Control and Chaos (把握と混乱 Haaku to Konran) is the eighth episode of the Pure Pure Pleiades. It was first broadcasted on September 22, 2015.


The effects of the Total Maniac wore off and Ainz calmed down. He wanted to test if his emotions still linger or not by staring at Albedo's chest, which makes Albedo urged him to fondle her breasts, which he refused. He realized he wasn't nervous at all. Then he ordered Albedo and the Pleiades to return to the Master-Servant relationship with him.

Later, as he is gathering of all the Total Maniac in his item storage and tried to read the Instruction Manual in order to avoid future accidents, Albedo once again knocked at his door telling the Pleiades is requesting an audience with him again to present their suggestions, which he approved.

But as the Pleiades entered the room, the secret conditions to unleash the true power of Total Maniac is activated, causing confusion to everyone present. Ainz panicked once again, Narberal wore bunny ears and danced, Solution becomes fat again, Entoma is flying with a swarm of insects, CZ turns upside down, Lupusregina becomes a proper lady, Yuri Alpha throws her head like a bowling ball, and Albedo clings into Ainz. The effects wore off after an hour.

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Play Notes

  • The Episode is continued in the Pure Pure Pleiades OVA.
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