Before the Cannon (砲台を前に Hōdai o Mae Ni) is the seventh episode of the Pure Pure Pleiades. It was first broadcasted on September 15, 2015.


Ainz was thinking about CZ's character and wishes to strengthen his relationship with her. When he entered the Laboratory, he found out that CZ has been modified into CZ2128 Δ MK-II by Solution and Entoma (making her look like a tank). They explained that they are strengthening CZ by modifying her.

While CZ had no objections, Ainz still disagrees. Solution and Entoma further explained CZ's new feature like her Drill and the button in her back that breaks her character. Then Yuri, Lupusregina and Narberal entered the room and as Ainz was explaining how Solution and Entoma are going overboard, Solution and Entoma further modified CZ, this time they made her look like a Gundam that can also fly.

While Lupusregina and Narberal said she looks cool and beautiful, Yuri, despite having the same opinion, thinks it is not good to defile the form created by the Supreme Beings and ordered them to restore CZ to her original form after they're done playing, to which they agreed. But before that, they wanted to proceed to the final modification that would give her the ability to separate and combine her body parts, which according to CZ, is the dream of all girls, to which Ainz disagrees. Yuri didn't permit them doing so because removing her head is her own special feature.

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Play Notes

  • Unlike the rest of the previous episodes the start of the episodes had no recap images.
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