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Ramposa III (ランポッサIII) was the previous king of the Re-Estize Kingdom. Throughout his reign, he tried to keep his nation united amidst political infighting and continues wars with other countries. However, he was ultimately unable to save the Kingdom.


Ramposa can be described as being an emaciated old man. His head is already scattered with pale white hair. His limbs are little more than just twigs.


Ramposa III is described as a humble man who believes it is the duty of those in power to protect their people. Despite being King of a nation that places such importance on background, he ironically judges people based on merit and generally treats everyone with the same respect. He is also very determined, insisting to walk himself despite having problems to.

He seems to have trouble balancing his duties as a king and a father. He knows both his sons are aiming for the throne and wants to give both an opportunity to prove themselves, even if it might cause political problems. While trying to treat his children equally, he has shown favoritism however. This is seen in how he treats Renner; not wanting to marry her off for political reasons, despite having done so to his first two daughters.

Following the Massacre at Katze Plains, Ramposa III fell into a depression. He seemingly lost his ability to think rationally and recused himself from politics, except for situations involving the Sorcerer Kingdom. However, when the Kingdom faced crisis, he once again stepped up and he now seems to be willing to go further than ever to protect his people.


King Ramposa III has reigned over the Re-Estize Kingdom for at least thirty-nine years. When he inherited the throne, the Kingdom was already in a dire political state due to the mistakes of previous kings. Throughout his reign, he tried to reform the Kingdom, but to no avail. During a previous annual war with the Baharuth Empire, Ramposa III sustained a grave knee injury. As a result, he now has trouble walking and requires a cane to walk.

In recent years, even though it has long been time to abdicate his throne, he still has not decided on a suitable successor due to political complications. The reason why he couldn't do so was that neither one of his two sons is said to be blessed with the capacity to rule.


The Bloody Valkyrie Arc[]

Main article: The Bloody Valkyrie Arc

King Ramposa III makes his first appearance in Valencia Palace and welcomes Gazef Stronoff's return. He listens to Gazef's report about the mysterious magic caster named Ainz Ooal Gown, who saved the Warrior Captain's life from the Sunlight Scripture.

After the meeting, King Ramposa III apologizes to Gazef for sending him on a dangerous mission without giving him the proper equipment for the job. He also wants to give recompense for the families of the deceased at Carne Village and also to express his heartfelt gratitude towards Ainz Ooal Gown for saving his most loyal subject. He sees his youngest daughter, Princess Renner, who wants to discuss it with him in her room. He tells his daughter that he'll be on his way. After she has left, he wishes for at least one of his daughters to be able to attain freedom but his other daughters will definitely scold him.[1]

The Men in the Kingdom Arc[]

Main article: The Men in the Kingdom Arc

During the demonic disturbance in the Royal Capital, Ramposa III initially remained within the safety of the palace. However, as the Adventurers were about to be overrun, he alongside Gazef and his Warrior Troop join them in fighting off the demon hordes.[2]

After the disturbance, his actions caused the Royalty Faction to gain more support and his influence to increase. He also awarded Momon a letter of appreciation and a shortsword for his heroic actions in saving the Royal Capital from Jaldabaoth.[3]

The Magic Caster of Destroy Arc[]

Main article: The Magic Caster of Destroy Arc

Ramposa III summoned the Kingdom's leadership together for a meeting where he revealed they had received a message from the Baharuth Empire, demanding they cede E-Rantel to the newly founded Sorcerer Kingdom; led by Ainz Ooal Gown. Knowing they did not stand a chance against Ainz, Gazef pleaded him to give in to the demands. However, he told him that he could not do that, and, in the end, it was unanimously decided to go to war. Crown Prince Barbro also wished to come to the battlefield, which Ramposa allowed due to him knowing his son wanted to prove himself.

Several months later, Ramposa III attended a strategy meeting with the other leaders of the Royal Army. Knowing he was in no condition to lead the army himself, he handed over supreme command to Marquis Raeven. Also, having taken Gazef's advice to heart, he sent Barbro, to Carne Village under the pretext of information gathering.

After the meeting, the King had another, private meeting with Gazef, Marquis Raeven, and the Mayor of E-Rantel. The Mayor predicted that the Kingdom will not survive another war with the Empire and that many peasants will likely start to risk dying from starvation due to bad harvests, much to the king's dismay.[4]

The battle against the Empire and Nazarick turned into a large-scale massacre when Ainz used a spell to destroy a large part of the Royal Army and summoned five huge monsters. As they destroyed what was left of the army, Gazef's Warrior Troop decided to act as decoys to allow Ramposa III to retreat back to E-Rantel. The king himself wanted them to leave him and run for themselves, but they insisted he must live.

Ramposa III ended up surviving the massacre. Afterward, he called for another meeting where it was unanimously decided to hand over E-Rantel to the Sorcerer Kingdom. He also wanted to hire some Adventurers to search for Barbro, who still hasn't returned. In addition, he was also unwilling to accept that Gazef, who was killed by Ainz during the battle, refused to be resurrected.[5]

The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc[]

Main article: The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc

It seems Ramposa III tried to have Blue Roses' Lakyus revive Gazef, but she was either unsuccessful or refused to do it, causing the King to slap her in the face. Afterward, the loss of his closest confidant and the disappearance of his eldest son caused Ramposa III to fall into a depression. As a result, Second Prince Zanac took over as leader of the Royalty Faction in his stead. On the other hand, seeing his pitiful state managed to somewhat temper the frustrations of the nobility faction, who were still angered by the massive losses they had suffered.

However, after receiving the news that the Sorcerer Kingdom would be sending an emissary, he seemingly snapped out of his grief and resumed his responsibilities. He called together his surviving children and ordered Zanac to welcome the emissary since he himself is too old. He later attended the ball where he personally welcomed the emissary, Albedo, as the guest of honor.[6]

The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc[]

Main article: The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc

Rampossa was present in a court meeting with son Zanac about the Sorcerer Kingdom's declaration of war against the Re-Estize Kingdom. He was informed by his ministers of foreign affairs and military affairs about the content of this official document, discussing its validity and how other nations were involved in it. While so, he inquires from his subordinates to tell him the results of their investigations surrounding Philip and his serfs' attack on their trade caravan. Although Zanac suggested giving Philip's head over to the Sorcerer Kingdom as an apology, he reprimanded his son against the suggestion of trading the innocent noble for that. He suggested to his subordinates that they should try making an alliance with another nation to challenge, however, that idea was immediately shut down by Zanac as it had not been successful at all with the Argland Council State.

Learning of this, he then suggested the next idea of maybe defeating the Sorcerer Kingdom by forcing their troops to withdraw from battle as it is the only possible road to victory. With that idea being taken into consideration, Ramposa III started making plans with the minister of military affairs on how to cross through E-Rantel and occupy their fortress city while the Sorcerer Kingdom is preoccupied with marching their forces from there to their capital, Re-Estize. When a knight informed him of the news about Prime Minister Albedo of the Sorcerer Kingdom appearing in the capital, he commands his subordinates to get dressed in a more formal attire and meet him in the throne room immediately. Once the Prime Minister of the Sorcerer Kingdom arrives, he was the first to welcome her with a greeting. Ramposa exchanges some words with Albedo about the reason for her visit.

When Albedo made mention of the incident with the Sorcerer Kingdom's grain caravan by his countrymen, he stood up from his throne and immediately offered an apology to the Prime Minister for the trouble they have caused. He was willing to sacrifice himself by giving up his own head as a way to allow for the Re-Estize Kingdom to receive forgiveness from the Sorcerer Kingdom. Not only that, but he also suggested to the Prime Minister of reimbursing the Sorcerer Kingdom with twice the amount of grain should they desire it. However, his suggestions were turned down by Albedo as the latter formally declared an all-out war between their two nations. After the meeting concluded, he allows the Minister of Foreign Affairs to spread the news that the king had offered his head as a gift of repentance for the Sorcerer Kingdom to every nation.

He later dismissed the courtiers to have a private meeting with his children, Zanac and Renner. During that meeting, he pleaded his children to flee from the country as its destruction is inevitable. However, upon acknowledging their behavior respectively towards his plea, Ramposa still tells them that if they do reconsider their choice on leaving, he advised them to tell him immediately.[7]

Later upon fully obtaining information on the true movements of the Sorcerer Kingdom and their already successful conquest of nearly half of the country and isolating the Kingdom from their remaining allies. Ramposa was then secretly overthrown and imprisoned by his own son, Zanac, due to the latter now deeming his father to be too foolish, and no longer worthy of being their leader during this crisis. This event was brought about due to Ramposa's continued insistence on a diplomatic approach with the Sorcerer Kingdom, and the belief that he could somehow talk down the hostile nation, in order to diffuse the war and somehow save his kingdom despite the Sorcerer Kingdom making their motives absolutely clear.

This coup d'etat was mostly kept secret by Zanac, the Kingdom's ministers of the interior and military affairs, in order to avoid mass panic. After that, all of Ramposa's duties and responsibilities have been taken over by Zanac and his confidants. However, despite their best efforts to keep things under wraps, Renner was still able to figure out what happened. She managed to easily threaten her brother to have an audience with her despite his heavy workload, or else she would spread "interesting" rumors on his recent activities all over the capital, and risk bringing mass confusion and panic to the already terrified nation.

During this conversation between the siblings, it was stated by both Zanac and Renner that Ramposa was then placed under strict house arrest for the following duration of the war, and that he was confined to his personal quarters in the Castle by Zanac to help hide the coup d'etat. However despite this, its also been stated by the newly minted king regent that Ramposa was still allowed a degree of freedom, by allowing him to leave his quarters in order to have family meals with his surviving children. As stated by Zanac when he recommended Renner to dine with their father to bring the dethroned king some comfort over his situation. According to his son Zanac, Ramposa wanted him and Renner to seek refuge in the Karnassus City-State Alliance as the Kingdom’s representatives. That suggestion was brought up before his son decided to place him under surveillance.[8]

After King Ramposa III was freed from being locked up in his room, he immediately springs into action and starts making preparations before the Sorcerer King arrived at Re-Estize. While still reflecting on the preparations, he was later greeted by his daughter Renner accompanied by Climb. Seeing that Renner is still present in the Royal Capital, he can't help but belittle his son Zanac for not choosing to run away with her. After learning from his daughter that Brain left their side to fight the Sorcerer King to the death, he inquires Renner why Razor Edge is in the hands of Climb rather than with Brain. However, upon hearing her answer, he quickly realizes that whatever they used against the Sorcerer King, it would only be meaningless in the end. Ramposa explains to Renner that the reason he had not bothered to escape whatsoever was to carry out his final duty. He believes it is his duty to pass on the history of the royal lineage to their conqueror, hoping to demonstrate to the Sorcerer Kingdom their dignity. Hence, he elaborates that if national treasures such as the crown continue to be passed down to the Sorcerer Kingdom, the history of their Royal Family will be preserved for the future to come.

Ramposa then pleaded Climb to take Renner with him and run. The King advised Climb that the moment the Sorcerer Kingdom's army makes it way into Ro-Lente Castle, he should make use of the hidden passageways to make an escape during that time. Because Renner refuses to let Climb do as he wishes, Ramposa III attempts to appeal to the warrior by offering his daughter's marriage to him. Unfortunately, Ramposa's offer was turned down by Climb. He was convinced by his daughter to hand the crown over to her as well as keeping the treasures hidden all around the capital city. Hence, by following Renner's plan, he revealed and explained confidential information to Climb about the hidden passageways from the palace to the capital to help him with the task of hiding the items. Ramposa then proceeded to give a few potions to Renner. After Climb left to go do his mission, Ramposa and his daughter left the room to head out for the throne room where they will be at. While Climb was away Renner murdered her own father with Razor Edge to prove her loyalty to Nazarick. When Climb returned and saw the Ramposa's lifeless body on the floor he assumed Renner was under mind control.[9]

Ainz (Isekai Quartet).png NOTICE: The following section and subsequent subsections are considered NON-CANON to the Overlord Light Novels.

Mass for the Dead Arc[]

Main article: Mass for the Dead Arc

In the aftermath of the Catastrophe King Ramposa III met the representatives of the Baharuth Empire and Slane Theocrcay. Due to the threat of the Chaos Beasts and Contaminated Beasts all three nations agreed to form the Tripartite Alliance. Under the Tripartite Agreement that was signed at the first summit of nations, E-Rantel was chosen to be the alliance's base of operations.[10] Ramposa worked hard to coordinate relief efforts for the fortress city but faced a severe lack of manpower in his kingdom that he was unable to send adequate forces to deal with the monsters that were attacking the city. To shoulder some of the burden, his loyal champion Gazef took care of the problem and managed to recruit Brain Unglaus to take a commission with the nation and safeguard the city.[11]

At the date of the second summit for the alliance, King Ramposa III attended the meeting to speak with his fellow heads of state on the status of the world. The topics of the meeting that were touched upon was the collapse of neighboring states and the knowledge collected on the Cracks. Though direction of the Alliance is strongly debated between him and Emperor Jircniv who wished to address what he perceived to be an unfair reallocation of resources to the Kingdom which the Alliance has ignored for too long. To correct this the emperor called for adopting a system where the funds would be distributed according to the degree of contribution similar to what the Adventurer's Guild. It would be a totally merit-based system, one which Ramposa had reservations on as such a system would be disadvantage to those unable to contribute such as the weak. The emperor though told that the king needed to accept the reality of the situation that their resources were limited. If Ramposa wanted to protect his people then he would need strong fighters, which left an open question on the Kingdom's military strength and position in the Alliance. The only way to appease the emperor would be for the Kingdom to bring forth all its able bodied people to contribute to the alliance. Gazef took a stand believing that such a request was unjust offering he and his men to shoulder all the burden to protect the weak. Jircniv amused by the declaration, the offered another option, if the Kingdom warriors could defeat his own he would reconsider the Kingdom's position in the Alliance. Ramposa was reluctantly forced to accept the mock duel and watched with his family his warriors which included the protagonist's team and gazef against Nimble Arc Dale Anoch, Zero, and Fluder Paradyne. Before a victor could be decided the match was called off as the city of E-Rantel was under attack by Chaos Beasts. After the city is saved from destruction, Ramposa and the other repesentatives met up again proposes a fullscale research team to locate where the Chais Beast originated a move that was approved by the council with Gazef Stronoff volunteering for the misison.[12]

When communication with Gazef and the team that was sent out from E-Rantel was lost, King Ramposa solicited the help of Blue Roses and the protagonist. For the latter he asked them to name their reward for taking the job> The protagonist then presented the king with a formal document to establish an alliance with his nation. While the conditions of the letter are standard, his son Zanac advised caution, though the king is won over by his daughter Renner who believed it would be beneficial.[13] Once the adventurers left to seek Gazef, the king made preparations to assemble the best healers and magic caster to treat the Warrior Captain.[14]

However while Gazef was safely returned to E-Rantel, he had been affected by the miasma becoming feral. Forced to intern him until a cure for his affliction could be found, Ramposa still needed to replace the Warrior Captain to protect E-Rantel, turning to Marquis Boullope, Marquis Blumrush, and Marquis Raeven to compensate. The king would then, with Zanac and Renner, meet with the protagonist to discuss terms of the adventurer's reward for the safe return of Gazef. TO his shock and the rest of his family, the adventurer requests the city of E-Rantel for his nation. While the request was met with objection by Zanac, Ramposa begged the adventurer to explain himself. After hearng that the protagonist's nation wished to have the management rights of the city, and while it may seem to be giving a piece of their territory, there were advantages to the deal as it would keep the fortress city out of the Empire's hands especially during the current political instability between the factions of the Alliance. Ramposa asked to be given more time to consider the offer.

When a horde of ten thousand Chaos Beasts coming from the north were heading towards E-Rantel, the king mobilized the Royal Army to join the Imperial Army in defending the city.[15] The king when informed about a new horde of thirty thousand Chaos Beasts approaching the city, and the appearance of the Demon Emperor Jaldabaoth offering salvation, he believed that no deal should be made until more on the demon was known Upon receiving news that the Baharuth emperor made a deal, and the subsequent slaughter of the Chaos Beasts by Jaldabaoth's demonic minions, causes the king to wonder about the offer the protagonist made just before and whether he should have accepted it. He was among those that were cheering the protagonist after he drove away the demons from the city.[16]

Months after the protagonist saved the city, King Ramposa III due to the many deeds and heroics of the adventurer formally transfers the city administration rights to the protagonist allowing the Sorcerer Kingdom full control over it.[17]

END of NON-CANON content

Abilities and Powers[]

King Ramposa III controlled 30% of the Re-Estize Kingdom's territory. He was the overall commander of the Royal Army and leader of the Royalty Faction. However, while the leader of the Kingdom, his power was constantly being challenged by the Nobility Faction. Despite this though, he managed to keep the nation united.

Despite his poor decisions in favor of less risky options, Ramposa was noted by Prince Zanac to be immensely charismatic, having been able to earn the loyalty of talented individuals who make up for his shortcomings. On Maruyama's Governing Ranking, Ramposa is in the middle; stating that, if the Kingdom wasn't so corrupt, his reign wouldn't have great failures nor successes.

Job Classes[]

  • King: (?)


Gazef Stronoff[]

Gazef was King Ramposa III's personal bodyguard and his most trusted aide. He was unwilling to accept the news that Gazef did not want to be resurrected after being killed by Ainz Ooal Gown during the massacre at Katze Plains.

Renner Theiere Chardelon Ryle Vaiself[]

While trying to treat his children equally, Ramposa III has shown clear favoritism towards Renner. He seems to be aware of her feelings for Climb and thus does not want to sell her off in a political marriage. The two also have a working relationship, with Renner constantly approaching him with methods to better the Kingdom. After the Massacre at Katze Plains, Renner was one of the few people still able to get through to him and he later wanted her to flee into exile so she could survive the Kingdom's downfall. He was unaware of his daughter's true dark nature and it was she who ended her own father's life.

Barbro Andrean Ield Ryle Vaiself[]

Ramposa III cares deeply about the well-being of his eldest son, though this blinded him to the obvious hostility the Crown Prince had toward him for his unwillingness to pass the throne. After Zanac proved himself a capable leader, he decided to take him with him to the battlefield to give him the chance to prove himself as well, despite the political problems this might cause. However, after Gazef told him they could not win against Ainz Ooal Gown, he instead sent Barbro on an intelligence-gathering mission to Carne Village to guarantee his safety.

Ironically, Ramposa III's attempt to ensure Babro's safety ultimately led to his death. While Ramposa III never confirmed his son's demise, he still fell into a depression following his disappearance.

Zanac Valleon Igana Ryle Vaiself[]

Although they didn't agree at times, Ramposa III and Zanac had a mutually cooperative relationship. The King cared deeply about his second son, wishing for him to avoid the Kingdom's downfall by fleeing into exile. Unfortunately, their relationship was shattered when Zanac deemed his father unfit to lead and removed him from power. Though displaying obvious hostility towards "That Child" afterward, Ramposa recognized his son's actions were the result of his own failures as king.

Unnamed Elder Daughters[]

Prior to Renner, Ramposa III had two older daughters that he married off for political reasons. While their exact relationship remains unknown, he feels somewhat guilty for having effectively sold them for his own gain.

Panasolei Gruze Day Rettenmaier[]

Due to being a loyal servant of the king and the Royal Faction, Panasolei is very familiar to his liege.  

Philip Dayton L'Eyre Montserrat[]

Despite Philip sparking a war with the Sorcerer Kingdom, Rampossa refused to punish the nobleman, as it was assumed he was [Charmed]. Instead, he had the "loyal vassal" put under protective care, rather than using him to diffuse the situation. However, Zanac believed he actually did this out spite towards the Sorcerer Kingdom.

Ainz Ooal Gown[]

Ramposa III never directly interacted with Ainz Ooal Gown, but he was initially thankful towards the sorcerer for saving Gazef's life. However, following the Massacre at Katze Plains, the king seems to have developed an immense hatred towards the sorcerer king.


While treating Albedo with all the etiquette expected of a national representative, it was obvious that the king harbored resentment towards the Sorcerer King vassal. However, after the Sorcerer Kingdom's declaration of war, Ramposa put his personal feelings aside and even bowed to her in hopes of avoiding conflict. Unfortunately, it fell on deaf ears and Albedo showcased her contempt for the king before departing.


  • In the Web Novel, Ramposa III's reigned over the Re-Estize Kingdom for forty-one years.
  • Whenever he steps out onto the field of battle, there are eight magic casters protecting him.
  • On Maruyama's Governing Ranking, Ramposa is at the middle. While his reign wouldn´t have great failures, neither would it have great successes. He's over the Holy Queen Calca Bessarez and below the Bafolk Lord Buser.[18]


  • (To Gazef Stronoff): "Warrior Captain, it is truly splendid you were able to return safely."
  • (To Gazef About Ainz): "This really is a beautiful story. Selflessly placing himself in danger to rescue the weak"
  • (To Gazef): "Because of my superficial way of thinking, I was unable to protect you, and for that I am sincerely sorry. Even when issuing you a dangerous order, I was unable to give you the best equipment for the job… we are asking for your forgive-, no, please forgive me… Your subordinates also lost their lives because of this."
  • (To Gazef): "Warrior-Captain, whom I trust like my right hand. Even if you are the one who puts forth that proposal, I cannot agree to it. No ruler should give up the land he rules without a fight. Such an act cannot be allowed for the sake of the people who live upon it"
  • (To Gazef): "Then… is this not an opportune time? I have many supporters now due to the disturbance. Should we not strike a telling blow to the Empire, no matter the cost, so we can win a few years of peace for the Kingdom?"
  • (To his minister of foreign affairs about Neia Baraja): "...so they’re trying to send the message that the ‘Faceless One’ had already overtaken the authority of their religious institutions, or that she has authority above that of their current religious institutions?"
  • (To his son Zanac): "If we were to do that, should we just hand over the head of another loyal servant every time the Sorcerer Kingdom comes knocking on our door? Do you understand that simple logic?"
  • (To his son Zanac and his daughter Renner): "Zanac, Renner. Leave this place at once. You are only just the prince and princess of this country, there is no need for the two of you to die alongside it."


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