Quagoa Lords are leaders of the Quagoa race that can be found in the New World.

Background Edit

Usually, when a new Quagoa Lord was born, one would tend to exterminate the bloodline of the previous clan leader. This practice was the commonly accepted means by which power was exchanged within the Quagoa people.

Appearance Edit

Abilities Edit

A Quagoa Lord like Pe Riyuro was said to possess power far superior to that of even the Blue Quagoa and Red Quagoa. Being the Quagoa Lord means they might even have the potential to unite different Quagoa clans under one leadership.[1]

Active Edit

  • Rallying Cry: A cry infused with the skill that can be obtained upon ascending to the position of Quagoa Lord. Raises the offensive power of allies and gains complete resistance to fear. Demerit is the user will go berserk and defensive strength will substantially drop.

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike past Quagoa Lords, Pe Riyuro have made the decision to let the leaders of the various clans rule themselves.


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