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Quagoa Riders are the messenger unit of the United Quagoa Clans.


These Quagoa are sprint messengers in which they broadcasted priority news to the greater clans through use of their speed. They traveled in large groups, but this did not guarantee safety, but it ensured that no matter how many died as long as one of them survived the message they had been entrusted would be passed on to headquarters.


The Craftsman of Dwarf Arc

Main article: The Craftsman of Dwarf Arc

The Quagoa Riders were summoned by Yozu, after the failed attempt to breach the gates of Feo Jera. He ordered them to send word to Pe Riyuro that the dwarves had 'golems' under their command protecting the city.[1]


Quagoa Riders are members of their species that far exceed the average Quagoa in mobility. They possessed a special ability which made them immune to the fatigue caused by extended sprinting.


  • Given the high rate of fatality and risk of the Quagoa Riders, this is the first suicide unit to exist in Overlord.


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