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Rainbow (虹) was a mithril class adventurer group of the Re-Estize Kingdom, they are now part of the Sorcerer Kingdom.


Before the arrival of Darkness, Rainbow was one of the three mithril class adventurer teams, as well as one of the most respected and well paid among E-Rantel's adventurers.


The Bloody Valkyrie Arc

Main article: The Bloody Valkyrie Arc

The leaders of Kralgra, Sky Wolf, Rainbow, and Darkness are summoned as they are the mithril class adventurer groups of E-Rantel, to discuss the appearance of the powerful vampire, Honyopenyoko. Momon insists that the Darkness will fight against Honyopenyoko alone, arguing that involving others in the fight will simply increase the number of victims. Sky Wolf and Rainbow accept his suggestion.[1]

The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc

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Rainbow was one of the few adventurer groups that remained behind in E-Rantel after the city fell under the domain of the Sorcerer Kingdom. Despite the fall in the number of jobs for adventurers, the team continued visiting the guild's office. During one of these visits, Rainbow crossed paths with Ainz and its leader was questioned by the monarch, about why they remain in the city and what they sought as adventurers. Although they were first fearful and a bit defiant with the Sorcerer King in the beginning, everything changes after listening to part of his plans and about his desire to preserve the adventurers. As a result, the team left with a newborn form of respect and admiration for Ainz Ooal Gown.[2]


Rainbow is a veteran team of Mithril rank bearing a respectable and impressive force on the standards of the New World.

Known Members


  • So far Rainbow is the one of two named adventurer parties that have remained in E-Rantel since its annexation by the Sorcerer Kingdom.


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