalty, asking him to bear with it until he proves his loyalty and worth to the Sorcerer King. Before leaving the room, Renner promises Climb that she will be taking good care of him as he rests and sleeps.

Upon exiting the bedroom, she falls on her knees and frantically apologizes to Albedo for getting the Sorcerer King to help with the preparations of the poison and the theatrics in the Ro-Lente Castle's throne room. She is acknowledged by Albedo to be more than ready in working for Nazarick as Ainz lavishly praised her feats. The reward for her service to Nazarick from now on, for the next millennia, will be given to her in advance, which requires the need to prepare the sacrifice after Climb recovers. Renner is sternly warned that this gift was not provided to her because she has inherent value as a hostage, but something she has earned through her actions and the trust that has been built up between them. After Albedo leave, Renner begins quietly rejoicing to herself that her dream life with Climb that she has yearned so much for is now within her reach.[14]

Ainz (Isekai Quartet) NOTICE: The following section and subsequent subsections are considered NON-CANON to the Overlord Light Novels.

Mass for the Dead Arc

Main article: Mass for the Dead Arc

Renner listened to a briefing from her friend Lakyus with Climb on the Cracks that have appeared throughout the world. Already her kingdom is dealing with the fallout with more refugees coming to the Royal Capital. However some good news is revealed when the princess tells her allies that the Tripartite Agreement has been signed thus creating a union of the three nations and also the lessen of restrictions of the Adventurer's Guild to directly help in the national crisis. Climb takes the opportunity to be allowed to work in the refugee camps to further her cause to protect the people. The princess seeing that there is no trouble, also gives Climb an assignment to locate a group of thieves that have been robbing the people in the camps. Once Climb captured the thieves and guards involved in the crime, with the help of Blue Roses her returned to be at the princess's side.[15]

Renner would speak further with Lakyus on coordinating the relief effort for the citizens of the Kingdom.[16] Due to the lack of resources available in the kingdom, the princess asked Lakyus and Gagaran to complete a request for her on behalf of the Kingdom. The request involved reclaiming an abandoned mine that was infested with monsters.[17] Later after the protagonist rose to the rank of a platinum adventurer, the mayor of E-Rantel informed her of the new adventurer via a letter.[18]

The princess eventually journeyed to E-Rantel with Climb and solicited the help of the protagonist. She requested that the adventurer discover who was the mastermind behind all the sudden disappearances in the city. The resolution of the incident was of high importance as the date for the summit of the Tripartite Alliance was approaching. To help the adventurer and his friends, Renner had Blue Roses work with them. Once it was determined that Six Arms and Zurrernorn were behind the incident, Renner then ordered Blue Roses to capture Zero who had escaped. The princess impressed by the skill of the protagonist, asked him and his team to become escorts for the royal family at the Tripartite Conference.[19]

At the conference, Renner watched the dialogue from the sidelines between her father and Emperor Jircniv on the direction of the Alliance.[20] Weeks later she would be the voice that urged her father to accept an offer of an alliance with the protagonist's nation, in exchange for him accepting a mission to locate a missing Gazef Stronoff.[21] After the protagonist accepted the mission, Renner also asked Blue Roses to go with the adventurer and also made preparations with the Pharmacist's Guild to be ready for an injured Warrior Captain. While waiting for news from the adventurers she spent her time watching Climb training with Lakyus. as she watched she mused how lovely Climb was and hoped that the world would not disturb them.[22]

To retrieve some armors from a dwarf named Tsuibayaya, the princess had Blue Roses travel to the seaside village where the dwarf live.[23] When the royal family met with the protagonist to reward him for bringing back Gazef safely home, the protagonist requested the management rights of E-Rantel. Unlike the rest of her family she saw the benefits of transferring the rights to an outsider as it would keep the city officially out of their enemies hands and help to maintain neutrality for the Alliance. Around this time she accepted Brain Ungluas as her direct subordinate due to Lakyus's recommendation.[24]

At the time of an adventurer tournament in E-Rantel, Princess Renner allowed it as it would recruit more adventurers in the Kingdom and serve as a distraction to the people and make them look away from the horrors of attack by the Demon Emperor Jaldabaoth. She gave permission to Climb to attend the event as she knew that her guard wanted to see the protagonist compete.[25] Brain Unglaus also attending the tournament volunteered to fight against the travelers Shall and Ku. For his participation, he was gifted some chocolates which he gave to Climb to give as a gift to the princess.[26]

The transfer of city rights does happen after the protagonist was recognized for saving the city from Jaldabaoth. Under the eyes of the royal family, and the other leaders of the Alliance, the protagonist accepted the rule of E-Rantel on behalf of the Sorcerer Kingdom. To commemorate the event, Renner gifted the protagonist with the title of Territory Guardian of E-Rantel.[27]

To assist her brother, Zanac, in getting to the bottom of an unusual number of kidnappings in the area around Re-Blumrushur, the princess negotiated with Blue Roses on his behalf to have them assist the protagonist.[28]

Renner and Climb who were in E-Rantel would be visited by Darkness, with the protagonist making an inquiry of Blue Roses's latest activities. Particularly if there had been any weird behavioral changes. The princess could only say that Lakyus had left the city around noon for a job she could not speak about which the adventurers found interesting as it meant that Blue Roses was involved in a job that they could not share with Renner. When Soi informed the princess of the bunny girl costumes Lakyus and Evileye were seen wearing it only caused Renner confusion as such attire were usually seen at gambling houses. The members of Darkness having heard enough then left. Once they were gone, Climb was worried that the protagonist was doing something suspicious as it was odd for another adamantite team to investigate another. The princess though had faith in the protagonist, believing that the adventurer had a good reason for doing so. Later as it turned out, the protagonist filled Renner in that he suspected that the Blue Roses who were currently in E-Rantel were actually imposters. To confirm if his theory was right, Renner got in touch with the real Blue Roses via a [Message] proving that his concern was warranted.[29]

Over tea, Princess Renner would dicsuss about the progress in E-Rantel made by the protagonist with Climb, Lakyus and Evileye on how the citizens of the old section of the city were beginning to recover from the trauma from the Demon Emperor. Another topic that was touched on was the success of the chocolate confectionaries provided by the Adventurer's Guild which were attracting more people to join just to acquire the items and how the guild was capitalizing on the protagonist's hero status by making various memorabilia. Renner though wondered if the guild would make memorabilia of other adventurers which Lakyus teased that she wanted a doll of Climb. Due to the Sorcerer Kingdom's support in E-Rantel, it made the princess aware how much her own kingdom lack in resources. The conversation then turned to the number of sick orphans in the old section of E-Rantel, which Renner heart went out to. However knowing that direct action by the Kingdom would draw critism from other parties, Renner requested Lakyus to take a look into the situation. Through Evileye, the princess learned of the status of the orphans and later Nfirea Bareare involvement to seek a cure in the form of the Fruit of Longevity. The princess approved Evileye to go and escort Nfirea to the Tob Forest with the members of Darkness in order to finally end the disease in E-Rantel.[30]

After some time, the princess and her father would invite the protagonist and his team to their suite in E-Rantel to express their gratitude for his hard work. It was there that the royals learned of the protagonist's plan to open trade with the distant Dwarf Kingdom in the Azerlisia Mountains. As her father was unfamiliar with the nation, Renner provided him with some information on it. The princess wished the protagonist luck as her father agreed to guard E-Rantel in his place until he returned.[31]

The Princess was seemingly distraught after hearing that her father vanished just outside the city when he confronted her brother Barbro to convince him not to attack E-Rantel. Later in what followed to be a mass invasion of Chaos Beasts emerging from newly formed Cracks within the city Renner assigned an important mission to Climb and Brain in delivering Razor Edge to a specific location.[32]

Some months after the attack on E-Rantel, the princess was reported to be missing along with the corpse of her servant Climb. Renner as it turns out was living under the protection of the Sorcerer Kingdom, at an undisclosed location. From the conversation of Demiurge and Albedo, its revealed that Renner has been a long time associate of the demons, who regarded her a "spiritual heteromorph" due her cold thinking. She helped them in the "Three Kingdoms Puppetization Plan", preparing her nation to fall under the sway of the Sorcerer Kingdom. As part of their arrangement, Renner was granted the service of a Shadow Demon who monitored her. To ensure Climb's survival, she had a condition that he be slain and corpse recovered if there was any situation where his body would be endangered of being lost. While the demon could not act on her immediate orders, Renner manipulated it by forcing it to slay Climb by causing Climb to bring Razor Edge to the E-Rantel Magic Research Institute to bring to the imprisoned Gazef Stronoff. After the young warrior witnessed the protagonist get sucked into the Crack that opened up, the Shadow Demon was forced kill the human to not just fulfill the agreement but to keep the protagonist disappearance secret. The clever plan was proudly lauded by Demiurge and Albedo who rather than be angry about being used, decided to reward her by making her into a demon.[33]

Later it is revealed that Renner became Albedo's subordinate and was indeed transformed into an imp as her reward, alongside Climb. While Renner willingly chose to become a demon, Climb was changed into one without his consent, though the princess claimed that it was done so in order to revive him as he had been 'killed' by a Chaos Beast, which normally prevented revival skills. Thus she maintained a story that Climb's revival was the reason why she served the Sorcerer Kingdom to repay them for saving him. The charade convinced Climb who willingly followed her into the heteromorph nation's service.

During her stay in Nazarick, Renner was granted charge of the Mysterious Island and directed the lizardmen colonists in building a proper harbor and base. In addition she coordinated all investigation units that went beyond the fog surrounding the islands which led to the discovery of the archipelago and the continent nearby. Her work was praised by Albedo as she exceeded expectations of constructing the island's infrastructure within a short amount of time. Renner provided her superior some consultation on the Chaos Beasts that were plaguing the archipelago in that the number of monsters were beyond the abilities of the current investigations to deal with. This prompted Albedo to handle the situation herself to lead a follow-up investigation unit beyond the fog to eliminate the Chaos Beasts and seek out any intelligent beings that may exist on the nearby islands. At the request of Albedo, Renner allowed her to take Climb on the mission while she remained on the island to continue her efforts of building the facilities.[34]

At the time of Nazarick's investigation an illegal gambling den in the Kingdom, Albedo reported to Momonga that Renner was progressing with the island's management.[35] While Renner was managing the island's affairs, the lizardmen reported that they were having a problem for storing the surplus of fish. She also had a surprise visit from Albedo who came to check on the operation and was impressed by how much Renner and her underlings achieved.

Renner stressed that the work was all thanks to the lizardmen and approached Albedo to properly reward them, not back down on the issue even when Albedo tried to casually dismiss it. Renner and Climb would have Zaryusu do a survey on what exactly the lizardmen would like to receive, which turned out to be an ice room to preserve the surplus of fish caught and a statue of Momonga to give tribute to.

When the requests were passed to Momonga and the Floor Guardians, the ice room was approved, while a statue of Momonga was rejected at Momonga's insistence of not cheapening Demiurge's masterpieces by producing replicas of his Sorcerer King Momonga Statue.

Albedo then had Renner in charge of preparing the ice room for the lizardmen and directed her to Cocytus for aid. Slimeko was then assigned as her guide to the 5th Floor and both were given Christmas Costumes to adapt to the cold weather. There at Snowball Earth, a Frost Virgin greeted her and the slime and showed them to Cocytus who was eager to lend his expertise in ice summoning. For the ice room, the Floor Guardian had the idea to add a feature within it, that being a carved ice statue of Momonga.

However Slimeko pointed out that a statue of Momonga was no longer on he table at Momonga's order. However Renner encouraged the idea, stating that they could reframe Cocytus's feature to restore the idea of the statue on the table by citing the benefits of using it to focus worship on Momonga instead of the lizardmen's ancestral spirits. When Cocytus and Renner presented their proposal before Momonga and the Floor Guardians, it receive majority of approval forcing Momonga to reconsider his disapproval.

Momonga though hesitantly only would approve of the statue, unless the ice statue addition to the ice room was accepted by the lizardmen. This initially confused Renner, as she did not understand why Momonga would not readily accept to install an statue of worship of himself before the lizardmen. Though she came to the conclusion that the undead preferred the subtler approach to insinuating himself into the culture of his followers.

Once the lizardmen were given the news of their requests being fulfilled and agreed to the new feature to the ice room, Renner, while being escorted by the Pleiades, Climb and Slimeko, headed to the Azerlisia Mountains to collect game animals at Albedo's request. After procuring a few vultures she, Climb and Slimeko returned to Nazarick to meet up with Cocytus to head back to the island to begin creating the ice room.

The ice room was placed in a cave that was previously scouted by the imp, and just as the ice statue was installed, it came under attack by a nests slimes that were residing in the cave. Renner participated in the defense of the new facility, wiping out the monsters. Though the damage to the ice room was minimal she felt responsible for her carelessness and tried to apologize to Cocytus for the blunder. Cocytus would not allow her to bow her head to him, so instead she prayed before the ice statue of Momonga, leaving all the lizardmen present in awe and enamored by the idol.

Renner returned to Nazraick to give her debriefing, giving everything that happened during the assignment and made no attempt to hide her mistake at the cave. Cocytus being a true ally, added his commentary to make in clear that Renner defended the ice room and even impressed the lizardmen with her action of submitting herself before the statue, which would no doubt lead many of the demi-humans to begin worshipping it and thus Momonga.

Deeming the operation to be a success, Momonga declared a Christmas feast on the 6th Floor to celebrate. Albedo before heading to the floor, told Renner that she and Climb were allowed to join. At the party, Renner found herself the center of attention by the other Floor Guardians, having been impressed with her contribution of providing the meat for the party and the mission of rewarding the lizardmen.

Albedo soon approached her to see how she was doing, and Renner spoke to her, with her suspicions that the Overseer Guardian arranged for her to be assigned to collect the materials for the part so she could be praised and slowly be accepted by the people in Nazarick. Albedo admitted it was partially so, but also she gave her the task to forage for food in the mountains to understand her taste in preference, given she was now a demon so food was no longer a driving factor for her. That being said, Albedo noticing Renner did not have a chance to eat anything at the party, the imp was then offered a warm plate to fill her belly, which Renner accepted from her superior.[36]

Renner would be asked by Albedo to help Yuri instruct Lupusregina and CZ on noble etiquette. And also gave advice to Renner on noble fashion to make a dress for Lupusregina. After the two Pleiades succeeded in their mission thanks to their training Albedo a visited her again at the island to thank the imp and gift her brand new dress for an upcoming ball, counting on her Ain the future to teach Momonga how to dance.[37]

END of NON-CANON content

Abilities and Powers

Renner is the smartest individual to come from the fallen Re-Estize Kingdom, possessing unfathomable intelligence, observational skills, comprehension, creativity, and leadership. Even Demiurge and Albedo are both impressed by her advanced intellect and consider her to be extremely useful, unlike the rest of the kingdom’s citizens.

Several of Renner’s intellectual feats include:

  • Proposing several progressive ideas, which could have helped reform the Kingdom, such as crop rotation, the abolishment of slavery, the improvement of infrastructure, etc. These reforms and policies were deemed to be so revolutionary and effective that the Blood Emperor, Jircniv Rune Farlord El-Nix himself, secretly adopted them to evolve the Baharuth Empire after coming into power.
  • Easily deciphers secret codes used by Eight Fingers within a short period of time and reveals the various locations of Eight Fingers’ bases of operation.
  • Devising a brilliant strategy to quickly and quietly suppress Eight Fingers' presence within the Royal Capital and later showing immense adaptability to alter and change her initial battle strategy for the fight against the demon army led by Jaldabaoth.
  • Renner was also capable of creating a hidden, but highly effective, information network completely undetectable by both the Re-Estize Kingdom's government and the Factions and allow her to be completely informed on all the kingdom's clandestine activities and affairs, despite her having no nobles, merchants, or any other supporters to actually back her information. Even Marquis Raeven, the most talented and well connected nobleman of the kingdom and leader of both the Royal and Noble factions of the kingdom, is completely incapable of detecting Renner's information network and is dumbfounded on how well informed she was.
  • Renner was also shown to have long since anticipated the eventual decline of the Re-Estize Kingdom and thus it was implied by Zanac that the real reason why she befriended Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra, allowed Climb to train and join military operations despite her yandere tendencies, and recruited Brain Unglaus was for the sole reason to bolster her own personal power within the kingdom and effectively obtain the strongest military force left in the entire kingdom due to now having personal access to the Adamantite ranked Adventurers Blue Roses, a powerful gold ranked level swordsman as her personal bodyguard, and a sword genius capable of fighting evenly against the kingdom's strongest warrior Gazef Stronoff as her second bodyguard.
  • Renner's intelligence is also stated to be so great, that it is even comparable to Albedo and Demiurge of the Great Tomb of Nazarick, two of the most brilliant and intelligent NPC's of the Sorcerer Kingdom who can both simultaneously hatch ingenious plots, schemes, and plans with little effort and manage multiple operations simultaneously across the continent with little issue.
  • Back before the Demonic Disturbance, from the moment she had met with Demiurge, to the destruction of the Re-Estize Kingdom, around 90% of the plan had been suggested by Renner herself. She had expertly manipulated all sides through their conceit. The only thing she was wary of was when the plan had changed to the slaughter of almost all of the citizens of the Kingdom. She was worried about whether or not she would be thrown away afterwards. Other than that, things had gone mostly according to her plans.

Renner is also a skilled actress who can assume one of many fake personalities, depending on her purpose. Whether it is a dignified royalty when granting an audience, a kind and compassionate girl in front of Climb, or a naïve, innocent, and foolish princess for deceiving her maids. Thanks to her acting skill, Renner successfully hid her true, twisted personality for several years. Only a few people in the Kingdom, like Prince Zanac and Marquis Raeven, can see through the façade worn by her. Furthermore, she perfectly maintained her public persona, the "Golden Princess”, to the end of the Re-Estize Kingdom with no one ever discovering her betrayal. 

Despite her limited power and sheer lack of resources or backers as the Third Princess of the Re-Estize Kingdom, Renner still managed to utilize her information network and personal connections to manipulate events and achieve her desired outcomes. For example:

  • Manipulating the nobles to act accordingly to her scheme by deliberately leaking information to the maids, who would eventually relay it to their families to follow the scenarios she has long calculated for her own personal gain.
  • Initiating many reforming ideas and revolutionary policies to make herself look like an ideal princess in the eyes of Climb.
  • Successfully gaining immense secret political power over the Re-Estize Kingdom upon agreeing to "assist" her brother Zanac in handling the many affairs of the Kingdom after his rise to power as the Crown Prince and later as the King Regent.

After her betrayal and her country being left in ruins, she willingly gave up her royal status to become a full-time servant of Nazarick. Based on her secret cooperation with the Sorcerer Kingdom, Renner may be considered for a position equivalent to an Area Guardian. Since becoming an Imp, she is likely to have the standard powers of said type of demon.

Racial Classes

Job Classes

Former Job Classes

Main Equipment

  • Warm Bottle: One of Renner's prized possessions.
  • Hand Bell: A magic item Renner used to summon the maids attending her.
  • Fallen Seed: A racial change item that was given to her by Albedo to change her into an Imp. Later, she is gifted with another Seed to use on Climb as payment for her future work for Nazarick.



Since they were kids, Renner used to sleep together with Climb as children in the past. Renner treats Climb like a pet dog and loves him greatly, as he is the reason she started to act innocent, kind, and caring greatly about the country in front of him after picking him up. When Climb is not around, she reverts to her psychopathic personality. From Renner's view, Climb is an important existence that she wants to protect at all costs, going as far as revealing hostility to anyone, including her own maids, if they were to badly mistreat him.

It's been shown that Renner's obsessive love and adoration of Climb is the main motivator that pushed Renner to do the majority of her actions and plans due to her desire to see the godlike devotional stare of innocence Climb would give her whenever she did good things. Revealing that the sole reason for carrying out good deeds publicly and crusading to fix the kingdom for "Justice" was solely to make herself look like the ideal princess for Climb and see more of his "puppy eyes," she yearns for Climb to spoil her more with his kindness.

Eventually, this love she harbors for him has evolved into pure sexual desires for him. This was shown when Renner happily and openly declares to Marquis Raeven and Zanac in private that she would like to chain up Climb with a collar like a dog. Renner conveys her wish to tie Climb up and "play with him all night long," desiring and dreaming to do whatever she could to the warrior.

After she gave up her humanity and became a demon affiliated with Nazarick, Renner is able to successfully convince Climb to also become one too and serve under the Sorcerer King in order to stay with her forever. Due to her positive views of Nazarick and the entities governing it, Renner is joyfully ecstatic to stay with Climb for eternity within the tomb in complete safety for the rest of their immortal lives.

Renner herself has now become so deliriously happy with her new situation with Climb as servants to the Sorcerer Kingdom and has now begun thinking and pondering if she should have her first time with him now or savor it later.

Brain Unglaus

Like many others, Brain was completely oblivious to Renner's true character, seeing her as simply an "air-headed Princess that is too kind for her good." After the Demonic Disturbance, Brain temporarily became her vassal to take care of Climb.

On Renner's side, Brain was one of the people she requested to her Nazarick contacts to be spared during the Annual War. However, this is likely only because he was Climb's friend. True enough, when Brain resigned his post and went ahead to make his last stand during the Siege of the Royal Capital, Renner did not object.

Ramposa III

Ramposa III was Renner's father. She usually discussed with her father about her new ideas for the benefit of the Kingdom. However, she had no qualms betraying him and later, Renner possessed no hesitation in killing him herself in order to prove her loyalty to the Sorcerer Kingdom. She would also use his death in order to further manipulate Climb for her own ends. When contemplating her actions after the Fall of the Re-Estize Kingdom, Renner happily declares that she has no shred of regret, shame, or guilt in sacrificing her father in order to accomplish her goals.

Barbro Andrean Ield Ryle Vaiself

Renner was aware that her eldest brother intended to marry her off to one of his political backers once he took the throne, prompting her to conspire against him with Zanac and Marquis Raeven. Overall, Renner seemed to have had no familial bond with her eldest brother.

Zanac Valleon Igana Ryle Vaiself

Zanac was Renner's older brother and the only person in their family who was aware of her true nature. The two had somewhat of a working relationship, with Renner helping him become king in return for allowing her to marry Climb; a proposal she manipulated him into offering her. Ultimately, while she teased him sometimes under her princess persona, Renner seemed to have no familial love for her brother.

Elias Brandt Dale Raeven

Marquis Raeven is one of the few people aware of Renner's true nature and the two had somewhat of a business relationship, with her aiding him to make Zanac king in return for him helping with her own endeavors. She is also aware that the Marquis is secretly terrified of her and she once proposed making his son her fiancé as a joke, with the Marquis completely opposing the idea.

Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra

Renner is a close friend to Lakyus and has hired Blue Roses in the past to combat Eight Fingers. However, Zanac believes she only befriended her to use Blue Roses to increase her influence. True enough, after Lakyus was forced to flee the Kingdom by her teammates, Renner did not seem to care.

Gazef Stronoff

Renner was acquainted with Gazef through her father. The two were shown to have a working relationship when she enlisted him for the Eight Fingers Suppression Campaign. Like many others, Gazef was also oblivious to Renner's true personality and believed her persona as a well meaning, saint like princess to be genuine.


On the surface, Renner seemed to get along well enough with her noble maids. However, in reality, the maids were spying on her for their families and actually hated being assigned to a "Spare of Spares." In turn, Renner was fully aware of this and took advantage of it by giving false information while spying on them in turn. She also disliked the maids on a personal level, due to their constant disrespect towards Climb.


Apparently, Renner was confronted by Demiurge shortly before the Demonic Disturbance, after the latter had deduced her true nature and had taken an interest in her. The two then struck a deal; Renner became a spy for Nazarick in return for guaranteeing Climb's safety and helping her live out her wildest fantasies with him. Still, she is wary of him, knowing the powerful demon could choose to betray her at any time.


Renner's allegiance to the Sorcerer Kingdom effectively makes Albedo her superior. She has shown to treat her with the proper respect, which the latter reciprocates. Aside from this, though, they also share a more personal relationship, with both openly discussing their twisted love for their man. Still, Renner is shown to be fearful of the Guardian Overseer and thus shows respect in her presence. After being welcomed into Nazarick, Albedo is now Renner's direct superior.

Ainz Ooal Gown

Likely due to the NPCs' influence, as well as her inability to foresee the Sorcerer King's actions, Renner views Ainz with a sense of awe and reverence. What she finds the most terrifying about him is that he does not rely on overwhelming power alone, but seemingly plans out his every move. While initially planning to hold back her abilities when joining the Sorcerer Kingdom, after she entered the monarch's radar, Renner felt compelled to show him she is worth the trouble of recruiting. She even holds him in the same honorifics as the many NPCs of Nazarick, like "Supreme Being."


  • All of the major changes and good works in the Kingdom that were initiated by Renner were all done simply as an act to make herself look like an ideal princess in front of Climb.
  • According to a tweet from Maruyama, her Genius levels were first converted to her Princess Job levels, but then were reset once her princess levels were converted for the Imp race class.[38]
  • Renner is first on Maruyama's Governing Ranking, with her abilities being beyond comprehension.[39]
  • Renner is also guarded by a Shadow Demon as part of her deal with Nazarick.
  • Renner is one of the two characters in Overlord so far who has received two Character Sheets.
  • Renner is the first known individual from the New World to have successfully race changed using an YGGDRASIL item.
  • If not for Climb's influence in her life, Renner would have made decisions through cold, mathematical logic, making the few suffer for the sake of the many.
  • After her two older sisters were married off, Renner’s own allowance was stated to have increased due to their portions now going to her due to them no longer needing it to support themselves, Renner herself used her increased funds to pay for and finance her orphanage.


  • (To Gazef about Climb): "Climb is fine. He will definitely be able to protect me at any moment."
  • (To Marquis Raeven): "I wish for you, the hidden leader of the Royalty Faction, no, the one who controls the Royalty Faction from the shadows, to lend me your household troops."
  • (To Marquis Raeven and Zanac about Climb): "Climb Yes, it is so. If I could be joined with Climb, perhaps if I chain him up so he can't go anywhere, I will be happy."
  • (To Marquis Raeven and Zanac): "Yes, it would indeed be difficult to do while putting up a front as Princess… Plus, there is no use if it’s done by force. His gaze, I want to chain him up completely and raise him like a dog."
  • (To Marquis Raeven): "Of course I love him. I simply really like his eyes. Him tied up like a dog as well."
  • (To Zanac): "I have no particular desire to be understood, but if you understand that I truly love him, that’s good enough for me."
  • (To Zanac): "Is there any reason for me to reject it? It’s a gamble with the highest chance of winning. Ever since you came into my room with Marquis Raeven, I wanted to talk to you about it."
  • (To Zanac): "Of course, Climb has a chance of dying. In that event, Lakyus will use a resurrection spell on him. It won't be cheap, of course, but an expense like these won't be a problem. And after he's been resurrected, Climb will be weakened from a loss of life energy. During that time, I will take care of him. I'm sure nobody will object to me caring for a person who died and was resurrected for following my orders."
  • (To Climb): "The women you and Sebas-san worked together to save from the brothel...were murdered."
  • (To Climb): "That was a miscalculation on my part. I wanted to hire adventurers as guards, but due to the disturbance, they had all been employed by others. So I had to use mercenaries instead..."
  • (To Climb): "No! If I had been more careful, if I had considered things more closely... that the disturbance would have weakened security in the capital, if I had let them escape when I sensed danger, it wouldn't have turned out like this! If Climb had been there, maybe it wouldn't have turned out like this. And even the adventurers who recommended the mercenaries were shocked..."
  • (To Climb): "...Climb, that's enough. They've been violated enough. At least let them rest in peace."
  • (To Climb): "Of course not! If you spoil me more, I can take scoldings like that more easily. Therefore you must spoil me more. Let's start by napping together like we used to as children."
  • (To Albedo about Ainz Ooal Gown): "I would love to, Albedo-sama. In addition, if I may, could you tell me about his Majesty as well?"
  • (To Zanac): “The web of plots unfolding in front of our eyes were perhaps weaved into the Kingdom many years ago. We are but stuck moths."
  • (To Zanac about Ainz): “In any case, we are at their mercy, it does not matter if onii-sama prefers to use butterflies in that metaphor or not. Even if we slipped through these webs unharmed, there would just be another layer underneath...it is frankly terrifying. I did not believe that someone like him could exist in this world. What if our actions were all well within his calculations?"


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Gazef StronoffBrain UnglausClimbVice CaptainLockmeierBona IngreStaffan HeivishBoris AxelsonLundqvistFranzénGöran DixgardBike
Other Citizens
Enri EmmotNfirea BareareMorganTuareninya VeyronNemu EmmotLizzie BareareHilma CygnaeusBaldo LauffrayAndreAmpetif Cocco DollMan Who Dumps TuareZeroMalmvistSucculentEdströmPeshurianZachDavernochVesture Kloff Di LaufenBritaLatimonEight Fingers LeaderChief of Carne VillageLiliaInnkeeperMarquis Raeven's StrategistIshpen RonbleWina HarshiaThomas CarneChristopher OlsonNoah ZwedenEndioOscasOlinPrian PolsonTsuibayayaBlacksmith's Guildmaster