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Rabbit's Ear Scroll is a magic scroll used by Ainz.


Ainz noted this magic scroll to be "Demiurge-brand," presuming that it was most likely made by that particular Floor Guardian.



It is a scroll imbued with a 1st-tier spell called "Rabbit's Ear." By using this scroll to cast that spell, the caster can create Rabbit Ears that sprout from their head. As a result, it increases the caster's sense of hearing.


  • Ainz can use the "Rabbit's Ear" spell without needing the scroll as shown when he is eavesdropping on a private meeting held among Floor Guardians.[1]
  • After wiping out the demi-humans attacking the city of Loyts and finishing a couple of other things, Ainz returned to his own room and used the [Rabbit's Ear] spell from this scroll.[2]


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