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Quick-Change Item is the tentative name for a kind of magic item used by Ainz.


In YGGDRASIL, players needed to rely on the game's console in order to take out items from their inventory. However, there was no time to do so during a fast-paced battle, the kind where a split second's timing could make the difference between victory and defeat. Hence, a Quick-Change Item is quite useful for players like Ainz who use them to adapt to situations like those.[1]


A Quick-Change Item is used to bring up preregistered items instantaneously in the midst of battle.[2] An example of the Quick-Change are the 15 centimeters long wooden sticks inscribed with the names of various items for later usage.[3]


  • According to Volume 5 of the Manga, the wooden sticks Ainz used in his fight with Shalltear Bloodfallen is a prime example of being labeled as such, one of the Quick-Change Items.
  • Narberal Gamma’s robe had a quick-change crystal embedded in it, so she could directly swap out her gear for a set of predetermined equipment without having to waste time changing.[4]


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