Battle Outside of Carne Village (カルネ村外の戦い Karune-mura-gai Notatakai)is the sixth episode of the Pure Pure Pleiades. It was first broadcasted on September 8, 2015.


Ainz asked for the purpose of the Pleiades seeking an audience with him. Yuri explained that Lupusregina wanted to report to him on her mission in Carne Village and would like to use this chance to greet him. Yuri also commented on how Lupusregina didn't seem to understand her mission, which Lupusregina responded that she knows this and that about Carne Village, including their "Night Activities," making Albedo excited for a moment.

Ainz asked for Albedo's opinion on the matter, to which Albedo responded that she is an honest child. At that comment, CZ makes a skeptical response while Solution and Entoma make a sarcastic comment. Narberal also commented that her cheerful girl image is fake.

Yuri told them to behave and Ainz decided to trust Albedo's judgment. Lupusregina then added some sex jokes while saying she will work hard, causing Ainz to laugh. Albedo got jealous that Lupusregina made Ainz laugh and their conversation soon escalated to a boasting competition about who can eat the biggest amount of food.

Characters Introduced

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Play Notes

  • Kyouhukou makes a small cameo pic near the credits though he is only brought up by Entoma who gets hungry watching Albedo and Lupusregeina compete who can eat more.
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