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Red Eye (朱の瞳) is one of the five lizardmen tribes that live in the vicinity of the Great Lake.


Red Eye Tribal Symbol

Many years ago, during the resource war in the Wetlands between the various tribes of lizardmen, Red Eye opted to remain neutral to avoid the conflict.[1] In order to survive the food shortages, druids would use their magic to conjure food, however, even their magic was not enough to sustain their people indefinitely. In desperate need to slow the tribe's path to extinction, the chief of Red Eye resorted to cannibalism by using banished tribesmen as food.


Though the majority of the tribe knew vaguely where the meat originated from, and such actions were all taboo, they reluctantly accepted the meat the chief had given them. However, the piling guilt and grievances eventually turned into a revolt led by Crusch Lulu. The chieftain was killed when he refused to surrender and the title of leadership was passed on to Crusch Lulu, who became the acting chieftain.


The Lizard Man Heroes Arc[]

Main article: The Lizard Man Heroes Arc

Red Eye received an ultimatum from the Supreme One of their tribe's annihilation. Shortly later, they were greeted by a visit of an emissary from Green Claw. By the time their conversation was over, Red Eye later accepts Zaryusu's proposal of joining the tribal alliance. Once that was done, she and Zaryusu would journey over to the Razor Tail's Village. Afterward, the two then traveled to the home of the Dragon Tusk tribe and convinced the leader of that group to become part of their newly-founded alliance.[2] When the task of recruiting Dragon Tusk into the alliance was a success, Crusch, Zaryusu, and Zenberu would then end up going to the Green Claw's village with the intention of prepping for the upcoming war against the Army of Death.[3]


Red Eye has the highest numbers of druids in any other tribes and very few hunters. From a tactician's point of view, this tribe specializes in logistics and medical expertise. Their magic casters can heal and imbue magic to strengthen weapons, aiding the combatants on the battlefield. The composition of the tribe is shown below:

Red Eye's Emblem

  • 47 warriors
  • 15 druids
  • 6 hunters
  • 59 male lizardmen
  • 77 female lizardmen

Known Members[]


  • Red Eye is adept at using magic to construct sturdy mud walls, an innovation unheard of by the majority of the tribes until the founding of the confederation.
  • Red Eye was the fourth of the tribes to be warned of the impending lizardmen annihilation.
  • The Red Eye tribe initially did not intend to form a Lizardmen Alliance with other tribes. Their opinion was to choose to seek refuge instead.
  • All of the Lizardman tribes, including Red Eye were absorbed into one single tribe after their war with the forces of Nazarick.[4]


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