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Razor Edge (レイザーエッジ) is a sword created through Wild Magic and was once wielded by Gazef Stronoff. It is currently in the possession of the Sorcerer Kingdom.


This magical sword is one of the five treasures of the Re-Estize Kingdom. It is a national treasure given only to the nation's strongest warrior.


It is a large glowing magical broadsword with an elaborate hilt similar to Gazef's normal weapon. The handle is covered in a gold like material and the blade is teal-green colored.


Razor Edge is a magically sharpened sword with the ability to slice through armor like paper. However, according to Ainz Ooal Gown's analysis, its sharpness is just one of it abilities. In fact, the sword has as much data or mana imbued as weakly enchanted objects, and therefore shouldn't be able to hurt him. Still, the very fact that the sword can cause him harm despite what he understands to be true makes it an impressive sword in his eyes.


  • Ainz mentioned it has the ability to bypass any defense, like his low level weapon immunity and the reason why Razor Edge is capable of killing him.[1]
  • Fluder Paradyne believes this weapon was either spontaneously created by the natural absorption of mana, or perhaps through the magic of the Dragons, also known as Wild Magic.[2]
  • Renner Theiere Chardelon Ryle Vaiself used the sword to murder King Ramposa III.
  • When Ainz encountered the sword again during his fight against Climb, he believed that the sword could break a World Item and was very interested in the result of such an experiment. If it could damage one, that sword’s value would skyrocket.[3]
    • Later after killing Climb, Ainz has now successfully obtained the sword for his own use.


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