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GA Non-Canon: REMINDER! This page is considered as among one of the many pure game contents found exclusive in Mass for the Dead only. It includes the new standalone characters that had a first-time appearance in the game. Meanwhile, the old characters had a different role and fate than from the main storyline in the official books. For that reason, it has no connections to the canon story materials of Overlord Light Novel series. The content that you had read here are based on the Overlord mobile game.

Queen War -Nazarick Swimsuit Athletic Meet- (正妃争奪-ナザリック水着大運動会-) is a game event that occurred in Mass for the Dead. It was released on July 16, 2021 to August 2, 2021. The event was re-released on July 1, 2022 to July 15, 2022.[1] And again on June 20, 2023 to July 3, 2023.[2]


A large swimsuit athletic meet will be held in Nazarick in a team battle format. This was a hands-on test of the final battle weapon, a tribute to the general maids, and a test of a new queen to see her organizational leadership. The end is ...[3]

Purpose of Athletic Meet[]

At the Round Table Room, Momonga receives the reports from the gathered Floor Guardians. As Momonga reviews the statuses of the floors he notes that various projects in the Great Tomb of Nazarick are proceeding as expected. On another note he muses that the city of E-Rantel is progressing thanks to the protagonist's involvement. Albedo asks Momonga to forgive the homunculus's absence at the regular meeting as the protagonist is presently attending to coordinating with the three nations. It is all goods news to Demiurge as the protagonist is guiding the three nations to Nazraick's ends. Momonga opens the meeting to the gathered Floor Guardian, which Cocytus raises a hand to report the situation at the foot of the Azerlisia Mountains where the village of lizardmen are situated. Momonga having recalled that there were several climate-related crises in the area had Cocytus conduct occasional inspections bids his subordinate to continue. The Floor Guardian states that mining operations are going well and that the village as expanded to include other tribes of lizardmen, increasing the population. The prosperity for the demi-humans are directed to Momonga which he includes a thanks on behalf of the lizardmen. Momonga takes it that Cocytus feels that the demi-humans will be more useful to Nazarick than before. The Floor Guardian agrees but notes that the population of lizardmen will cause conflicts with other races and wishes to request aid in future conflicts, more specifically he asks to be given the Pleiades in such a situation. Momonga intrigued that Cocytus is thinking ahead to counter future crises finds Cocytus's feedback invaluable as he likewise agrees that the loss of the lizardmen's village would be unfortunate for Nazraick. Demiurge also adds that besides the mining of ore provided by the lizardmen, their settlement acts as a bridgehead to Nazarick's eventual expansion to the northern Azerlisia Mountains.

Momonga is curious as to why Cocytus would specifically ask the Pleiades as undead summons could be used. The answer from Cocytus is simply that he wishes to employ the Pleiades in the Final Battle Weapons as he heard from Pandora's Actor that the maids used the equipment to effect. Practically the equipment is useful in combat scenarios in water environments like the Great Lake wetlands. Shalltear Bloodfallen recalls that to be true noting the time when the Pleiades were sent to investigate an experimental [Gate] leading to a mysterious island. Cocytus also states that since the maids have actual combat experience at watersides it would be beneficial. The dark elf twins present, Aura Bella Fiora and Mare Bello Fiore, hearing about the usefulness of swimsuits suggest equipping them to the skeletons to make them more effective in aquatic battlefields. Though Aura recommends that the summons would need to be trained first. Momonga has Cocytus give him a logistics of the amount of skeletons to test out the experiment. While the summons are no problem Momonga feels more information is needed.

The topic of swimsuits brings about the dwarf, Tsuibayaya who is Nazarick's collaborator and researching the crafting of swimsuits. Momonga thinks that the should send for the prototype swimsuits to be used in the exercise to test them out before mass producing them out as equipment to the skeletons. And who better to test the swimsuits than the Pleiades. Demiurge is interested in researching the swimsuits and asks to be included as the date would be vital in advancing the Idol Project. Hearing the demon's interest makes Momonga remember that idols are associated with swimsuits. It brings him a bit a nostalgia on his comrades as he remembers either Peroroncino or Bukubukuchagama had an interest in idols. Momonga permits the demon to proceed as this way it will complete two tasks, supporting the lizardmen and improving the Idol Project. Demiurge them plans to gather the Pleiades to conduct a performance test on the swimsuit prototypes against those in the Treasury. Momonga still wonders if the dwarf's creations will be suitable but leaves the matter to Demiurge and hopes that the events will lead to a good story to tell the protagonist.

The test of the swimsuits were conducted in the Open Air Bath under the supervision of Demiurge. Tsuibayaya's swimsuits were tested first but the maids were already testing out the ones from the Treasury. The maids having tried out both sets find that the latter equipment is better. Cocytus observing their performance notes that the maids displayed better movement in the swimsuits from the Treasury and even Albedo admits that Tsuibayaya's swimwear is far below Nazarick's. From the feedback of the maids, it also appears that that the water proofing used on the dwarf's creations is different than those from Nazarick as well as noted by Narberal Gamma. Solution Epsilon finds that the ease of movement when wearing it on land is different and Entoma Vasilissa Zeta thinks that its heavier and that it absorbs water. CZ2128 Delta bluntly states that the material used in their construction is stiff and makes sound thus unsuitable for infiltration. The saving grace from Yuri Alpha is that the swimsuits by the dwarf are unbelievable in their durability. Still all the maids agree that their own swimsuits are better.

The data gathered by the testing is collected by Demiurge who plans to pass it onto the protagonist. Albedo and Cocytus think of the potential uses the swimsuits can provide to the lizardmen especially against the toadmen who live in the northeast part of the Great Lake which Nazarick hopes to either destroy or subjugate. The equipment is still useful as it allows for underwater combat and mobility. On the other hand Demiurge is fascinated on the significance swimsuits have in literature, having found many references where they are used in competitions.

Shalltear on the way to a Chaos Beast subjugation stops by the baths. Upon seeing the display of maids in swimwear the vampire thinks that they are having a swimsuit competition. The sight of the maids makes Shalltear feel relaxed and openly states he enjoys the "eye candy". The rest of her colleagues are unfamiliar with the term and don't understand Shalltear's fluster of emotions on the charm of the women in the swimsuits. Albedo finding the concept of exposed skin in the baths to be the norm and ask how the current situation with the maids causes Shalltear excitement? Shalltear explains that the different texture of clothes in the baths make it so, as they are clothed and yet in a place where they should not, emphasizing "gap moe". Demiurge realizes that its a term that is based on the Supreme Peroroncino's words, where the unexpectedness in the situation brings out the greatest charm. Shalltear uses Yuri current a appearance as an example in contrast to her dignified and serious deposition, causing the latter to blush and hide behind Lupusregina in embarrassment though it only intrigues Shalltear more.

Albedo having a thought asks her peer what she thinks of the situation. Momonga had seen to it that they take an interest in equipping swimsuits and thus it could only mean one thing. Shalltear understands and the two women both think that the swimsuits may be a new "Trial of Love". Cocytus is confused by this statement as all this preparation is only concerning war preparation. Demiurge though looking into the event thinks otherwise as he believes that it may have seemingly looked mundane, the demon suggests that Momonga intentionally led Albedo to that conclusion of the "Trial of Love" as he assigned Albedo to work on the swimsuits knowing Shalltear would be present. The "Trial of Love" is an ongoing test of determination and charm of deciding a queen for Momonga between Albedo and Shalltear. Though the two have failed in their tests they are convinced that this is part of "Momonga's plan". Cocytus is still doubtful that this idea is actually part of their master's scheme, but dismisses his doubts after he is told that the trial would hasten producing a successor for Nazarick. The group then plans to cooperate with each other to proceed as their master envision, with Demiurge planning to take Cocytus to Ashurbanipal to research more on swimsuits while Shalltear heads to her Chaos Beast subjugation.

When the Floor Guardian reconvene at the Round Table, the bring the proposal of holding a "Nazarick Swimsuit Athletic Meet". Ignorant of his master's confusion, Demiurge shows him an outline of the event he has written detailing it to be a competition wearing swimsuits to not only test the swimwear but also for recreation for non-participating viewers. Albedo tells Momonga that they were inspired by literature provided by Demiurge whilst conducting the tests on the swimsuits and Shaltear adds that she used the the words of her creator to lead to this event. Cocytus also shows his support of the event. This causes some pause to Momonga seeing the Floor Guardians strange meaningful cooperating smiles, though he convinces himself that he is overthinking and sees no danger of the content of the proposal as it will achieve multifaceted results. The Overlord then allows Demiurge to initiate the event, which pleases the demon who informs him that the event will proceed once they process scrutinizing documents concerning the competition. Momong noticing Shalltear excited at the news guesses that she and Albedo will be participants. Unknown to him that they are secretly plotting to complete a "Trial of Love", the misunderstanding leads to the creation of a big event in Nazarick.[4]


In the Guest Room, Shalltear, Albedo and Aura hold a tea party to discuss the news of the athletic meet. Both Shalltear and Albedo are assured that this meet is another trial to Aura, relating it to a piece of literature called "The Three Visits" where a character had to show his determination and etiquette to another party despite being rejected twice and only achieving it on the third time. Albedo asks Aura if she will be participating in the trial. The 6th Floor Guardian gives her a hard pass on the idea as there needs to be someone with a clear head to make sure that both Shalltear and Albedo don't make fools of themselves. The other two women are amused and Albedo turns the topic to Shalltear, asking her if she could borrow a swimsuit. The vampire possessing several sets of swimsuits from her creator is not adverse to the idea and offers the Overseer Guardian to peruse her wardrobe. Aura warns that the event is a performance test still and that her swimsuit needs to be the same in caliber as the Pleiades. Though Albedo is only searching for a swimsuit that she can match against her rival. Shalltear mentions that she tried to wear a swimsuit made by the dwarf, but die to her job class restriction the equipment broke. Aura apologizes as she likewise cannot equip herself with low-ranked items. Albedo waves off her apology as the items were used to collect data. The tea party ends with Albedo and Shalltear resuming their duties. Only Aura is left in the room and before she goes to her next Chaos Beast subjugation area, the dark elf notes that the two women are very enthusiastic on the upcoming event. This causes her to work harder to show her best.

At Ashurbanipal, Cocytus and Demiurge are looking through the stacks of books for anything related to swimwear sports. The two already found several material such as: "Floating Island" where contestants balance on a float in a pool and knock their opponents off into the water. "Water Calvary Fight" where participants ride each others' shoulders to headhunt their enemies. Concepts like "Beach Volleyball" and the "Triathlon" are also found by the Floor Guardians which are attributed to be various training techniques by the Supreme Beings for idols. Cocytus takes not on a particular book title called "Porori" though its meaning eludes him. Demiurge glancing at it postulates that its an indication of equipment destruction so perhaps a warning when water resistance does not work. The material is valuable for the preparations for the athletic event which Demiurge is eager to start on behalf of Nazarick's prosperity.

Cocytus though thinks Nazarick's prosperity is a bit selfish. The word prompts Demiurge to halt his work and have his colleague talk as he feels that Cocytus is troubled. A day before the general meeting, Cocytus was at the village of Green Claw where Zaryusu Shasha introduced him to Crusch Lulu of Red Eye who has recently joined the alliance with the gathered tribes of lizardmen. The meeting is a bit of surprise to Cocytus due to the appearance of Crusch and her pale skin, a rarity among her kind, wondering if she was a unique type. Crusch though flatter explains it to be just her unique characteristic and was only fortunate to exist despite the stigma for albinism in her culture. Zaryusu flirts with the Deputy Chieftain stating that he does not mind the color comparing it snow. Rather than gratitude the female lizardman hit him out of annoyance for making such words before Cocytus. The former traveler is unapologetic as he in love with the female and intends to propose in marriage, which serves only to fluster Crusch. As the pair bicker, the traveler sees that this is a sign of greater unity for the lizardman thanks to the example shown by Cocytus that different can be united. The trio are soon joined by the other chieftains: Kyuku Zuzu, Zenberu Gugu and Shasuryu Shasha. Zenerbu that this to be true hailing thanks to Cocytus's master who sent the three women in red clothes in saving them from the freezing cold. Shasuryu states that their people now live to follow their benefactors as a model to grow string and prosperous. Though their power now may seem insignificant to their patrons, the chieftain promises to use what little to return the favor showed to them by the Supreme One.

Back to the present when Cocytus looks back to that moment, he feels somewhat ashamed as he feels that Nazarick is exploiting the lizardmen. Knowing of what he says sounds to be treasonous, he asks Demiurge his forgiveness. To the contrary Demiurge is not upset, but somewhat relieved that Cocytus opened up rather than hide his discontent in his chest, else he would have interpreted as treason. He still advises that Cocytus speak privately to Momonga on this matter before the demon gives him his assessment on Nazarick's relationship with the lizardmen suggesting he concentrate on the fact that the lizardmen are helping Nazarick mine the ores and with it his guilt will eventually vanish. Still Demiurge is interested in the "pair" he mentioned and wonders if there is any possibility to future breeding experiments, but he pushes the thoughts away as Nazarick's successor needs to be resolved first.[5]


After Demiurge gained enough evidence from multiple documents he returned to the Round Table with his peers and reverently presented a number of competitions for the athletic meet. Momonga from what he understands the plan is to involve a team battle as the Floor Guardian wants to reflect it based on the material he found. Two teams will be formed to compete and aim to win the total amount of points at the meet. The leaders of each team will of course be Albedo and Shalltear and command three Pleiades members each. Albedo sees that the format is a group operation which is justly so as it will make things fair for Shalltear who has a job class penalty. Demiurge notes that the team system for the event takes into account of the performance difference of swimwear and also to verify the use of idolatry. The demon states that he found a word called "hakooshi" related to idols and would like to see the benefits of team support in this case. Understanding Momonga finds that Demiurge wants to confirm this effect via the general maids.

All that remains is selecting team members and the collection of material from Pandora's Actor. The Overlord leaves the latter duty to Demiurge who also tells Momonga that he will select a venue suitable for the event so that it can be applied in the future defense of the wetland area as request by Cocytus. Aura and Mare are to be included in the teams, each assigned as a cheerleader, while Cocytus and Sebas Tian remain on standby to guard the dungeon.

With the outline of the competition all but done, Momonga tells all in attendance that he expects the event to be beneficial to Nazarick and that the date should be before the Tripartite Alliance's next meeting at E-Rantel so that the results of the event can be used to help the protagonist. The date is then set for tomorrow which the two female Floor Guardians agree to be ready by then. Before the meeting ends Momonga notices that the two have put on swimsuits intently staring at him whilst creeping ever closer to him as they show off. It causes him to experience a bout of emotional outburst before being suppressed by his undead ability. The two try to entice Momonga on what he thinks of their swimsuits, but Momonga manages to neutrally avoid answering asking if it is appropriate for them to be dress like that here. Shalltear secretly thinks to be a victory as Momonga's reactions successfully demonstrated the use of "gap moe" and believes that the swimsuits will be more effective at a waterside. Momonga is surprised by his reaction to the women as he deems it to be inappropriate as the area is a place of work and unsightly for his dignity as a Supreme Being. While struggling over his emotions he released an "Despair AUra" to the shock of the Floor Guardians. He is only brought to his sense when Albedo calls to him. To cover his emotion distress he merely states it was a reflex and that they should work to together to ensure the success of the event.

After Momonga leaves the room, the two female Floor Guardians having changed back to their original outfits speak with Demiurge on what they just saw. The women take it as a sign that Momonga was taken by their outfits and that he expects great things from the meet. To this Demiurge agrees that everything is a planned by their master. His support to the "Trial of Love" is noted by Albedo as in the past the demon had always been neutral, though Shalltear thinks that his support stems on finding a successor to Nazarick. Demiurge tells them that his support for the trial originates from the Floor Guardian's previous deaths when they arrived in the New World. They were only able to return because Momonga was present, having a heir would ensure their continuation. He suspects that Momonga has has the same notions and hopes in this affair and that they should not disappoint him as evidence by his "Despair Aura". To him he believes that the "Trial of Love" and the swimsuit performance test for the athletic meet as orchestrated by Momonga is just the tip of something bigger. The two women ask what it could be, though Demiurge does not know as he believes every single of Momonga's actions have a double meaning. Though since Momonga is focusing on the strengthening of the Tripartite Alliance, and plans for the use of swimsuits, he thinks that his master has designs to capture the seas. He cites the accidental [Gate] that led to the island where the swimsuits were first used and the three Guardians come to the conclusion that the swimsuit meet is perhaps planning for armament for Nazarick. Under that assumption they see all of Momonga's so-called schemes are intertwined and swear to do their best for Momonga and the audience.[6]

Athletic Meet[]

Aura and Mare who are visiting the Pleiades' room inform them of the "Nazarick Swimsuit Athletic Meet" which will be divided into two teams: Red Group and White Group. After learning the supposed stakes for each of the leading Floor Guardians for both teams and that the event will entertain the general maids the maids divide into teams. As the teams are split evenly Mare notes that the attitudes of Albedo and Shalltear are more motivated than ever. To which Aura explains to be the result of the "Trial of Love". Though aware that the event is for deciding a queen, Aura reminds the women that they should try to have fun tomorrow.

Around the same time Demiurge was making preparations with Pandora's Actor at the Round Table. The Area Guardian is thrilled to be include in making the "Swimsuit Sports Day" a reality and on its importance to the "Trial of Love" finding it somewhat romantic. Demiurge states that this is all of Momonga's design and that it will be completed soon. As for who will be crowned queen after this the two debate on Albedo and Shalltear unique skills, with Albedo being wisdom and Shalltear overwhelming power. Nevertheless the show will be entertaining for the audience and a good way to relieve stress. That being said the event should be made available for all to see. Since the event is tomorrow and Pandora's Actor must return to the Treasury to stand guard, Demiurge promises to make a request on his behalf to allow him to watch the competition.

In the Guest Room, Albedo and Shalltear meet again, with Albedo thanking the vampire for lending her the swimsuit she showed Momonga. Shalltear is glad that Albedo found it to her liking. In anticipation of tomorrow's event the two agree to aim to do their best for the sake of the "Trial of Love" and win Momonga's heart. A few words are passed between the two rising their passion. The Overseer Guardian departs to have a pep talk with her team. After Albedo leaves the room, Shalltear frustrated with passion then decides to go release her anger on a Chaos Beast.[7]

Later when the date of the event arrives, all the general maids have gathered in the canteen on the 9th Floor. Among them are maids such as Foire, Cixous and Pestonya Shortcake Wanko who look forward to the "Swimsuit Athletic Meet". The thought of seeing the Pleiades in action is enough to excite the homunculi. Once everyone has arrived to the canteen, Momonga announces that the tournament will be organized as a competition style test for the performance of the swimwear used by the participants. At the same time he hopes that the event will bring them some entertainment and fun. Following his spirit Pestonya has the maids direct their attentions to following the instructions from Aura and Mare who are designated as the leaders of cheerleading for each team. After the twins explain who they represent the general maids fall into different camps, for example Foire cheering for the Red Group and Cixous cheering for the White Group.

The women in the athletic meet appear before the crowd. Albedo in the spotlight with Shalltear cannot help but feel overshadowed by her peer due to Shalltear's popularity in LittleMass. Still she feels happy with the amount of fans that are cheering for her and resolves herself to gain Momonga's attention. The team leaders meet up with their teammates, ready to begin the competition and win.

Sandy Beach Obstacle Race[]

Demiurge begins the first competition and guides the participants and general to follow him outside the canteen. What was once the 9th Floor corridor had been transformed into a seaside coast complete with the sea and sandy beaches. While the maids are dazzled by the spectacle, Pestonya sees that it is an illusion for a landscape specifically created for the first competition. Demiurge in a more theatrical voice, using his Demi-P persona, tells that that this is the "Sandy Beach Obstacle Race". The goals of the competition for the teams is to reach the Jungle Bath of Spa Resort Nazarick, while along the way they must defeat monsters that act as obstacles. Five points will be awarded to the first person who reaches the Jungle Bath first, after which the points will decrease in number when the next person arrives at the finish line. The competition ends once five members cross the end. Winning and losing will be decided by the total score of the team by the order of arrival. Those who cross in sixth or lower earn zero points. There is also a secondary scoring system that takes into account of the monsters that that are subjugated along the way but this is reserved for only the first five people that finish the race. The environment of the sandy beach was reproduced to have the same terrain thus their footing will be difficult but adds to the challenge.

While he speaks, Lupusregina notices three Giant Crustaceans walking in the beach zone. They are not actually crabs but Eight-Edge Assassins using illusion magic to appear as crabs. Their purpose is to act as the monsters that the teams will have to defeat or avoid. The minions warn the maids that they will be fighting seriously so advise them not to hold back. Should they be injured and at the risk of death they will pull out of the fight by turning invisible and get healed by Pestonya. The team leaders agree that this to be considerate, though Albedo makes a not so subtle threat to the 'crabs' to vanish before they die properly. Momonga is then told to give the signal to start the competition which he does by raising the Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown in approval.

All eight women of both Red Group and White Group then rush out to reach the Jungle Bath as they are cheered by their fans. At the finish line in Spa Resort Nazarick, Evil Lord Wrath acting as the referee for the competition waits patiently for the participants to arrive. The order of arrival is Shalltear (5 points), CZ (4 points), Lupusregina (3 points), Entoma (2 points), Albedo (1 point) and the rest of the maids. Red Group in total wins a total of 10 points for the race while White Group wins a total of 5 points. Though it appears that Red Group is in the lead by the fans, the secondary point system is taken into account based on the number of monsters subdued on the way. Once the results were read out loud to the audience. Shalltear defeated three monsters earning 8 points; CZ defeated two monsters earning 6 points; Lupusregina defeated two monsters earning 6 points; Entoma defeated one monster earning 3 points; Albedo defeated ten monsters earning 12 points. The secondary totals for the teams have Red Group at 17 points while the White Group is at 18 points. As a result of the totals, White Group is declared the winner. It revealed that whilst Red Group focused on the race, members of White Group were aiming to defeat as many monsters under Albedo's orders. While some of the maids couldn't make it, Albedo's strategy paid off earning them a victory. The members of Red Group are disappointed by their loss, though Shalltear as their leader tells them that they did a good job.

The maids find the reversal of misfortune for Albedo's team to be amazing. Momonga also admits that the competition was not only entertaining but commends Demiurge in its use as it could be adapted to a training exercise for actual battles to prepare for sudden scenarios. Demiurge tells his master he cannot take all the credit as he extracted the competition from the literature he read. Momonga inquires on the second competition which Demiurge replies that the setting for it has been prepared as the materials for it were provided by the Treasurer. Wrath though warns that the description of the competition in the books were unclear so it may not be like the genuine article. That being said Demiurge directs everyone to the Open Air Bath in the resort.[8]

Floating Island Survival[]

At the Open Air Bath, through the mist the crowd of general maids see that the bath contains something large in the center. Demiurge speaks to the audience and teams that it to be part of the second competition: "Floating Island Survival". The floating island is of course the object in the bath which is a buoyant scaffold whose size is large enough to fit eight people. He warns that the surface to be precariously slippery before telling the teams the rules. As part of this competition, players of both teams alternately jump on the floating island. The team with the most people on the float wins. Each member is required to remain on the float for ten seconds. Continuing on, the use of fighting forbids the use of hands, feet and magic while on the float. The only means of contact should be using the rest of the body.

To start Demiurge asks Red Group to go first as they lost the previous competition. And as another rule the maids for both teams must go first and their leaders should be the last ones on the float. Shalltear intent to win the competition directs Lupusregina to go on the float first. Obeying the rumbustious maid then jumps into the air and lands on the float safely though with a bit of turbulence but manages to keep her balance in the center. The next to go is White Group and Albedo orders Yuri to go. The vice-captain of the Pleiades, then lands in the same point where Lupsusregina is, forcing the latter to move out of the way to the right edge of the platform to avoid being crushed. Entoma is then sent out by Shalltear, and the diminutive maid lands on the float at the opposite end of where Lupusreina is causing the float to be more balance. Narberal as a member of White Group is next and jumps before she apologizes to her sister Entoma after she pushes the other maid into the water with the full force of her body, securing Narberal's place at the end of the float. Though the island almost becomes lopsided, Red Group as only one person on while White Group have two people. Seeing that their rival team is in the lead, Solution tells Shalltear that she will take care of it. Solution them jumps towards the float right towards Yuri in the center. She lands softly in front of her sister, using her chest to cushion herself against the other woman to bounce off her and use the momentum to ram Narberal off the float.

Now the float has Red Group in the lead of the competition and CZ is sent to correct that. The maid jumps onto the float and lands behind Yuri in center. Though she maintains her footing on the island, CZ worries about the strength of the float. Only two people need to be on the float, Shalltear and Albedo. The two leader knowing that the last moments of this competition will decide the winner race to the float. Before Albedo attacks Shalltear, as while attacks on participants on the float are prohibited the same is not said when they are not. Before their quarrel escalates Demiurge reminds the two that they still need to land on the float to end the competition. Albedo goes first and lands in the center of the float where her two teammates are waiting. However the float then proceeds to shake and cracks spread throughout the surface. Their footing becoming unstable, Albedo, Yuri, and CZ fall into the water as the float breaks in half at the center. As three members of Red Group still stand on the float, they are declared the winners of the second competition. Momonga muses that White Group made the mistake on jumping at high altitudes to land in the center causing the surface of the float to break. Stunned at the unexpected victory Shalltear is overwhelmed by joy that her team won.

Special Mini Live-Show[]

After a very dramatic match, Demiurge informs all in attendance that the last competition will decide the victory of which team. While preparations are made for the next venue he offers the audience a break-time show. Now acting as his stage name of Demi-P, he happily presents the general maids a special mini live-show of LittleMass. Shalltear Bloodfallen and Aura Bella Fiora appear as Acidity and Alkaline on the stage in the baths and welcome the maids to their performance much to the audience's delight. They present a special guest for the show, Pandora's Actor. Previously the Area Guardian had arrived at the competition and was convinced by Demiurge to go on stage live to provide a mock battle with the idols. Aura and Shalltear were glad to have Pandora's Actor on stage as there aren't many instance that the rest of Nazarick can see him. Pandora's Actor happy to obliges was willing to liven up the performance.[9] After the show, the idols and battle leave the maids in awe and trembling in surprise and joy. Even Momonga admits that the sight was a good fight. Albedo watching from the sidelines hates to admits so too as now all the attention is drawn to Shalltear as Acidity. Unknown to her Momonga's while falling in love with the idols, can't help but be fascinated Albedo appearance, though he quickly catches himself before turning back to Demiurge's announcement.

Mix Gender Water Cavalry[]

The final competition of the meet is "Mixed Gender Water Cavalry". In this final activity leaders of the teams will ride on two teammates shoulders to knock off the opposing leaders from their "horses" an into the water of the bath. For Red Group, Shalltear's horses are Lupusregina and Solution. While in White Group, Albedo's horses selected are Yuri and Narberal. The remaining two maids like Entoma and CZ act as the cavalry unit's supporters. To make things interesting a third team will be included, led by Momonga. Momonga then takes that stage in nothing but a bath towel. The participation by Momonga brings a welcome surprises to the female Floor Guardians and the general maids. More so for SHalltear who emotional outburst nearly causes her teammates to struggle keeping their balance when the hold her. The identities of Momonga's horses for the match are revealed to be: Cocytus and Neuronist Painkill. The latter of the pair takes tremendous pride in being selected by the Overlord and flaunts its status before Albedo and Shalltear to their irritation. The three teams prepare to engage each other in battle with several fans in the crowd cheering their favorites to win. Once they are ready Demiurge starts the competition. Both Shalltear and Albedo silently discuss their plan of battle. As they both wish to win Momonga's heart and complete the "Trial of Love" they opt for an optimal solution.

The cavalry battle beings without any decisive hits, only with Momonga's cavalry calmly holding and parrying their opponents while the other two teams move aggressively to agitate each other. Their movements are noticed by Cocytus who warns Momonga of a possible attack. Seeing that Momonga believes that the women are given to win to produce results for the idol plan and swimsuit performance, causing him to be impressed by their determination. Albedo and Shalltear start to work together and they both charge at Momonga's cavalry which Momonga decides to meet with his own charge.[10]

With Red and White Group synchronized they target Neuronist at the same time. The Special Intelligence Officer reels from the combined attack. It was apparently as much as a tactical and personal attack by both women over their jealousy for Neuronist coveting being Momonga's mount. Cocytus now alone to support Momonga nearly reestablishes himself. It is short-lived as both women then leap up and push Momonga off and into the water. Demiurge judges that all three team leaders have entered the water at the same time and calls it a tie game for both White Group and Red Group. Though the match did not end as expected by both teams, they nevertheless celebrate the competition as it is hard fought and fun. All the general maids applaud Albedo and Shalltear for their sportsmanship. Momonga is also commended by Pandora's Actor on a nice finale. But when he brings concern on the "Trial of Love" Momonga grows confused.


White Group[]

Red Group[]


After the swimsuit athletic meet Momonga reiterated his efforts to the Guardians, implicitly ascertaining what he had found behind the event. It was unexpected of him that the Guardians saw the swimsuit performance initiative to be another "Trial of Love". Though he keeps it to himself and tries to act impress that they noticed his plan. Clueless to his deception, the Albedo continues to explain how they came to the conclusion, by reading too much into his remarks when he saw her and Shalltear in their swimsuits. This makes Momonga worry as now he has to think of an excuse for the "succession problem" is left unattended. But so far no one has brought it up and are satisfied with just proud to serving a master who has such foresight for the future. Demiurge reports that he data collected on the swimsuits in the competition will be used not only to help the lizardmen in the wetlands but also in E-Rantel as a reference for the idol plan. Momonga is pleased an makes a note to give the results to the protagonist and also the data on the swimsuits provided by Tsuibayaya so that it can be used to help the three nations.

Momonga praises his subordinates for a rewarding time earning him the appreciation of the Guardians. None are more pleased than Albedo and Shalltear believing that the latest "Trial of Love" has deepened their bonds as his concubines. Others believe it was very entertaining, even Sebas Tian who was not present to watch can see that everyone was satisfied with the experience. Pandora's Actor hails his master's performance in the competition to be magnificent that leaves a deep impression. Glad that everyone has gain something valuable out of the event, Momonga takes pleasure knowing the NPCs are mentally growing.

He makes a comment to Shalltear and Albedo on their team-up during the cavalry competition calling it to be unexpected and a breathtaking show as they were able to put aside their difference and work towards the same goal exactly what Nazarick is doing now. It's his hope that the two will continue to compete and work together to be stronger. These words cause the women to melt at the praise and adulation that Albedo begs him to repeat those words and breaks out in tears.

Momonga feeling guilty for putting pressure on his subordinates on the succession of Nazarick, tries to beg for forgiveness to Albedo claiming that he was mute on the subject to avoid a public affairs issue. He tries to tell her his lack of commitment to relationships is not due to lack of interest, telling her she is in fact very beautiful. Envious of the attention Albedo is getting, Shalltear demands to know what he thinks of her. Momonga states that she is a light, just as everyone in Nazraick is an important child to him and worth his life. These words shy the ones in assemble with humility and respect. Albedo though takes the praise a bit too much and swears to continue to follow him and proceeds to cling to him. Her action is later followed by Shalltear intent on claiming what's her's.

The women ignore Momonga pleads to calm down when they begin fighting over him. Pandora's Actor stunned at the catfight asks if this is a new "Trial of Love" only for Aura state that this needs to stop. Demiurge agrees and calls his comrades that Shalltear and Albedo have gone overboard and need to be restrained. The five Guardians, including Demiurge, tried to pull the women apart from their master, but the combined power of Albedo and Shalltear was beyond imagination. The situation was only resolved until the Eight-Edge Assassins joined to extricate the women. Momonga who unexpectedly came to know the strength of the resultant force had to reluctantly ground Albedo and Shalltear for a few days——-[11]


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