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Rangobart Eck Waria Roberbad (ランゴバルト・エック・ワライア・ロベルバド) is a character in the final arc of the Overlord Web Novel, serving as the point-of-view character for the arc's events.


Rangobart is described to have a well-organized face, and a handsome man, and one of elegant poise and grace.


An entitled young man who believes his prestige is all that is needed to make it through life.


Rangobart is the third son of a concubine and belonged to a moderately powerful aristocratic house in the Empire. His eldest brother had no magical ability, but was still very talented and so was designated to inherit the house. It was impossible for the inheritance of the house to come to Rangobart. He could use the authority of the house because his other brothers could not use magic and so he was expected to make up for that deficiency.


Overlord Second Half Arc

Main article: Overlord Second Half Arc

Rangobart intrudes and attempts to solicit Nemel as he was planning to do. However, Jet prevents Rangobart from actually getting Nemel to speak to him so he forces Nemel behind him and lies about her being busy. This leads to a verbal outburst from Rangobart. Due to the timely arrival of the student council president, the former exclaims Rangobart from his attempt of bullying.[1]

In the coming days, many nobles attempt to introduce themselves to Fluder Paradyne and recruit him. Fluder nonetheless turns them down, even Rangobart. Soon after Rangobart is expelled from his own team, despite being the leader. At risk of being humiliated in his family he was approached by a strange young man named Momon who offered to help form a team with him.[2]

Rangobart brings Momon to his residence where he encounters his father and elder brother. Both are initially dismissive of Rangobart's teammate, however when Momon mentions to the head of the family of how his 'miracle' was working for him, Rangobart's father suddenly was at a loss for words. He hasyily complied with Momon and escorted him to another room for a private conversation. The two left the other two young men behind, both wondering who Momon truly was.

After the two finished their conversation, Rangobart was congratulated by his father, telling him to follow Momon's every wish and sacrifice his life for him if need be, much to his confusion. Before taking his leave, Momon suggested that he and Rangobart increase their numbers in their team. To do this Momon planned to buy some slaves as teammates.[3]

At the slave market, he grows more concerned by his new teammate, when he tried buying slaves for the Promotion Test by the next day. However due to the restrictions the merchant could not provide. Momon though offered to give the merchant loyal battle slaves in exchange as well as a large sum of gold which sealed the deal. Rangobart is stunned how the negotiations went in Momon's favor so quickly and wonders if everything was already planned.[4]

During the ball, Rangobart was acting subservient to the new noble, Ainz Ooal Gown who Jet Testania thinks is an undead lich. When Jet lets out a yelp besides Nemel, Rangobart spotted his voice, and the pair approaches. He watches as his patron then takes Jet aside for a private talk.[5]

Later on the day of the exam, Rangobart prepares to leave his residence when Momon arrives with his carriage and escort of knights from the Third Division of the Imperial Army. While he does no think his chances of succeeding in the exam are great given that the slaves they purchased together: Vech Aike, Cerdina Ezungrid and Quia Bashgril can be hardly be used as shield. However Momon unveils the three, now as Death Knights much to his horror and the knights. He was in disbelief of the callousness of Momon and asked if he would like to confirm they were the slaves he bought he quickly rejected. Seeing that he was out of his depth in cooperating with a being like Momon, Rangobart held an unwavering fear towards him.[6]

Abilities and Powers

Rangobart’s influence and magic ability were far above his peers within the Academy. He was fluent in the 1st Tier, it would be a matter of time before he could use the 2nd.



Rangobart's father thought very little of him and was disinterested in his activities. Though after learning about his relationship with Momon he turned his attention towards his son, making sure he was in good graces with the odd student.

Elder Brother

Since Rangobart was nothing more than a substitute, he was very pompous towards his sibling.

Jet Testania

Rangobart gets frustrated at Jet's petty interference of making up lies and preventing Nemel from talking to him. Eventually, it causes him to insult Jet's mother.

Nemel Gran

Rangobart seems to be more than interested in his fellow student, frequently soliciting himself with Nemel, even using the noble hierarchy to ensure she cannot refuse.

Frianne Wyliea Van Gushmond

Frianne is the only person that Rangobart is intimated, due to not just her ability but also her family.


Rangobart had no prior knowledge on Momon's past, however accept his offer to form a team with him for the promotion exams out of necessity. After bringing him home, and seeing his father's change in behavior with Momon, he has begun to realize that Momon is a powerful person and beyond his comprehension. Apparently the reason why Momon is working with Rangobart was because he remembered his father's name from the cultists that worshiped him.


  • Rangobart was far above Jet, who had just attained the 1st Tier, and Nemel, who could not use any.
  • Rangobart's father is a member of the cult of Zurrernorn and worships the Archduke Ainz Ooal Gown.


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