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Pure White Sleipnir is the tentative name of a Sleipnir in the Overlord Web Novel.


An eight-legged horse with a coat of pure white and an equally beautiful saddle was affixed to its back. It had a find build, and it felt as if it could run to the ends of the earth.


The slepnir was not as timid as a horse and underwent strict training. Despite that, it was still able to rampage, given its complete rejection of Ainz. Towards humans though, it showed no signs of resistance. Even though sensing the killing intent in the air and quivered, it still believed in the humans that had raised it up until now.


This creature was said by the Bloody Emperor himself to be a white horse that was one amongst hundreds even within the Slepnirs.


Overlord Second Half Arc

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To celebrate Archduke Ainz Ooal Gown's triumphant after his successful battle and return to Arwintar, Emperor Jircniv Rune Farlord El Nix hosted a parade in his honor. The Emperor had prepared him a suitable steed for the new noble to ride for the parade, a pure white Sleipnir. Though the newly Archduke had reservations on such an exuberant ride, he accepted it. However as he neared the beast, the creature reared up and handed a hoof on his masked face as it rejected the undead. To the horror and surprise of many Ainz was unharmed. To prevent angering the magic caster, Jircniv ordered the beast to be put down. Ainz was unhurt and calmly asked that the Emperor spare the horse as it would be a waste and was confident that given time the beast would recognize him a master. The beast was then taken to the Great Tomb of Nazarick for training.[1]

Abilities and Powers

As a slepnirs, it was magical beasts and was stronger than a normal horse. Thus a kick from its hooves were powerful, and a lethal blow that could cause a person's head to split apart.


  • Slepnirs were not of a high enough level to overcome Ainz’s defense. And so while he was kicked, he only felt something similar to being pushed strongly.
  • Given its rarity in color, this horse was extremely expensive.
  • Additionally, the reason why Ainz spared the creature was that the feisty ones were more fun to break.


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