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Quaiesse Hazia Quintia ( クアイエッセ・ハゼイア・クインティア) is the 5th Seat of the Black Scripture and more commonly known as the "One Man Army."


He has blond hair, pink eyes, and bears a strong family resemblance to Clementine. He's equipped with unique equipment like the other Black Scripture members, with a cloak and rings on his fingers that store his tamed beasts.


He is described as having a calm, but forceful personality. He was the type to frequently maintain a smile on his face during a secret meeting. He is even ready to openly voice his apology for any one of his colleagues' rude behavior to their guests. It was said that his personality was what likely made him a negotiator for recruiting adventurers to the Theocracy's cause. However, if provoked, he could immediately show malice to anyone like Azuth who speak ill of their lord. Because of that, his attitude can immediately turn hostile if provoked to the point that he would stare daggers at Azuth with cold, unmoving eyes.


Quaiesse is the older brother of Clementine, though it is said that he was more favored by his parents.


The Dark Warrior Arc[]

Main article: The Dark Warrior Arc

During a meeting between Khajiit Dale Badantel and Clementine, the former referred to the latter as a mere fragment of her older brother, Quintia. This was due to she calling him by his baptismal name which he no longer goes by the name of that he responded in such a way. Likewise, she asked of him to not called her by his brother's fragment but rather, "Clementine."[1]

His younger sister Clementine noted how often it was for her to be constantly compared to him who is the 5th Seat. She spoke in a joking manner of "they" loved the 5th Seat over her.[2]

The Bloody Valkyrie Arc[]

Main article: The Bloody Valkyrie Arc

He and the Black Scripture encountered a powerful vampire and tried to capture it but failed. Two of its members got killed while Kaire received a critical injury. The Captain of the Black Scripture ordered him and the other members to retreat and leave it alone.[3]

The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc[]

Main article: The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc

He accompanied his fellow Black Scripture members to the Re-Estize Kingdom during the height of its losing war against the Sorcerer Kingdom. It was done so under the goal of seeking to recruit and save as many of the Kingdom's most talented adventurers as they can possibly can by inviting them into migrating to the Theocracy for their own safety.

The 5th Seat in particular accompanied three other of his teammates in negotiating with the Kingdom's two adamantite adventurer teams; Blue Roses and Red Drop's leader Azuth Aindra to join the Slane Theocracy. Upon arriving at the scene, he orders the 11th Seat to stop with the provocation towards Azuth which his colleague complies to do shortly thereafter. At the same time, he immediately stated his apology to everyone on his group's behalf for their late arrival during the secret meeting that was arranged by them. When his female companion made a sarcastic remark at Azuth Aindra, he reprimanded her to stay on track of the purpose of the meeting. He then got straight to the point by telling Blue Roses and Red Drop to move to the Theocracy rather than honorably fight the enemy to the death.

After one of his colleagues, the 12th Seat announced his presence unbeknownst to them, he was the first to reassure Tia and Tina that they have no reason to fight or kill them. He reasoned that if the Black Scripture had the intention of killing them in the first place, then it would have been preferable for their group to not have them introduce themselves in a trifling manner such as right now. He once again also apologizes to everyone present about his colleague, the 11th Seat’s slightly inappropriate matter of speech when responding to Azuth's question about which country they came from.

On the other hand, he and his colleagues were instead the ones who also ended up being requested by Azuth of Red Drop to take part in fighting alongside the latter and Blue Roses against the Sorcerer King. The 5th Seat humbly rejected the adventurer's idea, stating that this was not why he and his group came here in the first place but rather, to be the one who goes out of their way and recruit them into joining the Theocracy. Knowing that Azuth is not likely to join their nation, he then asked if the Blue Roses are willing to agree to join their nation. He said that once they accept the Theocracy's offer, he and his colleagues with him are ready to help out with their escape plan. He tries persuading the group of female adventurers to join by asking them to please cooperate for the sake of humanity.

Despite his attempt to convince them in accepting the Theocracy's offer, the adventurers reject it much to his disappointment. Nonetheless, the 5th Seat voiced his thoughts that he hopes they would go on to avenge the lives lost by the hands of the Sorcerer King since they are not joining the Theocracy. He told Lakyus and her adventurer group to be at ease as they had no intention of forcing them to come along with them. Before leaving, Azuth inquires about Rufus, though the man admits he was not familiar with someone of that name hailing from the Theocracy.

However upon making a reference that Rufus was an undead, the other Black Scripture members appear tense and started showing hostility at the Red Drop adventurer. This made them almost ready to attack the adventurer at any moment for the spoken insult to their patron. Nonetheless, Quaiesse managed to restrain his comrades by reasoning to them that what Azuth says was supposedly a bluff. After which, he ordered them to depart while deciding to report about what Azuth said to the Theocracy's higher-ups once he returns to his country.[4]

Abilities and Powers[]

He is a Summoner and a beast tamer. His greatest assets are his Gigant Basilisks, which makes him more effective against a large group of weak enemies than even the Captain of the Black Scripture.

Other than his combat abilities, Quaiesse is also shown to be a highly competent negotiator and commander when sent out on field missions. As seen where he managed to successfully negotiate and convince droves of high level Adventurers of the Re-Estize Kingdom to abandon their homeland and join with the Slane Theocracy during the Kingdom's downfall to the Sorcerer Kingdom with little trouble. And later he showed himself to be a skilled and stern field leader by being able to control three of his powerful teammates despite them nearly losing themselves in anger to Aindra's insults.



In the Web Novel, he is Clementine's older brother. Between the two, he is more favored by their parents who gave him all of their love.

10th Seat of the Black Scripture[]

Their exact relationship is unknown, but during the meeting with Blue Roses and Azuth Aindra it was shown that the 10th seat respects Quaiesse enough to follow his orders without question while they are on a mission together. It was later shown when his words were able to reach the 10th Seat. It was enough for the latter to regain self-control and follow his orders again even when he was about to lose himself in anger due to Azuth Aindra's own insults towards them and their lord who was their superior.

11th Seat of the Black Scripture[]

The two appear to be close, as shown she refers to him as "Quie-chan". He found her behavior to be rude to their guests and was quick on his feet to reprimand her. He seems to have the tendency during the meeting with the adamantite adventurers to apologize multiple times on his group's behalf for how she acted out in front of them while negotiations were being discussed.

12th Seat of the Black Scripture[]

The 12th seat of the Black Scripture is shown to have a strong professional relationship with Quaiesse enough to willingly follow his orders without question. This was indicated when his companion was given command by him during one of these missions that involved recruiting adventurers from Re-Estize to their country. More so, he is able to restrain his companion from unleashing his anger to Azuth by telling them to be at ease, thinking that the Red Drop adventurer was merely bluffing. Thanks to Quaiesse, the 12th Seat was able to retain some extent of self-control over himself to follow the former's orders despite being enraged by Azuth Aindra's insults towards their superior and lord.


He seems to show a great deal of respect for the undead. Even when Azuth revealed his knowledge about Rufus in a disrespectful tone, Quaiesse could not help himself from showing resentment towards the Red Drop adventurer. Despite staring coldly at the adventurer, he was able to still refrain everyone from his group including himself from making a move on them. In a way, he was able to calm the situation for everyone within the team not to kill him as supposedly believed by Azuth after the group left.


  • In the Web Novel, he was dispatched to exterminate a large nest of goblins. He encounter and mistakes Ainz for the God of Death, Surshana.[5]
  • The author Maruyama stated that in the Web Novel, extracting information to get a hold of from 5th Seat of the Black Scripture is dangerous.


  • (To both Azuth Aindra and 11th Seat): "Well well, if you all will just end this right now, I would be very happy."
  • (To Azuth): "Azuth-sama is absolutely correct. You took time out of your busy schedule to meet with us yet we were the last to arrive. I do apologize to your esteemed person."
  • (To Blue Roses and Azuth of Red Drop): "Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra-sama. Evileye-sama. Tia-sama. Tina-sama. Gagaran-sama. We are here to persuade you to join our side. Though fighting to your last breath here is an honorable option, we do implore everyone here to consider the future instead."
  • (To Tia and Tina): "Please do not worry and please sheath your weapons. If our goal was your demise, we would not have introduced ourselves in such a trifling method."
  • (To Azuth): "To have received an invitation from your esteemed person is an utmost honor to us all. However, we are here on an express mission to convince your esteemed persons to join us. That is why we can only choose to ceremoniously reject your suggestion. After all, soldiers who participate in battles out of their own selfish desires would only bring harm to their organization."
  • (To Blue Roses): "I will tell you how after you join us. By the way, we have extended this offer to numerous other adventurer groups already and they have all accepted. Those groups have already been relocated to safer locations to sit this one out."
  • (To Blue Roses): "We really do, from the depths of our heart, want to become comrades with you all. This is a cooperation for our future — for humanity’s future."
  • (To Blue Roses): "Is that true...? Looks like nothing I could say will sway your opinion. Looks like I'm out of options."
  • (To Lakyus): "Please, there's no need to worry, Lakyus-sama. We do not plan to use force. We hope that everyone here could avenge those who have fallen to the Sorcerer King. We have left a fee for your troubles at the reception, please do accept it before you return. Now then — we'll be on our way."
  • (To Azuth about Rufus): "Ru...? I'm terribly sorry. Our country spans a vast area so I do not know who you are referring to...If you could be a bit more specif—"
  • (To Azuth): "He's bluffing. Do not move of your own accord. This is an order."
  • (To Azuth): "...though I am extremely curious to find out the extent of your knowledge on this matter...I will report this to my superiors. Everybody, it's time for us to leave."


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