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Redeem Slime (リディーム・スライム) is a type of slime from YGGDRASIL.

Appearance Edit

Outwardly this variant of slime resembles an Elder Black Ooze save with a pink composition.

Abilities Edit

Although the Redeem Slime's fighting ability is not high, it has a mimicry ability. This mimicry ability gives it the ability to store information at a touched. And the ability to use that information with its mimicry ability.[1]

However their acidity is not that strong, requiring them time cover their prey to digest their food. Additionally they have an ability similar to [Message] that allows them to communicate with distant companions. Though it requires a lot of energy to do so.[2]

Known Redeem Slime Edit

Trivia Edit

  • In Mass for the Dead, Ainz Ooal Gown summoned one Redeem Slime to assist him.


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