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Re-Estize Kingdom Orphanage is the tentative term for a place built and controlled by Princess Renner to educate infants and orphans from the Re-Estize Kingdom.

This orphanage headquarters is located in Re-Estize.


Princess Renner built an orphanage to protect the orphans who no longer have parents to take care of them after what had transpired in the war with the Sorcerer Kingdom. The reason for her way of doing all this was to maintain public order, preventing the children from living a life of crime. If not for the orphanage, those infants would have been treated as orphans without parents to look after them. In addition to that, she is looking to possibly scout and recruit potential, talented individuals from among the children to help with regaining the Kingdom's depleted strength. This orphanage is giving these kids a certain degree of education like identifying their talent during childhood.


The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc[]

Main article: The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc

Renner was playing with a group of children in the orphanage that she had opened for those whose parents were slain in the massacre at Katze Plains. According to her, the women who have recently lost their husbands from the war will also need a place like the orphanage to do work at. With support from her brother Zanac, she was able to pour money into funding the orphanage.

In the future, Renner said that next time they return back to the orphanage, she is planning to visit the children with Brain Unglaus. This way, Brain can look for Gazef Stronoff's successor. At the same time, she has also thought of inviting all sorts of people to the orphanage and have them look over the children for talents.

While so, she is discussing with Evileye about what methods to use for scouting out talents found in children. Evileye suggests the Princess should set up a universal identification system in place for that very purpose. To support this system, she believes they should hire specific magic casters who have access to 3rd-tier, spiritualist-only spells which can be used to verify the presence or absence of a talent within each and every child.

Later on, Renner received permission by her brother Zanac to take any of the orphans to be her children, allowing the former to do as whatever she please with them.[1]

The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc[]

Main article: The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc

Zanac had noted how Renner has been cooking food lately for the children to eat. He estimated that there are around 50 children by now in the orphanage. Due to how many children are living there, he felt it was a significant amount, perhaps the greatest among all the orphanages known in the Re-Estize Kingdom. He stated that Renner had not bothered to seek out external support in running the orphanage’s operations, which were funded entirely through her privy purse. If there are any outstanding children in the orphanage, Renner intends to take them with her to the manor. She considers those kinds of children a prospective labor force for Brain to help train and school them in swordsmanship. Whereas for those who are not exceptional, even if they could only do simple calculations or writings, she ensures Zanac that there will still be a job waiting for them to do somewhere else.[2]

Before leaving the Orphanage and heading back to Ro-Lente Castle, Renner made sure to cook and feed them meals. Considering the food rations are dwindling day by day during the Re-Estize Kingdom's war with the Sorcerer Kingdom, she took some food from Ro-Lente Caste and brought it over to the Orphanage so that she can cook it for them. The orphanage did not have much food left. Moreover, the price of food has risen due to the worsening situation in the capital, so the orphanage could no longer sustain its own operations. It had no choice but to decrease the number of meals per day as well as the amount of food the children received per meal. In order to prevent the children from fighting over the food or the employees choosing to go without for them, she had even cooked side dishes to go along with the entree.

What happened to the orphanage after the Kingdom's downfall is unknown, though the building was likely to have been crushed when Mare leveled the Royal Capital. Climb noting that Renner had a "ashen smell" about her after making food for the orphans, along with her seeming increase in physical abilities afterward, implies that she poisoned them; perhaps as a requirement for completing her racial change into an Imp.[3]


  • According to Renner, Brain Unglaus was the person who gave her the idea of building the orphanage.
  • Climb thinks Renner built this orphanage for his sake, considering the state he was in before meeting her. In a way, it was to prevent children like Climb from appearing again.
  • After losing the war horrifically to the Sorcerer Kingdom, fathers of orphans in the Re-Estize Kingdom were said to be mentally scarred from surviving an encounter with the Dark Youngs, and can’t live a normal life anymore.
  • According to Climb, a native of the New World, orphans dying in the mud was hardly treated as big news.[4]
  • It is implied that Renner poisoned and killed all the orphans to complete her racial change into an Imp.
    • She had a strange ashen smell about her after cooking for the orphans for the last time.
    • She exhibited a strange increase in physical ability following her last visit to the orphanage.
    • Changing races in YGGDRASIL required meeting certain criteria. In the case of Renner, she needed an unspecific number of sacrifices to activate a racial change item, Fallen Seed.


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